A Playful Pool Day: Miley Cyrus Makes Waves With Male Friend, Shouting Out to Liam to Avert His Eyes!

Look away now Liam! Newly engaged Miley was pictured looking very close to her male friend Cheyne Thomas as they frolicked in a pool in Miami on Tuesday

Liam, avert your gaze! Miley Cyrus, who recently said yes to a marriage proposal, was snapped getting cozy with her buddy Cheyne Thomas while having a blast in a Miami pool just a day ago.

Very close: With their faces just a mere few inches away from each other, the pair were looking into each other's eyes and sharing a flirtatious giggle

In an intimate setting, the couple leaned in closely, their faces a mere distance apart, gazing deeply into each other’s eyes while exchanging a playful and flirtatious laugh.

Flirtatious: At some points, Thomas appeared to be almost touching the bikini-clad star's leg underneath the water

Playful: At certain moments, Thomas seemed to be teasingly reaching towards the star’s leg covered with a bikini, submerged in the water.

Fun in the sun: The pair certainly appeared to be having a good time

Enjoying the sunny weather: The duo definitely seemed to be having a blast.

Intense: Thomas couldn't take his eyes off The Last Song star, staring intensely at her as she sipped away on what appeared to be a cocktail

Captivated: Thomas found himself unable to break his gaze from The Last Song celebrity, transfixed as she leisurely sipped a mysterious beverage that seemed to resemble a lavish cocktail.

Time to sunbake! The pair emerged from the water during the day to indulge in a spot of sunbaking

It’s time to enjoy the sun! The couple came out of the water in the daytime to relax and soak up some sunshine.

Slender: Miley looked super slim in her baby blue crochet bikini

Slender: Miley looked super slim in her baby blue crochet bikini

Slim: Miley appeared incredibly slender while donning a lovely baby blue crochet bikini.

Settling in: Miley was the first to lay down on the sunlounger

Getting comfortable: Miley took the initiative and reclined on the sunlounger.

Is there something in my eye? At one point the pair got so close as Miley appeared to be rubbing her eye

Do I have something in my eye? The duo got incredibly close, with Miley seemingly gently rubbing her eye at one moment.

A refreshing dip: The pair were certainly enjoying the water, cooling off from the hot Miami sun

Taking a rejuvenating plunge: The duo undeniably relished their time in the refreshing waves, finding solace in the ocean’s embrace as they sought respite from the scorching Miami heat.

Happy: Miley couldn't wipe the smile off her face as she enjoyed the dip

Ecstatic: Miley, radiantly donning a stunning Giejo swimsuit, had an unshakeable grin adorning her face while relishing a refreshing swim.

Relaxation: At one point the pair swam to the edge of the pool for a chat

Unwinding: At a certain moment, the duo casually drifted towards the pool’s edge to engage in a leisurely conversation.

Ring on: Miley had her 3.5 carat engagement ring firmly on her left hand the entire time

Miley proudly flaunted her stunning 3.5 carat engagement ring, which glistened on her left hand without ever leaving her sight.

Newly engaged: The pool session comes after Miley has been basking in engagement bliss for the last two weeks after boyfriend Liam Hemsworth proposed to her on May 31

Recently engaged: Miley has been thoroughly enjoying her engaged status for the past couple of weeks ever since her longtime boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth, popped the question on May 31st. To celebrate their exciting milestone, the couple decided to indulge in a refreshing pool session.

Having a laugh: The Last Song actress was in great spirits

Enjoying a good chuckle: The female lead from The Last Song exuded a cheerful and positive aura.

Fun float: During their day long pool session the pair shared a floating mattress

Enjoyable flotation: Throughout their entire day spent in the pool, the duo ecstatically lounged on a delightful inflatable mattress.

Playful: The twosome exchanged plenty of laughs and jokes during their day out

Fun-loving: Throughout their outing, the duo shared numerous moments of laughter and amusement as they playfully bantered back and forth.

Smoke break: Yesterday the pair were seen on the balcony of Miley's luxury hotel room

Taking a breather: The duo was spotted enjoying a smoke on the balcony of Miley’s opulent hotel suite.

Heading inside: They later ducked back inside as they finished their cigarettes

Heading indoors: They retreated indoors shortly after they completed their smoking session.

Overjoyed: Over the last two weeks Miley has spoken of her joy about being engaged to Liam

Ecstatic: In the past fortnight, Miley has expressed her utmost happiness regarding her engagement to Liam.

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