A Romantic Gesture: Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Seal their Love at the 2019 CFDA Fashion Awards

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez, who have been in a relationship for more than two years, showcased their unwavering affection during a memorable moment at the 2019 CFDA Fashion Awards in New York City. The couple, ages 49 and 43 respectively, took a break from the red carpet frenzy to share a tender kiss. Jennifer, a talented singer, actress, and fashion trailblazer, received the Fashion Icon Award at this prestigious event, a well-deserved honor for her contribution to the industry.

Cute couple: Jennifer Lopez, 49, and Alex Rodriguez, 43, paused during their stunning red carpet appearance Monday at the 2019 CFDA Fashion Awards in New York City to give each other a delicate kiss

Adorable couple: Jennifer Lopez, aged 49, and Alex Rodriguez, aged 43, took a moment during their captivating appearance on the red carpet at the 2019 CFDA Fashion Awards in New York City to share a tender kiss. Jennifer looked absolutely stunning at the event, hosted by the Council of Fashion Designers of America, in a dazzling orange attire designed by Ralph Lauren. She dazzled in a long-sleeved cropped top adorned with an array of sparkling rhinestones, extending up to her neck. The top gracefully dropped just below her bust, offering a glimpse of Jennifer’s well-toned abs. The attention-stealing piece was complemented by a skirt that seamlessly blended high fashion with the athleisure style Jennifer often wears while working on her impressive abdominal muscles, thanks to its elastic waistband and drawstring. The 5ft5in beauty gracefully trailed a long train from her silky dress, creating a stunning visual effect.

Deserving: The singer, actress and fashion icon was fittingly being honored with the event's Fashion Icon Award

Deserving of recognition, the talented singer, actress, and influential fashion icon was rightfully bestowed with the prestigious Fashion Icon Award at the grand event.

All eyes on her: Jennifer stunned at the show, put on by the Council of Fashion Designers of America, in a gleaming orange Ralph Lauren outfit

All attention was fixed on Jennifer as she captivated the audience at the fashion show hosted by the Council of Fashion Designers of America, wearing a dazzling orange ensemble designed by Ralph Lauren. The talented actress, known for her role in Out of Sight, embraced the vibrant color scheme by complementing her dress with elegantly elevated high heels. To complete her ensemble, she carried a matching studded orange clutch, adorned with exquisite 3.23-carat Harry Winston diamond link earrings, and showcased a dazzling 2.44-carat Harry Winston ring. Jennifer’s luscious golden brown locks were swept back into a chic ponytail, cascading down her back with effortless grace.

Turtleneck: She wore a long sleeve crop top covered in a bevy of rhinestones which reached up to her throat

Turtleneck: A dazzling, long-sleeved crop top adorned with a multitude of shimmering rhinestones, extending all the way up to her neck.

Taut tummy: The top reached down just below her bust and gave a stunning view of Jennifer's washboard abs

Tight midsection: The garment extended slightly below her chest, revealing a breathtaking glimpse of Jennifer’s perfectly toned abdominal muscles.

High and low brow: The skin-showing top was nearly upstaged by her skirt, which blended haute couture with the athleisure clothing Jennifer wears when she's working on her incredible abs thanks to its elastic waist and drawstring

Elevated and casual: Jennifer had her skin-revealing blouse almost overshadowed by a skirt that seamlessly combined high fashion with her go-to athleisure pieces. This unique skirt featured an elastic waist and a drawstring, perfect for when she’s putting in the hard work to maintain her enviable abs.

Elegant: The 5ft5in beauty had a long train from the silky dress that echoed behind her

Exquisite: The stunning woman, standing at a height of 5 feet and 5 inches, gracefully trailed a long, flowing train from her luxurious gown as she walked. Jennifer expressed her adoration for the world of fashion while walking down the red carpet. “Having grown up in the Bronx with a deep passion for fashion, being here tonight surrounded by talented designers and artists, and being honored for doing what I love, feels like a surreal dream,” she gushed, brimming with excitement. Alex mirrored her enthusiasm, eagerly sharing his admiration for his beloved. “I couldn’t be happier. She truly deserves all these incredible accolades, and she’s finally receiving the recognition she’s always deserved,” he exclaimed. “She represents a multitude of people, from Brooklyn to the Bronx, embodying the spirit of everyone.” Jennifer chimed in, proudly announcing, “I chose to wear Ralph Lauren tonight, another native of the Bronx. It’s a Bronx affair!” With that, she moved along, radiating confidence and grace.

Her calling: 'I love fashion,' Jennifer said on the red carpet. 'Growing up in the Bronx loving fashion, to be here tonight amongst all these designers and artists and to be honored for what I love to do anyway, it¿s like a dream ¿ I am super excited'

Jennifer expressed her passion for fashion while walking on the red carpet. As a Bronx native with a deep love for the world of fashion, she felt incredibly grateful to stand among talented designers and artists that evening. Being acknowledged for pursuing what she genuinely enjoys felt surreal, almost like a dream come true. Jennifer couldn’t contain her enthusiasm, radiating excitement and anticipation for the amazing opportunities ahead.

Supportive fiancé: 'I am so thrilled. She deserved all these great awards and she¿s finally getting her due,' said Alex. 'She represents everybody, Brooklyn, the Bronx, everybody'

Encouraging future spouse: Alex expressed immense excitement and joy, stating, “I am absolutely thrilled about this amazing achievement. It is truly well-deserved. She has earned these incredible awards, and at long last, she is receiving the recognition she deserves.” Alex further added, “She serves as a representation for all individuals—undoubtedly for Brooklyn, the Bronx, and beyond. She uplifts and inspires everyone she encounters.”

