Cheeky Chic: Miley Cyrus shows off her stunning figure in a sleek black bikini while hitting the beach in Byron Bay with fiancé Liam Hemsworth

Miley Cyrus and her partner Liam Hemsworth have been enjoying their time in Byron Bay, Australia recently. Last week, the singer seemed to blend right in with the locals as she lounged on the beach in a stylish black bikini. Displaying her toned body, the 25-year-old confidently took to the waves in her revealing swimsuit.

That's cheeky! Miley  flaunted her incredibly fit physique in a very skimpy black bikini during the outing

Well, well! Miley Cyrus proudly shows off her AMAZINGLY toned body in a super tiny black bikini while enjoying the sun at Byron Bay beach with her soon-to-be husband, Liam Hemsworth.

If you've got it! Bikini-clad Miley Cyrus flaunts INCREDIBLY fit physique in skimpy two piece at Byron Bay beach with fiancé Liam Hemsworth... after reports claimed stars have 'secretly wed'

That's cheeky! The Party In The U.S.A singer showed off her toned derriere in the g-string bikini, with its minimal fabric clinging to her peachy posterior

Flaunting her toned figure, the 25-year-old confidently took to the waves in a skimpy two-piece swimsuit. Embracing the sunny summer weather, the American celebrity looked at ease in the bustling beach town. Standing in the shallow water, Miley showed off her flat stomach and slim waist in the stylish black bikini. Sporting a trendy design from Australian brand TEE INK, she rocked a sporty crop-top bikini top that subtly revealed a hint of cleavage.

Beach date: Miley was joined by her fiance Liam Hemsworth during the beach date

Beach outing: Miley and her partner Liam Hemsworth enjoyed a relaxing day at the beach together.

ABS-olute stunner! Standing in the shallow water, Miley's taut stomach and svelte waist were on display in her sexy black swimsuit

Miley looked absolutely gorgeous as she stood in the shallow water, showing off her toned stomach and slender waist in a sleek black swimsuit.

Looking good! Miley rocked a bikini by popular Aussie label TEE INK, with the sporty crop-top style top providing a glimpse of cleavage

Looking fabulous! Miley looked amazing in a bikini from the trendy Australian brand TEE INK, featuring a stylish crop-top top that gave a peek of her cleavage. It seems like the singer is a big fan of this Sydney-based label, as she was spotted wearing the same style in white during her recent vacation in Australia with her fiancé Liam. The cheeky design of the swimwear bottoms accentuated her toned backside as she waded into the ocean, revealing her extensive collection of tattoos.

She hurried out of the water without swimming, picking up speed as she left the waves. It seemed as though she never even dipped below the surface. “Run, Miey, run!” Her toned physique from hours at the gym was on full display as she prepared for the run on the soft sand.

She's not shy! The swimwear bottoms' cheeky design highlighted her toned derriere when she ventured further into the approaching waves, and also showcased her wide range of tattoos

She’s definitely not one to hide! As she waded deeper into the oncoming waves, the cheeky design of her swimwear bottoms accentuated her fit backside, proudly displaying a variety of tattoos. This multi-talented singer and actress had her first tattoo at the age of 17, opting for the words ‘Just Breathe’ on her left rib cage.

With a collection of over 50 tattoos, she’s truly committed to showcasing her ink, including a special tribute to Australia in the shape of a Vegemite jar.

Loved-up: Hunky actor Liam was not far from his fianceé during the beach outing. The Hunger Games star was seen lying in the water as the pair chatted and laughed away 

Smitten: The dashing actor Liam stayed close to his fiancée during their beach day. Fans spotted the Hunger Games star lounging in the water while the couple enjoyed a lighthearted conversation and shared some laughs.

Lots to talk about: The couple appeared locked in conversation as the waves crashed around them  

There was much to discuss: The pair seemed engrossed in their discussion while the waves crashed in the background. Interestingly, Miley was not wearing any rings, even though there were rumors circulating about the couple having a secret wedding in a trendy hippie area.

Tatt's Aussie! Miley also revealed her many tattoos in the swimwear. The star is believed to have more than 50 tattoos now, including an ode to Australia in the form of a Vegemite jar

Check out Miley showing off her Aussie pride in her swimwear, flaunting over 50 tattoos, with one even paying tribute to Australia with a Vegemite jar design.

Relaxing: Hunky actor Liam was not far from his fianceé during the beach outing, with The Hunger Games star seen lying in the water at Miley's feet 

Relaxed on the beach, the handsome actor Liam stayed close to his fiancée Miley, who was spotted lounging in the water with him by her feet. Surprisingly, despite their well-known presence and plans in New South Wales, the couple managed to go unnoticed by fans during their outing.

Miley, not wanting to wet her hair, had it casually tied up in a messy top knot and sported stylish yellow-tinted sunglasses. Her accessories included a chic gold pendant, multiple gold chains, and large hoop earrings. It was interesting to note that she did not have any rings on, despite recent rumors suggesting a secret wedding ceremony in a popular hippie community.

