“Beaming Beyonce Unveils Stylish New Look Over Lunch in Paris with Jay Z and Blue Ivy, Sparking Pregnancy Speculations”

Written by Julie Moult for MailOnline, this article was first published on September 14, 2014 at 16:51 EDT and updated on September 15, 2014 at 04:33 EDT.

New do: Beyonce arrived for lunch in Paris with Jay Z and Blue Ivy sporting a dramatically different look than a few days ago

Beyonce showed up for a lunch outing in Paris alongside Jay Z and Blue Ivy, rocking a bold and fresh new hairstyle that was a complete departure from her previous look just days ago.

Out with the old: Last week the singer stepped out sporting a wavy, chin length bob

Saying goodbye to the traditional look, the artist flaunted a fresh and playful chin-length bob with some beachy waves.

New baby: Is there a baby brother or sister for Blue Ivy on the way?

Are Beyoncé and Jay-Z expecting another little one to join Blue Ivy in the family?

Smile: She certainly seems happy about something as she dines in he French capital

Grin: It’s clear that she’s in good spirits while enjoying a meal in the beautiful city of Paris.

Plunging: The superstar's unbuttoned shirt grabs a lot of attention as she leaves lunch

Diving: The celebrity’s casually unbuttoned top turns heads as she exits a midday meal.

Autumn: Beyonce ducks under an umbrella to keep her new hair dry from the rain

Autumn: Beyonce takes cover under an umbrella to protect her fresh hairstyle from the rain.

Tailored: The mother of one looked chic in wine trousers and a fitted striped shirt

The stylish mom went for a classy look in burgundy pants and a well-fitted striped top.

Daddy's girl: Blue looks angelic dressed in a pretty white dress and sandals

Daddy’s little princess: Blue looks absolutely darling in her beautiful white dress and cute sandals.

Happy: The Carters have successful put paid to divorce rumors that have dogged the couple for months

Delighted: The Carters have effectively dispelled the divorce speculations that have been lingering over the couple for the past few months.

On The Run: The family are in France performing two nights in Paris for their sell-out world tour

The family is currently in France, where they are delighting audiences with two back-to-back nights of performances in Paris as part of their highly successful world tour.

Keeping mum: Mrs Carter keeps her head down as she leaves the fashionable dining spot

Staying silent: Mrs. Carter avoids drawing attention to herself as she exits the trendy restaurant.

A taste of home: The family chose a restaurant named after a district of New York City

A familiar flavor: The family decided on dining at a restaurant that goes by the name of a neighborhood in New York City.

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