A Fun Day of Retail Therapy: Miley Cyrus and Elsa Pataky Enjoy a Girls’ Day Out in Byron Bay, Leaving Liam Hemsworth Behind

Miley Cyrus has made her way to Australia to celebrate the upcoming year with her fiancé, the charming Australian heartthrob, Liam Hemsworth. On a Saturday outing in Byron Bay, the hometown of the Hemsworths, the 25-year-old pop star seemed to have left her partner behind as she embarked on a shopping trip with Elsa Pataky, her soon-to-be sister-in-law, and a group of close female friends.

Girl time! On Saturday, Miley Cyrus spent time shopping with Elsa Pataky (far right) and a gang of gal pals after arriving in Byron Bay, Australia to ring in the New Year with fiancé Liam Hemsworth

Ladies’ day out! Over the weekend, Miley Cyrus had a fantastic time indulging in some retail therapy with Elsa Pataky and a lively group of girlfriends. The pop star had just touched down in Byron Bay, Australia, all set to celebrate the upcoming New Year alongside her beloved partner, Liam Hemsworth.

On the move: Miley has touched down in the coastal town of Byron Bay, holidaying with Liam and the extended Hemsworth clan

Currently touring: Miley has arrived in the scenic town of Byron Bay, enjoying a vacation with Liam and the Hemsworth family. Elsa, who hails from Spain and is married to Liam’s brother Chris, gleefully accompanied Miley as she explored the laid-back coastal community that she now calls home.
Byron Bay is renowned for its bohemian atmosphere, and this 41-year-old effortlessly embraced the aesthetic, sporting a stylish yet relaxed floral dress. The dress elegantly hung off her shoulder, offering a teasing glimpse of her black bra underneath.

Bohemian beauty: Spanish-born beauty has adapted to the laid-back lifestyle of Byron Bay, looking hippie chic in a flowing floral frock 

Free-spirited allure: With roots in Spain, this radiant beauty effortlessly blends into the carefree atmosphere of Byron Bay, exuding a bohemian chic vibe with her elegant, flowing floral dress.

In holiday mode! Miley wore minimal make-up and tied her hair back into a messy bun for the shopping expedition

Enjoying their vacation, Miley opted for a natural look, keeping her hair tied up in a casual bun while wearing only minimal makeup for their shopping outing. On the other hand, she embraced a rock and roll vibe by donning a vintage Elvis Presley t-shirt paired with dazzling gold hot pants, and added a finishing touch to her ensemble with a stylish black handbag from Veggani. Despite her trendy appearance, Miley exuded a laid-back atmosphere, clearly indulging in holiday mode. Accompanied by three friends, including her future sisters-in-law, the group embarked on a shopping spree at Spell & The Gypsy, with Miley splurging on some fashionable finds.

Where are Liam and Chris? It appeared to be an all-girls outing on Friday, with Miley and Elsa hitting the shops without their famous other-halves

Do you know the whereabouts of Liam and Chris? It seems like Miley and Elsa embarked on a girls’ day out last Friday, exploring the shops without their well-known partners.

Retail therapy! It appeared the group of gal pals were in the mood to indulge, carrying bags of clothing after their dash to the shops 

Retail therapy! It seemed like the group of close female friends were in the mood to treat themselves, lugging bags of trendy clothing after their exciting shopping spree. Showing her love for the brand, the popular singer-songwriter, known for her hit “Wrecking Ball,” was burdened with three bags filled with various products as she exited the store, leisurely strolling down the picturesque street lined with trees. Enjoying quality time with her loved ones during Christmas, the stunning beauty joined her family in Nashville before catching a flight to Australia. Rumor has it that both Miley and Elsa will celebrate the arrival of the New Year with their well-known partners at the lavish Hemsworth residence situated in the beautiful Byron Bay.

 Shopping up a storm! The Wrecking Ball hit-maker was weighed down with three bags of products from Spell & The Gypsy as she strolled down a leafy street

Embarking on a shopping spree! The popular singer, known for her hit song “Wrecking Ball,” was visibly burdened with three shopping bags filled with goodies from the trendy boutique Spell & The Gypsy. With a carefree stride, she navigated the picturesque, tree-lined street.

From Nashville to Byron Bay! It's believed the Miley and Elsa will ring in the New Year with their famous other-halves at the Hemsworth's home in Byron Bay

Heading from Nashville to Byron Bay! There are strong indications that Miley and Elsa will be celebrating the start of the New Year alongside their well-known partners at the enchanting Hemsworth residence in Byron Bay.

Ready for 2018: Soon-to-be sisters-in-law Miley and Elsa seemed happy to spending the last days of 2017 in each other's company

Ready for 2018: Soon-to-be sisters-in-law Miley and Elsa seemed happy to spending the last days of 2017 in each other's company

All set for 2018: Miley and Elsa, who are on the verge of becoming sisters-in-law, appeared quite content as they enjoyed their final moments of 2017 together.

At present, Chris and Elsa call a lavish mansion worth $7 million their home, situated in the renowned town. This particular enclave, located just a short flight away from Sydney, serves as a sanctuary for Australia’s famous personalities, attracting numerous celebrities who seek idyllic summer retreats.

Miley’s recent arrival signifies her initial journey to Australia since her sensational performance at the Falls Festival, where she was joined by Liam, Chris, and Elsa, approximately two years ago.

Down Under Once Again! Miley Cyrus’s present visit to Australia serves as her inaugural journey to the country since her remarkable performance at the Falls Festival alongside Liam Hemsworth, Chris Hemsworth, and Elsa Pataky back in the day.

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