Coming in hot! The Tennessee-born star appeared to have endless energy, breaking into a run from the shoreline to her towel 

On fire! The talented star from Tennessee seemed to have boundless energy as she sprinted from the beach to her towel.

'They're not officially married':  It was recently reported that Miley and Liam had 'secretly married' while in Byron, but Liam's brother Chris denied the rumours in a US radio interview this week

'They're not officially married':  It was recently reported that Miley and Liam had 'secretly married' while in Byron, but Liam's brother Chris denied the rumours in a US radio interview this week

Staying healthy: The stunning blonde enjoyed a leisurely run on the soft sand during their beach outing.

Buff: Liam also showed off his buff frame in a pair of graphic print, green and orange board shorts

Liam flaunted his toned physique in a vibrant pair of graphic-print board shorts in green and orange.

Amazing! Miley was in high-spirits as she soaked up the sunshine during her summer visit down under

Amazing! Miley was in high-spirits as she soaked up the sunshine during her summer visit down under

How wonderful! Miley was in such a great mood while enjoying the sunshine during her summer trip to Australia.

Laid-back: Miley had also partnered her relaxed beachside look with a black cap and tiny denim shorts

Casual vibes: Miley completed her beach-ready outfit with a black cap and miniature denim shorts to match.

Fit couple: While Miley paraded her enviable form at the beach, partner Liam also showed off his buff frame by going shirtless in board shorts

Fit couple: While Miley paraded her enviable form at the beach, partner Liam also showed off his buff frame by going shirtless in board shorts

At the beach, Miley flaunted her amazing figure while Liam, her equally fit partner, went shirtless in his board shorts to showcase his toned physique. The couple enjoyed their time together by chatting and laughing while Liam relaxed in the water. Liam also sported stylish graphic print board shorts in green and orange during their outing.

Keeping her locks dry? Miley wore her hair in a messy top knot and had on a pair of yellow-hued shades

To ensure her hair stayed dry, Miley sported a casual top knot hairstyle and accessorized with a bright pair of yellow-tinted sunglasses.

Glam: She accessorised with a gold pendant and a couple of other gold chains around her neck and had in large hoop earrings

Her outfit was complete with a touch of glam, as she added a gold pendant and multiple gold chains around her neck, along with some statement hoop earrings.

Natural beauty! Miley sported a makeup-free complexion

Miley showcased her natural beauty by going makeup-free while at the beach. Her energy seemed unlimited as she ran from the water’s edge back to her towel. She effortlessly moved through the waves without getting submerged, her toned figure on display as she sprinted across the soft sand.

Screen time: The songstressed checked her phone while out of the water

The singer casually glanced at her phone while taking a break from swimming. Despite Miley’s famous status and known vacation in New South Wales, it seems like they were able to enjoy their time without being interrupted by fans.

The couple didn’t avoid going out in public during their trip, as they were seen shopping at Lennox Head’s IGA supermarket last weekend. Staying at Liam’s brother Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky’s luxurious $4.2 million home, they have been enjoying the stunning ocean views, swimming pool, and basketball court on the 10-acre property.

Miley and Liam have been in Byron Bay since New Year’s Eve, ringing in the start of 2018 with a party at Chris and Elsa’s rented estate. The guest list included celebrities like Matt Damon and his wife Luciana Barroso, who are frequent visitors to the picturesque coastal town.

Rumors surfaced that Miley and Liam had a secret wedding during their time in Byron, but Chris dismissed the reports in a recent radio interview. NW magazine suggested that the couple chose to exchange vows in Byron Bay since it held a special meaning for them, as it was where they reunited in January 2016.

Holiday: Miley and Liam have been in Byron Bay since New Year's Eve, celebrating the start of 2018 with a party hosted at Chris and Elsa's rented property

Vacation Update: Miley and Liam have been soaking up the sun in Byron Bay since ringing in the new year at a fun-filled bash hosted by Chris and Elsa. While out and about, eagle-eyed fans noticed the pair sporting rings on their wedding fingers, but interestingly, they were ring-free during a recent beach outing. Chris, however, seemed to playfully dodge questions about Miley joining the Hemsworth clan officially, insisting they are not yet married. Despite this, Chris did hint at a possible ceremony taking place between Miley and Liam in Byron Bay this year.

Staying with family: The engaged A-list duo have been staying at the $4.2 million home of Liam's brother Chris Hemsworth and wife Elsa Pataky, which features sweeping ocean views, a swimming pool and basketball court set over 10 acres of land

Living together with their relatives, the famous couple has been residing in the luxurious $4.2 million property owned by Liam’s brother, Chris Hemsworth, and his wife, Elsa Pataky. The stunning house boasts breathtaking ocean views, a large swimming pool, and a basketball court, all situated on a spacious 10-acre land.

MIssing: The couple have also been spotted wearing bands on their wedding fingers while out and about this month, but did not have any on during the beach visit

Not Found: The couple was seen wearing rings on their left hands while out this month, however, they were ring-free during their beach outing.

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