A Fashion-forward Hare: Miley Cyrus Flaunts Unique Style with Whimsical Bunny Sweater and Denim Shorts, Stepping Out for TV Spot

She has expressed her strong preference for eccentric fashion choices, making it evident that she is a fan of wacky styles. Just as her fans have grown accustomed to, Miley Cyrus showcased her unique fashion sense while heading to film Jimmy Kemmel Live in Hollywood on a sunny Wednesday afternoon. Sporting a vibrant gemstone ensemble, the singer combined a whimsical rabbit jumper with a pair of Levi’s shorts. Don’t miss the video below!

Happy bunny: Miley Cyrus was dressed in a way fans have come to expect as she made her way to film Jimmy Kemmel Live in Hollywood on Wednesday afternoon

Miley Cyrus sported her signature style as she headed to film Jimmy Kimmel Live in Hollywood on Wednesday. Staying true to her unique fashion sense, she donned Nike Air Jordan retro 4 Gs trainers, accentuating her slender legs. To complete her look, the blonde singer styled her hair in a swept-back manner and incorporated blonde dreadlock extensions. Additionally, she added a playful touch of makeup, adorning her face with eye-catching heart and star-shaped stickers. Fans eagerly gathered around, seizing the opportunity to score autographs and capture pictures with their beloved star. Miley’s excitement was palpable as she discussed her upcoming role as the host of the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday. Notably, she is set to present the prestigious Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award to Kanye West at the noteworthy event.

Fluro style: The singer stepped out in a multi-coloured gemstone outfit as she teamed a quirky rabbit jumper paired with Levi’s shorts

Glowing in a fluro-esque fashion, the vocalist made a radiant appearance donning an ensemble adorned with vibrant gemstones. To add a touch of whimsical charm, she paired it with a unique jumper featuring a charming rabbit design, perfectly complemented by a classic pair of Levi’s shorts.

Wild child: She completed the looked with Nike Air Jordan retro 4 Gs trainers, leaving her slim legs on display

Wild child: She completed the looked with Nike Air Jordan retro 4 Gs trainers, leaving her slim legs on display

Free spirit: She finished off her outfit with a pair of Nike Air Jordan retro 4 Gs sneakers, showcasing her slender legs.

Quirky style: The blonde star had her hair swept back and added dreaded blonde extensions, while she added to her make-up look with eye-catching heart and star stickers

Expressing her quirky style, the iconic blonde star boldly sported a swept-back hairdo adorned with dreadlocked blonde extensions. Adding a touch of whimsy to her makeup, she playfully adorned her face with heart and star stickers. In a lighthearted manner, Miley jokingly expressed her hope of not being pushed off stage.

During a recent interview with Marie Claire, Miley candidly discussed her experiences while portraying Disney’s beloved character, Hannah Montana. She revealed the profound impact the show had on shaping her perception of what it means to be a girl. Struggling with the pressure to conform, Miley developed significant body image issues as she tried to mold herself into the expected role.

Reflecting on her journey, she expressed, “Ever since I was eleven, it was drilled into my head that being a pop star meant adhering to specific standards – being blonde, having lengthy locks, and donning glittery, tight attire.”

Entourage: The fan favourite stopped to sign autographs and posed for pictures before she appeared on the show and revealed her excitement at hosting the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday

Entourage: The beloved celebrity took a moment to graciously sign autographs and strike some poses for photos before making her grand appearance on the show. With overflowing enthusiasm, she expressed her thrill about being chosen to host the highly anticipated MTV Video Music Awards this upcoming Sunday.

I'mma let you finish: She's scheduled to present the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award to Kanye West at the awards ceremony

I’ll make sure you have your turn: At the upcoming awards ceremony, she has been assigned the delightful task of presenting Kanye West with the prestigious Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award.

Smile for the camera: All eyes will be on Miley to see what wild antics she'll pull for the award show

Smile for the camera: All eyes will be on Miley to see what wild antics she'll pull for the award show

Say cheese for the camera: Everyone will be eagerly watching Miley to witness the unpredictable and wild stunts she will pull off at the upcoming award show.
Billy Ray’s daughter recently shared that she has been putting in long hours, working 12-hour days on set, and even resorting to having coffee forcibly given to her to keep her energized and on the move.
In her own words, “At the same time, here I am, a delicate young girl, portraying a 16-year-old with a wig and an abundance of makeup. It felt like I was on the set of Toddlers & Tiaras.”
Meanwhile, Miley has been pouring her efforts into her non-profit organization, the Happy Hippie Foundation, which is dedicated to supporting the LGBTQ+ community and homeless youth.
There have been rumors circulating that Miley may be in a romantic relationship with Victoria’s Secret Angel, Stella Maxwell, as they were caught on camera passionately kissing.

Thumbs up: The pop star give her signature tongue out pose for fans taking pictures

Thumbs up: The pop sensation delighted her admirers by striking her iconic tongue out pose when posing for photographs.

Charity: Meanwhile, Miley has been working hard on her non-profit organization dedicated to aiding LGBT and homeless youth – the Happy Hippie Foundation

Non-Profit Endeavor: In the meantime, Miley has been diligently focusing on her philanthropic initiative aimed at supporting young people from the LGBT community and those without stable housing – the Joyful Hippie Foundation.

Taken? She is also rumoured to be romancing Victoria's Secret Angel Stella Maxwell, after the two were caught on video kissing passionately

Is she officially in a relationship? There are whispers about her being romantically involved with Victoria’s Secret Angel, Stella Maxwell, as there is a video capturing the two engaged in a passionate kiss.

Flower power: The star shared a snap on Instagram before she hit the set

Embracing the beauty of flowers: The celebrity delighted her followers by posting a photo on Instagram right before her acting gig.

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