Representing: Jennifer added: 'I am wearing Ralph Lauren, fellow Bronx native. It is all about the Bronx tonight!' before moving on

Jennifer proudly announced, “I have donned Ralph Lauren, a fellow Bronx resident, as my outfit for the evening. Tonight, we’re celebrating the essence of the Bronx!”

Laying low: A-Rod stuck to a conservative yet elegant suit so as not to upstage his fiancée's stunning outfit

Keeping a low profile: A-Rod opted for a sophisticated and classy suit, avoiding stealing the spotlight from his fiancée’s breathtaking ensemble.

Dapper: The former New York Yankees shortstop was dressed in a black Tom Ford suit with long peak lapels and classy pick stitching

Looking dashing and stylish, the ex-New York Yankees shortstop caught everyone’s attention in a sleek, black Tom Ford suit. The suit boasted long peak lapels and sophisticated pick stitching, adding an elegant touch to his overall look. A-Rod deliberately chose a conservative attire, ensuring that his fiancée’s mesmerizing outfit remained the center of attention. Adding a hint of texture, he paired the suit with a navy blue tie, effortlessly showcasing his impeccable fashion sense. To complete his ensemble, A-Rod proudly displayed a silver Harry Winston wristwatch with a sleek black leather strap. Rather than traditional dress shoes, he opted for a fashionable pair of black boots, embracing a touch of modernity and individuality.

Dashing: He sported a textured navy blue tie and showed off a silver Harry Winston wristwatch with a black leather strap

Looking sharp: He rocked a stylish navy blue tie with a unique texture, while flaunting a sleek silver Harry Winston wristwatch that perfectly complemented his black leather strap.

Change-up: Rather than dress shoes, he opted for a pair of black boots

Switching things up: Instead of wearing formal dress shoes, he made the choice to don a sleek pair of black boots.

Icon: The Hustlers star was first announced as the recipient of the Fashion Icon Award back in April

Celebrity recognition: The talented lead of Hustlers was originally declared as the distinguished awardee of the Fashion Icon accolade in the month of April.

Eagerly awaited: 'Jennifer Lopez uses clothes as a way to express confidence and power,' said CFDA chairwoman Diane von Furstenberg in a statement. 'Both designers and fans look forward to her fashion statements'

Excitedly anticipated: According to CFDA chairwoman Diane von Furstenberg, Jennifer Lopez utilizes clothing to showcase her self-assurance and authority, making her a prime candidate for the Fashion Icon Award. The announcement of her receiving this honor was made in April, creating a buzz amongst both fashion designers and fans alike. Past recipients of this prestigious award include influential figures such as Rihanna, Naomi Campbell, Beyoncé, and Pharrell Williams.

In good company: The award has previously been given to tastemakers including Rhianna, Naomi Campbell, Beyoncé and Pharrell Williams

Among the prestigious recipients of this acclaim are renowned tastemakers like Rhianna, Naomi Campbell, Beyoncé, and Pharrell Williams.

Taking their time: Due to the delicacy of Jennifer's outfit and her long train, she had to disembark backwards while attendants helped to pick up her train

Taking their sweet time: Thanks to the fragility of Jennifer’s fabulous attire and the length of her elegant train, she gracefully descended from the vehicle in reverse, with attendants carefully assisting to ensure her train remained in impeccable condition. Outside the iconic Brooklyn Museum, Jennifer and Alex embraced the opportunity to acknowledge their adoring fans, waving and even pausing for a few snapshots. The couple exuded glamour as they arrived in a sleek, black luxury van, effortlessly embodying style and sophistication.

Rolling up in style: The couple were spotted outside the event as they arrived in a large black luxury van

Arriving with sophistication: The duo was noticed outside the occasion, making a grand entrance in a spacious black deluxe van.

Gracious: Jennifer and Alex took a moment to pause outside the Brooklyn museum to wave at fans and stop for photos

Polite: Jennifer and Alex decided to take a short break in front of the famous Brooklyn museum, enthusiastically greeting their fans and happily posing for pictures.

Inside look: The former athlete and current sports commentator shared a few backstage photos of his fiancé to Instagram

An exclusive peek: The ex-sportsman turned sports commentator took to Instagram to share behind-the-scenes snapshots of his soon-to-be wife. Among the collection of visuals, one captivating video showcased Jennifer admiring an intricate sculpture of shining silver balloons, sparking thoughts of incorporating a different shade of balloons into her performance. Additionally, a photograph featured the renowned fashion designer, Tom Ford, who had recently assumed the esteemed position of CFDA chairperson, alongside the outgoing chairperson, Dianne von Furstenberg. On his main feed, a candid snapshot captured Jennifer’s adoring gaze as the ex-athlete beamed charmingly at the camera. In his heartfelt caption, he expressed, “In the realm of icons, there exists a unique and incomparable Jennifer Lopez, ladies and gentlemen.”

Fanboy: One photo included the designer of his suit, Tom Ford, who was recently installed as the new chairperson for the CFDA, as well as the outgoing chairperson, Dianne von Furstenberg

Enthusiastic supporter: A picture showcased the talented Tom Ford, the mastermind behind the magnificent suit, who has recently assumed the prestigious role of chairperson for the CFDA. The snapshot also featured the outgoing chairperson, the esteemed Dianne von Furstenberg.

Lucky man: A snap posted to his main page showed Jennifer gazing longingly at him as he grinned for the camera

Fortunate guy: A photo shared on his primary social media account captured Jennifer’s affectionate gaze towards him while he sported a beaming smile.

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