Britney Spears Recounts Feeling Fear for Her Life During Iconic 2001 MTV VMAs Performance with the Snake

Britney Spears reminisced about her memorable performance in 2001, where she shared the stage with a snake that left her feeling apprehensive and fearing for her life. Recalling the experience in her upcoming memoir, The Woman in Me, the 41-year-old singer described the colossal python as threatening, with its flickering tongue and hissing. As she sang her hit song “I’m a Slave 4 U,” Spears made a conscious effort to avoid making eye contact with the snake, believing that it could be fatal if she did. Interestingly, just a few weeks ago, the pop star confessed her fear of snakes, expressing her lack of enthusiasm for the nerve-racking performance, despite it remaining one of her all-time favorites. Coincidentally, Spears recently revealed a new tattoo on her lower back featuring a striking red snake on her Instagram account.

Iconic performance: Britney Spears felt like the snake she performed with was going to 'kill' her during her iconic performance in 2001. The 41-year-old pop star recalled the massive python 'flicking' its tongue and 'hissing' at her as she performed onstage at the MTV Video Music Awards

Unforgettable moment: Britney Spears has revealed that she experienced genuine fear during her memorable performance back in 2001. The renowned 41-year-old singer admitted to feeling threatened by the enormous python she shared the stage with at the MTV Video Music Awards. Spears vividly recalls the unsettling sight of the snake flicking its tongue and hissing in her direction while she was performing, leaving her with an unnerving sensation that it could potentially harm her.

In her recent tell-all, the famous pop star shared a harrowing experience during her performance of the hit single “I’m a Slave 4 U” at the VMAs. The plan was to incorporate a snake as a prop, adding to the overall effect of the song. However, things took a terrifying turn when the albino Burmese python named Banana began to get too close for comfort.

She described how the snake, during her performance, started getting dangerously close to her face, hissing and flicking its tongue. It was a truly terrifying experience, one that she admitted was even more frightening than it appeared to the audience. In fact, she confessed that all she could think to do was keep her gaze down, fearing that making eye contact with the snake could lead to disaster.

Despite the scare, she managed to get through the performance without any harm. It has since become an iconic moment in VMAs history, though she now reveals the intense fear and panic that was going on in her mind at the time.

'Terrifying': In her upcoming memoir The Woman in Me, she said she tried her best to keep her head down as she sang I'm a Slave 4 U because she felt like 'it would kill' her if she 'caught its eye'

“Terrifying”: Within her forthcoming autobiography, titled The Essence of my Being, she confesses that she made every effort to lower her gaze while performing the song I’m a Slave 4 U, as she deeply believed that locking eyes with it would be cataclysmic and potentially lethal.

Freaking out inside: Although she got through the performance unscathed, she recalled how she was freaking out in her mind at the time but had to tell herself to continue singing and dancing

Internal panic: Despite gracefully completing the performance, she reminisced on her frantic state of mind, as she struggled to maintain composure and urged herself to carry on with the singing and dancing routine.

Affinity for dangerous props: The Gimme More hitmaker — who recently went viral for playing with another dangerous prop after she posted several knife dancing videos online — also recently talked about how it remains 'one of my favorite performances' to this day despite how 'terrifying' it was

Fondness for risky accessories: The artist behind the popular song “Gimme More” has developed quite a reputation for her inclination towards daring props. This became evident when she gained viral attention for her knife dancing videos shared on social media. In a recent conversation, she also expressed her enduring admiration for one of her past performances, acknowledging that it was indeed a frightening experience but still holds a special place in her heart.

Upcoming bombshell tell-all: The Woman in Me is set for release and will hit shelves on October 24

Exciting revelations on the horizon: The highly anticipated autobiography, aptly titled The Woman in Me, has just been announced to make its debut on October 24th.

In her mind, she repeated the mantra, “Just give your best performance, rely on your legs and give your all,” she remembered telling herself.
However, what remains unknown is that while she was singing, the snake positioned itself close to her face and began hissing, as she detailed in her writing.
In that moment, she couldn’t help but think, “Are you seriously doing this right now? The damn snake’s tongue is flickering at me, right here, right now.” Thankfully, she eventually reached the point where she handed the snake back, expressing her relief.
“The Woman in Me” is scheduled to be released and will be available in stores on October 24.

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