Being green isn’t always a smooth ride: Miley Cyrus’ pricey electric bike hits a snag with a flat tire

Lately, she has been hitting the gym hard and was ready to keep up her fitness routine by splurging on a $2000 Pedego electric bike. However, Miley Cyrus’ trip to her favorite coffee shop came to a halt today when she got a flat tire. Despite the setback, Miley looked unfazed in her sleeveless top, shorts, and stylish Chanel espadrilles.

Cycling in style: Miley Cyrus wore a pair of designer shoes on her bike ride

Riding with flair: Miley Cyrus sported a trendy pair of designer shoes during her cycling adventure. Despite facing a flat tire, the actress and singer continued to pedal on, showing true dedication. Her beau, Liam Hemsworth, was absent, leaving Miley to ride solo and eventually push her bike back home. Miley has transitioned from her previous Electra Hybrid bike to this more recent and upgraded model.

Coffee run: Miley was riding a new $2000 electric bicycle around Los Angeles

Miley was cruising through Los Angeles on her brand-new $2000 electric bike during a quick coffee trip.

Flat tire: Miley did not get far before she got a puncture

Miley’s plans were foiled by a flat tire shortly after she set out on her journey. Despite this setback, the Hannah Montana actress has been keeping busy with a new tattoo and a new addition to her furry family. In addition to her three dogs, Lila, Floyd, and Ziggy, Miley rescued a Rottweiler-beagle mix named Happy, who was abandoned outside a Wal-Mart. Last week, she paid a visit to Manny Pacquiao’s tattoo shop in Hollywood with her brother Trace, emerging with a sizable bandage on her arm a few hours later.

Struggling: Miley's seat also seemed very low as she pedalled along

Miley had a hard time adjusting to her low seat while pedaling along.

Off balance: The Hannah Montana star has to push her bike home

Miley Cyrus was spotted pushing her bike home after it got a flat tire. Besides biking mishaps, she is gearing up for the release of her new comedy film “So Undercover” next month. In the movie, she plays a character who joins the FBI and poses as a sorority girl to protect a mobster’s daughter, requiring her to learn fighting techniques and how to use guns. Miley mentioned in an interview that she has been training in boxing and street fighting to defend herself, along with practicing with firearms, which she found to be a bit intimidating. With bruises from training, Miley is embracing the challenges of her new role.

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