Absolutely Fabulous: Miley Cyrus Flaunts Toned Midriff in Chic Crop Top While Strolling with Her Pooches

Regardless of the occasion, Miley Cyrus always manages to impress with her fashionable choices. Even when she’s taking a break from her busy schedule, the talented starlet still manages to look fabulous. Recently, she was spotted rocking an outfit that showcased her perfectly toned abs. She sported a cute blue sports bra with the word “CHAMP” emblazoned across its front. To complete her fun and stylish look, Miley styled her hair into pigtails and accessorized with retro shades. Joining her on this outing was her mom, Tish, as they grabbed a quick bite to eat and took their adorable furry friends for a walk in Calabasas, California.

Winning form! Miley Cyrus flaunted her flat abs and quirky style in a sporty blue bra while walking her pups in Calabasas on Friday

Miley Cyrus confidently showed off her toned physique and unique fashion sense as she strolled through Calabasas with her dogs. Accompanied by her loyal companions, beagle Barbie and pit bull Mary Jane, the talented singer from Tennessee briskly walked alongside her furry friends. Miley’s choice of a sporty blue bra as her top not only emphasized her flat stomach but also showcased her dazzling navel piercing and eclectic collection of tattoos. Her slender legs were adorned with a simple pair of Beyond Yoga pants, perfectly accentuating the Disney alum’s well-defined figure. Adding her signature hippie-chic touch to the ensemble, the former coach of The Voice donned retro sunglasses and layered necklaces.

Abs of steel: The Disney alum enviable abs were on display in her royal blue sports bra

Rock-hard core: The former Disney star’s admirable stomach muscles were showcased in a vibrant azure athletic top.

While taking a leisurely stroll, the famous Hannah Montana actress was seen carrying an iPhone that had seen better days, with visible cracks and no protective case. Accompanying her on the outing was her mother, Tish Cyrus, who looked effortlessly stylish in ripped blue jeans and a comfortable sweater. It seemed that Miley’s sense of fashion had influenced her mother, as she sported a fashionable pair of hot pink Givenchy slides while the two went to grab some coffee and a snack. Speculation about Miley secretly getting engaged to her longtime love, Liam Hemsworth, had been circulating ever since her father, Billy Ray, shared a screenshot of a digital camera on Instagram three weeks ago. The photo showed his daughter glowing in a white dress, and the caption, initially implying a wedding, further fueled the rumors. Although Billy Ray quickly clarified his caption, stating it was not a wedding photo, the gossip had already taken hold.

Borrowed from her baby? Some of Miley's hip-as-can-be style must have rubbed off on her mom Tish, who added some flair to her look with a pair of hot pink Givenchy slides

Tish, Miley’s mom, seems to have taken some inspiration from her stylish daughter and added a touch of her own personality to her outfit by wearing vibrant hot pink Givenchy slides. It looks like Miley’s hip fashion sense has influenced her mother’s wardrobe choices.

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