Angelic Vibes: Angelina Jolie’s Serene Shopping Expedition with Son Knox, 14, in Los Angeles

Angelina Jolie appeared absolutely stunning as she ventured out in Los Angeles alongside her 14-year-old son, Konx. The 47-year-old Hollywood icon donned an elegant white sundress while exploring plant shops with her teenager. As always, Jolie exuded a graceful and relaxed vibe, complementing her attire with a trendy pair of aviator sunglasses with dark tinted lenses.

Glowing: Angelina Jolie looked radiant as she stepped out in Los Angeles on Saturday with son Konx, 14, in Los Angeles

Radiant and glowing, Angelina Jolie exuded confidence as she strolled through the streets of Los Angeles on a sunny Saturday. Accompanied by her 14-year-old son, Konx, the renowned actress and filmmaker showcased a stylish ensemble that emphasized her timeless beauty. Jolie’s outfit featured a unique design, with wide straps that were cleverly scrunched using an elastic material, creating a fashion statement that perfectly complemented her figure. The top portion of her outfit hugged her chest snugly before gracefully flowing into a loose-fitting long skirt, which elegantly cropped at her calves. This combination of fitted and flowing elements created a harmonious balance in her silhouette. Completing her weekend look, the mother-of-six opted for a pair of white Valentino slip-on flats, providing both comfort and trendy flair. With each step, she revealed a striking multi-rowed tribal tattoo adorning her left arm, showcasing her individuality and penchant for artistic expression. As the day unfolded, Angelina Jolie cherished intimate moments with her son, savoring their quality time together. In the bustling city of Los Angeles, she effortlessly radiated grace and beauty, proving once again why she is an icon in the world of entertainment.

Angelic: The 47-year-old movie star was dressed in a white sundress as she shopped for plants with the teen

Divine: The 47-year-old actress looked like an angel in her beautiful white sundress while she went plant shopping with the teenager.

The experienced performer sported a parted center hairstyle, where her beautiful brown hair cascaded straight down. As she strolled through a nearby store admiring the plant section, she effortlessly slung a classy shoulder bag made of brown leather. Knox rocked a trendy ensemble consisting of a t-shirt adorned with a captivating print, paired with comfortable black sweatpants and stylish white and grey sneakers.

Glam: Always effortlessly chic, the beauty teamed her outfit with a pair of dark-tinted aviator sunglasses

Chic and effortlessly stylish, the beauty completed her ensemble with a stylish pair of aviator sunglasses in a dark tint. It was recently brought to light that Angelina, also known as ‘Jane Doe’, had initiated legal action against the FBI in connection with her ex-husband Brad Pitt. The investigation into Pitt’s actions, which involved allegations of pouring beer on Angelina, causing harm to her, and engaging in a confrontation with their son Maddox in 2016, was ultimately closed. A leaked FBI report has now surfaced, providing additional insight into Pitt’s behavior during the infamous incident that took place on their private jet. According to the report, Pitt allegedly made derogatory remarks about one of Jolie’s adopted children, likening them to a controversial figure, and accused her of negatively impacting the family dynamics.

Stormy flight: Jolie said Pitt's actions made her feel 'like a hostage' and that he was behaving like 'a monster' as he would complain non-stop and scream at the children; Pictured in 2014

Disruptive Plane Journey: Jolie expressed feeling trapped and mistreated by Pitt’s behavior, comparing it to being held hostage and him behaving like a horrendous creature. He constantly complained and yelled at the children, causing distress. This incident eventually led to the downfall of their marriage in 2016. The remark made by Pitt seemingly alluded to the tragic event at Columbine High School in 1999, where two twelfth-grade students, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, took the lives of twelve students and a teacher in Colorado. Jolie and Pitt, who are parents to six children, went through a difficult time. Their children include Shiloh, 16, twins Knox and Vivienne, 14, Zahara, 17, as well as Maddox, 21, and Pax, 18. Zahara, Pax, and Maddox are adopted from foreign countries (Ethiopia, Vietnam, and Cambodia, respectively), while Angelina gave birth to the other three. An undisclosed document leak suggests that Pitt had a fiery altercation, allegedly fueled by alcohol, with Maddox. This disagreement escalated into a heated verbal and physical confrontation between the famous actors.

Large brood: Jolie and Pitt - whose marriage collapsed in 2016 following the mid-air incident - are parents of six: Shiloh, 16, twins Knox and Vivienne, 14, Zahara, 17, Maddox, 21, and Pax, 18; Pictured 2021

Jolie and Pitt, who ended their marriage in 2016 after a dramatic episode during a flight, have a sizable family consisting of six children: Shiloh aged 16, twins Knox and Vivienne aged 14, Zahara aged 17, Maddox aged 21, and Pax aged 18. (Photographed in 2021)

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