“Chilling with Pink Pasties: Miley Cyrus Laughs Off Cold Weather on Jimmy Kimmel Live”

On Wednesday, Miley Cyrus wore heart-shaped pasties that caught the attention of Jimmy Kimmel, the host of the talk show she appeared on. The 22-year-old singer immediately revealed her pink pasties as she stepped out of the elevator onto the set of Jimmy Kimmel Live in Hollywood. She paired the nipple covers with a short dark metallic jacket and a matching sequined skirt. A video of the incident is available below.

Pop provocateur: Miley Cyrus wore pink heart-shaped pasties for her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Miley Cyrus made a bold fashion statement during her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live by wearing pink heart-shaped pasties. Despite feeling a bit chilly, the pop star opted to skip the shirt and show off her unique outfit. Jimmy Kimmel appeared slightly flustered by Miley’s revealing choice of attire, but the singer advised him to focus on her eyebrows instead. Overall, Miley’s daring fashion choices continue to make headlines and push boundaries in the entertainment industry.

Awards host: The pop star appeared on the chat show ahead of hosting the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday

Chat show appearance: Prior to Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards hosting gig, the popular singer made an appearance on a talk show as a guest host.

Clearly flustered: Jimmy was flustered while trying to interview Miley

Jimmy appeared visibly flustered during his interview with Miley. He posed a question about her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, and how he reacts to seeing her in revealing outfits on TV. In response, Miley made a playful remark, claiming that her dad doesn’t even know how to turn on the television. She sported unique accessories, including dangling earrings and heart-shaped designs near her eyes. Miley then added that her dad would prefer her to be a good person with her “t**s out” rather than wearing a shirt and being a “b****.”

Provocative pop star: Miley Cyrus showed a heart-shaped nipple cover in an Instagram snap shared backstage by her mother Tish before her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Miley Cyrus, the controversial pop icon, was captured wearing a heart-shaped nipple cover in a picture shared by her mother Tish on Instagram. The snap was taken backstage before Miley’s performance on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show.

Getting ready: Miley is shown having her microphone affixed in another snap shared by her mum

Preparing for her performance, Miley was captured in a photo shared by her mother with the microphone securely attached. During her conversation with Jimmy, they discussed the issue of nudity and Miley commented that humans are not afraid of breasts, but rather it is the exposure of nipples that is considered problematic. She also mentioned that revealing underboob is generally acceptable, while nipple exposure is not.

Candid conversation: The Wrecking Ball singer blamed the nipple for being an issue

During a frank discussion, Miley Cyrus pointed the finger at her nipple as the source of a problem.

Totally awkward: Jimmy had a hard time looking at Miley during their interview

It was quite an uncomfortable situation when Jimmy struggled to make eye contact with Miley while interviewing her. According to Miley, she bought the pasties from Hollywood Boulevard. She was thrilled to be hosting the MTV Video Music Awards, which will take place on Sunday at the Microsoft Theater in downtown LA. She’s also set to present the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award to Kanye West during the ceremony. Miley quipped that she hopes Kanye doesn’t shove her offstage.

Starting a trend: Ali Wentworth also flashed silver pasties as she appeared on the show

Ali Wentworth made a bold fashion statement by flaunting her silver pasties during her appearance on the show, possibly setting a new trend in the fashion industry.

Bunny ears: Miley wore bunny ears on Wednesday while arriving for the taping

Miley Cyrus rocked a pair of cute bunny ears as she arrived for the taping on Wednesday.

Colourful outfit: The Wrecking Ball singer matched her bunny ears with a colourful shirt and denim shorts

Miley Cyrus, known for her unconventional fashion choices, rocked a vibrant ensemble consisting of bunny ears, a colourful shirt, and denim shorts.

Bright eyes: Miley had a bright smile as fans greeted her outside the Hollywood studio

Bright eyes: Miley had a bright smile as fans greeted her outside the Hollywood studio

Miley’s fans outside the Hollywood studio were warmly welcomed by her bright eyes and cheerful smile.

Thumbs up: The pop star give her signature tongue out pose for fans taking pictures

Great job: The famous singer strikes her iconic tongue out position for admirers capturing photos.

During the show, the famous singer Miley Cyrus opened up about her beloved pet pig named Pig Pig, who has a special place in her living room. She also joined the I Witness News section, where she disguised herself as an Australian journalist called Janet, wearing a grey suit and a dark wig.

Pet pig: Justin Bieber posted an Instagram snap on Wednesday of Miley promoting his upcoming appearance on the MTV VMAs along with her pet pig named Pig Pig

On Wednesday, Justin Bieber took to Instagram to share a photo of Miley Cyrus and her pet pig, Pig Pig, while promoting his upcoming appearance on the MTV VMAs.

Funky look: Miley had her hair swept back and added dreaded blonde extensions

Miley went for a unique and edgy appearance by styling her hair in a funky way. She swept it back and incorporated blonde dreadlock extensions.

Matted extensions: The singer showed her lean legs in tiny denim shorts

The musician flaunted her slender legs in short denim shorts while wearing matted hair extensions. In a laid-back Australian accent, Janet questioned individuals on their opinions regarding Miley hosting the MTV Video Music Awards. One individual in a black hat responded with criticism, stating that Miley is not contributing to improving America’s current state. Janet had fun engaging with a man who expressed his preference for Taylor Swift and even joined in twerking with some of the ladies present.

Man on street: Miley pretended to be an Australian reporter named Janet as she interviewed people about Miley hosting the MTV VMAs

A guy on the sidewalk mentioned that Miley Cyrus posed as an Australian journalist called Janet to talk to people about her upcoming hosting gig at the MTV Video Music Awards.

Twerk time: Janet joined a couple of gals as they twerked

Janet got in on the twerking action with a group of girls. One guy, sporting a New England Patriots tee, mistook her for Miley and she proved him wrong by flashing her breasts. Laughing, Janet clarified that she was Janet, while Miley was downstairs.

Proving it: Janet proved her identity to a man who guessed she was Miley

Demonstrating her authenticity: Janet successfully verified her identity to an individual who correctly assumed she was Miley. Miley made a dramatic appearance and departure from the television show set in Hollywood, donning cute pink bunny ears. She paired her headwear with a vibrant long-sleeve shirt adorned with bunny graphics, petite denim shorts, and pink sneakers. The beloved celeb paused to autograph items and take photos with fans.

Bunny theme: Miley's long-sleeved shirt also featured a pink-eared bunny

Miley’s shirt had a bunny theme and it was designed with long sleeves and cute pink ears on the top.

Signing autorgaphs: Miley also stopped to sign autographs

Miley Cyrus took a moment to sign autographs for her fans.

She's popular: The provocative pop star also signed a piece of artwork

The alluring singer is quite renowned, as she recently put her signature on a work of art.

Fan favourite: The Hannah Montana star leaned against a chain-link fence for her fans

One of the most adored celebrities, the star from Hannah Montana, casually rested against a fence made of chain links to engage with her beloved fans.

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