Bow Down to Queen Bey! Beyonce Steals the Show at Met Gala in a Daring Nearly Nude Outfit

Beyonce managed to steal all the attention from the other guests at the Met Gala as she strutted down the red carpet just before it closed. The 33-year-old singer looked stunning in a sparkling multicolored Givenchy gown, adorned with sheer fabric and intricate crystal embellishments that left very little to the imagination. Despite being a mother, Beyonce confidently showed off her curves in the form-fitting, long-sleeved dress. Watch the video below to see her show-stopping look.

Stealing the show! Beyonce donned a sheer embellished Givenchy dress that strategically covered her assets when she attended the Met Gala in New York City on Monday

Beyonce stole the spotlight at the Met Gala in New York City by wearing a stunning sheer Givenchy dress adorned with embellishments. The dress, strategically designed to cover her assets, was showcased on her website from all angles. In one photo, she posed with both hands against a white wall, revealing the backless detailing of the gown and highlighting her derriere. The Grammy-winning singer topped the best-dressed list with her revealing yet elegant outfit that highlighted her enviable figure. Completing the look, she styled her blonde hair in a sleek ponytail to enhance the glamour of the sheer gown.

Showing off! The 33-year-old hitmaker appeared to be thinner and more toned

Looking fabulous! The 33-year-old singer looked slimmer and more sculpted than ever. All decked out in dazzling multicolored jewels.

That's how you walk the steps! To emphasize the glamour of her sheer gown, she slicked back her blonde tresses in a sleek ponytail

This is how you strut down those stairs! To really accentuate the elegance of her transparent dress, she pulled her blonde hair back into a stylish ponytail.

Can't all be Queen Bey! Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian attempted the sheer look but paled in comparison to Beyonce

Can't all be Queen Bey! Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian attempted the sheer look but paled in comparison to Beyonce

Not everyone can pull off the sheer look like Queen Bey! Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian gave it a shot, but they just didn’t match up to Beyonce’s flawless style.

The right angle: The former Destiny's Child member didn't mind getting her photo taken

The former Destiny’s Child member was unfazed by the cameras capturing her at the event. While she was the center of gossip at the previous year’s ball due to a public disagreement with brother-in-law Jay Z, Solange Knowles seemed a bit apprehensive at being back at the Met Gala in New York this year. The younger sister arrived in a quirky printed mini dress by designer Giles Deacon, which she could use to shield her face if she needed to avoid any uncomfortable questions about the previous year’s incident.

No one compares! Bey laughed and showed a beaming smile on her flawless complexion

Bey was unmatched as she laughed, her flawless complexion glowing as she beamed with joy.

Simple is best: Bey styled her look with nude colored platform pumps with a gold stiletto heel

Sometimes, less is more: Beyoncé paired her outfit with nude platform pumps featuring a touch of gold on the stiletto heels.

Best dressed couple: The mother-of-one was accompanied by husband Jay Z

The most stylish duo at the event was the mom-of-one who was joined by her partner, Jay Z.

Under the bright lights: She commanded the spotlight on the red carpet

In the glow of the spotlight: She stole the show on the red carpet.

Revealing: She presumably went braless and without knickers

Revealing: She presumably went braless and without knickers

She seemed to be braless and bottomless, which was in line with the theme exploring how Westerners looking towards the East have interpreted, misunderstood, and embraced Chinese culture. The 28-year-old singer, who wed Alan Ferguson in November, rocked a modern look in a circular gown reminiscent of a traditional Chinese fan.

Following last year’s gala, a video released by TMZ showed Solange and Jay Z in a heated physical altercation in an elevator, making the private argument public. Reports suggested the fight was sparked by designer Rachel Roy getting cozy with Jay at the event, but this was later denied.

All for show: Beyonce revealed her Gala getup exclusively on her website showing all the angles of her outfit

All about the presentation: Beyonce unveiled her Gala attire in a special feature on her website, giving fans a detailed look at every angle of her stunning outfit.

Date night: The married couple left three-year-old daughter Blue Ivy at home

The couple decided to have a date night and left their three-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy, at home.

Dynamic duo: The Tidal creator was dapper in a black tux and matching bow tie

The Tidal creator looked stylish in a sleek black tuxedo and coordinating bow tie, making for a dynamic duo.

Front and back: Close-up snaps of her ensemble were shared on her website

Front and back: Close-up snaps of her ensemble were shared on her website

Front and back: Up-close photos of her outfit were posted on her personal site.

Winning style: The 20-time Grammy winner claimed the top spot of the best dressed list with her very revealing dress that strategically covered her enviable bombshell body

The 20-time Grammy award winner stole the spotlight in a stunning dress that highlighted her incredible physique at the recent event. The Costume Institute at The Metropolitan Museum of Art always brings out bold fashion choices, and it is hoped that Solange will keep it classy this time around. Despite some bumps along the way, including a skin reaction on her wedding day, the singer managed to overcome it all and enjoy the special occasion with the help of Benadryl allergy medicine. She described the wedding as the “best day of her life”, attributing the hives to being overwhelmed with happiness and the heat.

No problems this year: Bey and Jay looked to be in better spirits than last year

There seem to be no issues this year as Beyoncé and Jay-Z appeared to be in higher spirits compared to the previous year.

Drama: Days after last year's event, a private altercation between Solange and Jay Z went public after website TMZ released CCTV footage from an elevator inside the ball showing the pair fighting

The drama unfolded when a heated exchange between Solange and Jay Z was caught on camera and leaked to the public by TMZ. The incident took place in an elevator at a high-profile event, causing quite a stir in the media days later.

Fan-tastic outfit: Solange Knowles will hopefully avoided any awkward questions about what happened last year

Solange Knowles looked absolutely stunning in her fan-tastic outfit at a weekend wedding, hopefully avoiding any awkward questions from last year. After the ceremony, Beyonce’s younger sister bid her followers goodnight as Mrs. Ferguson. The day was picture-perfect, with Solange glowing alongside her sister Beyonce and Jay Z, all dressed in white. However, as she left the celebrations, Solange was seen with red bumps on her face and neck, which TMZ later attributed to a food allergy. When asked how she got the hives, Solange explained on Twitter that it was from dancing too hard during the second line, feeling hot but happy as can be in her outfit.

Cool couple: The 28-year-old singer - who married her partner Alan Ferguson (pictured above) earlier year - looked the picture of cutting edge style in the circular shaped gown

Trendy pair: The 28-year-old vocalist, who tied the knot with her spouse Alan Ferguson earlier this year, rocked a cutting-edge circular gown that perfectly captured her unique style.

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