Britney Spears enjoys quality time with her teenage sons Sean and Jayden during the Thanksgiving holiday

Britney Spears had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend bonding with her two sons, Sean and Jayden. The 12-year-old and 13-year-old boys were spotted wearing bright smiles as they accompanied their mother on a productive day out. These two cheerful youngsters are the result of Spears’ marriage to Kevin Federline, which sadly ended in 2007.

Britney's boys: Britney Spears is seen leaving a CVS with her sons Sean and Jayden

Britney Spears was spotted joyfully strolling out of a CVS store with her adorable sons, Sean and Jayden. Embracing a carefree vibe, Spears decided to forgo a bra for her casual outing, donning a chic white V-neck t-shirt paired with sleek black pants and comfy brown Uggs boots. Adding a pop of color to her ensemble, she accessorized with vibrant red sunglasses while gracefully carrying a grey cardigan over her arm.

Her two handsome boys opted for a sleek all-black attire, matching their stylish mother’s fashion sense as they confidently walked alongside her through the parking lot. In more exciting news, this beloved songstress recently thrilled fans by unveiling her highly anticipated Las Vegas residency, aptly named Britney Spears: Domination.

On the go: Sean, 13, and Jayden, 12, were seen smiling with their mother during the day out

Snapshot of Life: Sean, a spirited 13-year-old, and his charming younger brother Jayden, aged 12, were caught beaming ear to ear as they spent a day of blissful adventure alongside their adoring mother.

Residency: Spears just recently announced her latest Las Vegas residency, dubbed Britney Spears: Domination

Live in Las Vegas: Britney Spears has recently revealed her brand new Las Vegas residency, which she calls Britney Spears: Domination.

Britney and sons: Spears went bra-less for her outing, sporting a white V-neck t-shirt, black pants and some brown Uggs boots

Britney and her boys: Spears embraced a carefree look by opting to go without a bra during her outing. She effortlessly rocked a classic white V-neck t-shirt, paired it with sleek black pants, and completed her ensemble with a cozy pair of brown Uggs boots.

On the go: She was also wearing a pair of red sunglasses and she was seen carrying a grey shirt as well

In motion: Additionally, she sported a trendy pair of crimson shades and had in her possession a sleek, heather-colored blouse.

‘Oh, how I’ve longed for the bright lights of Vegas! I’m counting down the days until I return to my beloved second home,’ exclaimed Spears in a tweet last month.
‘And guess what? This show is going to be epic! I’m cooking up some exciting surprises for all of you. Grab your tickets now because you don’t want to miss out.’
The highly anticipated residency kicks off in February 2019 at the renowned Park Theatre in Park MGM, and fans can already purchase tickets.
Not only that, but rumors are swirling that Spears is also collaborating on fresh new tunes. Brace yourselves for her upcoming release, a sensational single featuring the dynamic duo of Pitbull and Marc Anthony.

Bra-less Britney: Spears went bra-less for her outing, sporting a white V-neck t-shirt, black pants and some brown Uggs boots

Britney ditched her bra for a casual day out, rocking a white V-neck tee, black trousers, and a pair of cozy brown Uggs.

Family time: The residency starts in February 2019 at Park MGM's Park Theatre, with tickets currently on sale

Enjoy quality time with your loved ones at the upcoming residency starting in February 2019 at the Park Theatre, located in the Park MGM. You can already secure your tickets for this memorable family experience.

New music: She is also said to be working on new music, and is expected to release a new single with Pitbull and Marc Anthony

Fresh tunes: It’s been rumored that she is currently in the works of creating brand new music, and there’s speculation about an upcoming collaboration featuring Pitbull and Marc Anthony.

Stepping out: She has also released a new fragrance Perogative, which is branded a fragrance for both men and women

Venturing out: Additionally, she has recently launched a fresh fragrance called Perogative, specifically marketed as a scent suitable for both males and females.
In an exciting development, this will mark Britney Spears’ second time having a Las Vegas residency. The previous one, titled Britney: Piece of Me, captivated audiences for an impressive four-year run at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas.
To add to her creative repertoire, her most recent album titled Glory, was unveiled to the world in 2016.

Back to Vegas: This will be the second Las Vegas residency for Spears

Mother and sons: Her first residency was called Britney: Piece of Me, which spanned four years at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas

Returning to Sin City: Britney Spears is set for her second residency in Las Vegas.

Back to work: Her last album, Glory, was released in 2016

Returning to the grind: She dropped her most recent musical masterpiece, Glory, in the year 2016.

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