A Day of Leisure with Angelina Jolie: Unwinding at the Mall with Zahara, 14, and Knox, 10

On December 1, Angelina Jolie reached an agreement with her ex-partner Brad Pitt regarding their custody arrangements. Over the weekend, in the peaceful neighborhood of Century City in Los Angeles, a calm and laid-back Angelina Jolie was spotted enjoying quality time with two of her six children at a local mall. Accompanied by her 14-year-old daughter Zahara and 10-year-old son Knox, the renowned actress appeared at ease as they strolled through the shopping center.

Quality time: On Sunday, a relaxed-looking Angelina Jolie enjoyed an outing with daughter Zahara, 14, and son Knox, 10, two of her six kids with ex Brad Pitt, at a mall in LA's Century City

Angelina Jolie, 43, spent some quality time with her kids Zahara, 14, and Knox, 10, on Sunday at a shopping mall in Century City, Los Angeles. The actress looked relaxed and makeup-free as she sported large black-framed sunglasses. Her outfit included a white shirt with the top buttons undone, a black coat, black leggings, and black boots. It seems that the other children she shares with ex-husband Brad Pitt, including Maddox, 17, Shiloh, 12, and Knox’s twin sister Vivienne, were not present on this outing.

Looked happy: The 43-year-old actress appeared to be makeup-free behind a pair of large black-framed sunglasses

Sporting a contented expression, the 43-year-old actress was spotted with a natural look, devoid of any makeup. Shielding her eyes with oversized black-framed sunglasses, she exuded an air of happiness.

Shopping trip: She wore a white shirt with the top buttons undone under a black coat and added black leggings and black boots. She carried a large black tote over one shoulder

Shopping time: She sported a crisp white blouse that tastefully showed a glimpse of exposed skin at the top, effortlessly paired with a sleek black overcoat. Complementing this chic ensemble were black leggings that gracefully embraced her legs and trendy black boots adorning her feet. Completing the look, she effortlessly slung a generously-sized black tote over one shoulder, ready to conquer her shopping spree.

On trend: Zahara showed off her teen sense of style by opting for a strapless stripy jumpsuit tied at the waist and rolled up at the hems along with chunky white lace-up ankle boots

In vogue: Zahara flaunted her youthful taste in fashion by choosing a strapless striped jumpsuit that she cinched at the waist and casually rolled up at the hems. To complete her look, she paired it with trendy white ankle boots, featuring chunky lace-up detailing.

Casual: : Knox paired camo pants with red boots and a red and dark green plaid shirt over a white undershirt. He also wore a flat cap, like his famous father Pitt is wont to do

Informal: Knox decided to rock a trendy look by combining camo pants with vibrant red boots. He topped it off with a stylish red and dark green plaid shirt over a crisp white undershirt. Taking a page out of his father Pitt’s book, he even wore a cool flat cap. Zahara, on the other hand, showed off her impressive fashion sense by opting for a strapless jumpsuit with eye-catching stripes. Tying it at the waist and rolling up the hems gave it an edgy touch. To complete her ensemble, she paired it with chunky white lace-up ankle boots. Her long hair was braided, and she added some flair with multiple bangles as accessories. Both of them are clearly growing up with their own unique sense of style.

Mom of six: Not on the outing were the other children Jolie shares with Pitt - son Maddox, 17, daughter Shiloh, 12 and Knox's twin sister Vivienne

The mother of six children, Jolie, did not accompany the rest of her kids on the outing. Absent from the group were her other children, including Maddox, her eldest son, who is seventeen years old, as well as her daughter Shiloh, who is twelve years old. Additionally, Vivienne, the twin sister of Knox, was also not present.

Kept hydrated: The trio sipped on beverages as they strolled around the shopping center

Staying refreshed: The three of them enjoyed sipping their drinks while casually exploring the mall.

Had company: The three were accompanied by a female assistant

During their outing, Jolie and Pitt were accompanied by a female assistant. Their custody battle, which has been ongoing since their split in 2016, recently came to a resolution. Last month, they reached an agreement on their custody terms, bringing an end to the need for a trial. Samantha Bley DeJean, Angelina’s attorney, stated that the agreement was based on the recommendations of a child custody evaluator and has been signed by both parties and the judge. To protect the best interests of their children, the filing and details of the agreement are confidential. It is reported that Jolie is pleased with the progress and relieved to be entering the next stage for the well-being of their family.

Her youngest: On Sunday, Jolie was also seen with Knox and his twin Vivienne visiting a do-it-yourself  arts and crafts store

The weekend brought a delightful event for Jolie’s little one. On a lovely Sunday, Jolie accompanied Knox, her youngest child, and his adorable sibling Vivienne to a charming arts and crafts store, where they indulged in the joy of DIY projects.

Outing: Vivienne was dressed in a t-shirt and blue jeans with a pair of white Nike trainers and she wore her hair tied back into a ponytail

Excursion: Vivienne donned casual attire for her outing, sporting a comfortable t-shirt, blue jeans, and stylish white Nike sneakers. To keep her hair off her face, she opted for a simple ponytail.

Moving on: Jolie and Pitt - who split in 2016 - finally reached an agreement over their  custody terms last month with the actress reportedly 'pleased to be entering the next stage'

Moving Forward: The former power couple, Jolie and Pitt, who parted ways in the year 2016, have finally come to an accord regarding the terms of their custody. According to reports, the actress is said to be content and optimistic as she embarks on the next chapter of her life.

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