An Electric Finale: Jennifer Lopez Shines Bright in Glamorous Attire as A-Listers Light Up the American Idol Grand Finale

Jennifer Lopez stole the spotlight at the American Idol finale in Hollywood. As the star of the show, it was only fitting for her to shine the brightest among the crowd of famous faces. With a bittersweet smile, she exuded her usual charm and beauty as she gracefully walked the preshow red carpet.

Stealing the show: It was only appropriate judge Jennifer Lopez shone brightest at the American Idol finale in Hollywood on Thursday

Taking the spotlight: In a dazzling display, judge Jennifer Lopez stole the limelight at the American Idol finale in Hollywood on Thursday. The true star of the show shimmered brilliantly in a champagne-colored gown embellished with dazzling stones. At 46 years old, she looked phenomenal, showcasing her dancer’s physique flawlessly in the form-fitting dress. Yet, it was her gown’s extravagant long train that threatened to overshadow even her ample curves, gracefully gliding across the floor, but just shy of being a tripping hazard.

Be fooled by the rocks that she's got: The Latina lovely made sure her star shone the brightest by wearing a dress covered in rhinestones

Don’t be deceived by the rocks she possesses: The charming Latina ensured that her stardom stood out by adorning herself in a dazzling rhinestone-covered dress.

Hiding her Booty: For once the curvy star decided to keep it under wraps thanks to her dramatic long train

Concealing Her Treasure: This time, the voluptuous celebrity made a bold choice to keep her assets hidden, all thanks to an eye-catching and extravagant elongated trail.

A champagne moment: Canny Jennifer selected a dress colour that perfectly matched the occasion

A delightful celebration: Clever Jennifer effortlessly chose a dress shade that flawlessly complemented the event. However, as Jennifer shone as the most elegant lady of the evening, her fellow celebrities on the red carpet made significant efforts to capture their portion of the spotlight. Carrie Underwood, possibly the most notable champion of all the Idol winners, unequivocally showcased her stunning transformation by donning a bold and revealing sheer dress at the venue that kickstarted her career. Unsurprisingly, her forward-thinking attire, featuring intricate string accents, somewhat resembled a unique and whimsical representation of a human mop.

Mopping up the attention: While Jennifer may have been the most glamorous filly Carrie Underwood went for a more eccentric ensemble

Stealing the spotlight: Even though Jennifer was the center of attention with her glamorous outfit, Carrie Underwood opted for a more unconventional ensemble.

She cleans up well: The sheer dress allowed her to showcase her fantastically firm figure better than her everyday clothes

She cleans up well: The sheer dress allowed her to showcase her fantastically firm figure better than her everyday clothes

She certainly knows how to shine: The transparent dress helped her flaunt her impressively toned physique more effectively than her regular outfits.

Say hello to my little friend: Series six champion Jordin Sparks dwarfed that season's runner-up Blake Lewis

Introducing my dear companion: Jordin Sparks, the victor of series six, overshadowed the season’s second-place contestant, Blake Lewis. Another previous winner also stood out on the red carpet by opting for a distinct approach, deviating from the typical country star image. Jordin Sparks, a sensation from series six, looked absolutely stunning in a lively orange and navy dress. It featured an exciting cutout design around her midriff. On the other hand, Katherine McPhee, the runner-up of series five who lost to Vegas lounge star Taylor Hicks, ensured that she turned heads on the red carpet with her choice of attire. She gracefully walked down the red carpet wearing an alluring white lace dress, showcasing her beauty.

Turning heads: Both Jordin and series five loser Katharine McPhee looked fantastic

Turning heads: Both Jordin and series five loser Katharine McPhee looked fantastic

Attracting attention: Both Jordin and the contestant who didn’t win in series five, Katharine McPhee, appeared absolutely stunning.

Taylor who: The saucy singer has remained in the limelight more than her conqueror Hicks after appearing in shows such as Smash and Scorpion

Taylor, the charismatic singer, has managed to stay in the spotlight even more than her rival Hicks. She has appeared in popular shows like Smash and Scorpion, further boosting her fame. A remarkable trio of talents, Fantasia, Kimberley Locke, and Maddie Ziegler, stole the show with their striking and unique outfits, leaving the audience dazzled. Among the other attendees who looked absolutely fabulous that night were Fantasia, Kimberley Locke, and Maddie Ziegler. They all donned jaw-dropping ensembles that were remarkably different from each other. Last year in May, Fox made the announcement that the fifteenth season of American Idol would mark the end of the beloved show. Surprisingly, the ratings have skyrocketed since then, leading experts to speculate that the show might make a highly anticipated comeback in the near future.

Seeing the last of the mohican: Colton Dixon was wearing an appropriate hairstyle as he posed with Annie Coggeshall

Spotting the final frontier enthusiast: Colton Dixon sported a fitting hairdo while striking a pose alongside Annie Coggeshall. The trio of pals, Taylor Hicks, Constantine Maroulis, and Chris Daughtry, exuded a fashionable flair.

Grappling for attention: Pro wrestler Jon Cena was there with fellow grapple star Nikki Bella

Seeking for recognition: Professional wrestler Jon Cena was present alongside his fellow wrestling sensation Nikki Bella

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