Drenched Diva: Jennifer Lopez, 54, Astonishes in Bikini-Clad Music Video for Can’t Get Enough Remix

Jennifer Lopez delighted her fans on Sunday by giving them a sneak peek of her highly anticipated music video for the remix of her hit single, Can’t Get Enough. The music video is set to premiere this Monday at 9am PST.

In the short eight-second clip, Jennifer can be seen enjoying an outdoor shower, with the water cascading over her stunningly toned bikini body. The 54-year-old pop star, who was sporting a sleek black string bikini, continues to maintain her enviable figure through regular workouts with renowned trainers Tracy Anderson and David Kirsch.

The teaser also showcased several male backup dancers, who embrace Jennifer while performing an electrifying dance routine choreographed by Galen Hooks. Styling duo Rob Zangardi and Mariel Haenn were responsible for dressing the two-time Grammy nominee in a variety of eye-catching costumes, from a sizzling red bra and nude corset ensemble to a dazzling brown sparkly bra-top paired with matching pants.

Fans eagerly await the release of the music video, which promises to be an exciting visual spectacle, perfectly complementing the infectious energy of the remix.

On Sunday, Jennifer Lopez shared a wet-and-wild teaser for her new music video for the remix of her single Can't Get Enough, which premieres this Monday at 9am PST

Jennifer Lopez recently delighted her fans by giving them a sneak peek of her upcoming music video for the remix of her hit single, Can’t Get Enough. Taking to social media on a Sunday, the talented singer shared an exciting teaser that promises an aquatic adventure. The eagerly anticipated music video is scheduled to premiere the following day at 9am PST, adding to the excitement surrounding this highly anticipated release.

The eight-second montage revealed footage of an outdoor shower drenching the 54-year-old pop star as she flaunted her impressively fit bikini body

The short video clip, lasting only eight seconds, showcased the well-toned bikini body of Jennifer, the 54-year-old pop star, as she stood under an outdoor shower. The remix of “Can’t Get Enough” featured a rap verse from Latto, a two-time Grammy nominee, who wore a vibrant red bra and leggings along with a matching PVC duster in the music video. Jennifer officially released the remix two weeks after the debut of the original version of the song, and it was directed by Dave Meyers. The first music video for “Can’t Get Enough” humorously mocked Jennifer’s fascination with weddings, despite her own history of three divorces and her portrayal of brides in nine movies. This song will be part of Jennifer’s upcoming ninth studio album, called “This Is Me… Now,” which will also be the title of her ‘Musical Experience’ premiering on Amazon Prime Video on February 16th. Reports suggest that Jennifer has dedicated a considerable portion of the album’s 13 songs to her boyfriend, Ben Affleck, who is a two-time Oscar winner. This album marks Jennifer’s return to music after a decade since her last record, “A.K.A.” Jennifer, known for her large following of 25.1M monthly listeners on Spotify, has faced criticism in the music industry for allegedly using the voices of African-American singers like Ashanti, Christina Milian, and Brandy and passing them off as her own. An example of this is seen in her 2002 track “Jenny from the Block,” where she included the chorus and bridge performed by her backup vocalist Natasha Ramos without crediting her. Furthermore, Jennifer will perform “Can’t Get Enough” publicly for the first time on Saturday as the musical guest on NBC’s Saturday Night Live, hosted by Ayo Edebiri. This will be her second appearance on the show since the year 2000.

Jennifer modeled a black string bikini

Jennifer maintains her enviable 5ft5in figure with regular work-outs under the guidance of trainers Tracy Anderson and David Kirsch

Jennifer, who confidently flaunted a stylish black string bikini, effortlessly maintains her desirable height of 5 feet 5 inches through consistent workout sessions led by renowned trainers Tracy Anderson and David Kirsch.

Several male back-up dancers embraced Lopez - rocking a red bra and a nude corset - as they performed a dance choreographed by Galen Hooks

As Jennifer Lopez took the stage, surrounded by a group of talented male dancers, their energy and passion electrified the atmosphere. Clad in a striking combination of a vibrant red bra and a tasteful nude corset, Lopez seamlessly blended into the visual masterpiece. The dance routine, expertly choreographed by Galen Hooks, showcased the dancers’ skills and their ability to embrace Lopez in a beautiful, harmonious movement. Together, they created an unforgettable performance that was both visually stunning and emotionally captivating.

Styling duo Rob Zangardi and Mariel Haenn dressed the two-time Grammy nominee in all of the scantily-clad costumes including a brown sparkly bra-top and matching pants

She sizzled in a brown sparkly bra-top and matching pants

Fashion partners Rob Zangardi and Mariel Haenn, known for their impeccable sense of style, were responsible for the stunning outfits worn by the talented artist, who received two Grammy nominations. Among the eye-catching ensembles were a dazzling brown bra-top adorned with sparkles, paired elegantly with matching pants, showcasing the artist’s confidence and unique fashion choices.

The Can't Get Enough remix features a rap verse from two-time Grammy nominee Latto, who wore a red bra and leggings over a matching PVC duster in the video

In the music video for the Can’t Get Enough remix, the talented Latto, a two-time Grammy nominee, brought her unique style by sporting a vibrant red bra and leggings paired with a matching PVC duster. This remix truly stands out with Latto’s rap verse and her eye-catching fashion choices.

Jennifer officially released the remix last Friday - two weeks after the original version of the song debuted

On the previous Friday, Jennifer graciously unveiled the remixed edition, delighting fans who had eagerly awaited its arrival for two weeks since the initial release of the original song.

The first music video for Can't Get Enough - directed by Dave Meyers - poked fun of Lopez's bridal obsession, considering she's thrice-divorced in real life and has played brides in nine feature films

Dave Meyers, the director of the music video for “Can’t Get Enough,” showcased Jennifer Lopez’s playful side by gently teasing her infatuation with bridal themes. This lighthearted approach cleverly acknowledged the fact that, despite being three times divorced in her personal life, Lopez has stunningly portrayed brides in no less than nine feature films.

Can't Get Enough will appear on the Bronx native's ninth studio album This Is Me... Now, which is also the name of her 'Musical Experience' premiering February 16 on Amazon Prime Video

The song named “Can’t Get Enough” has been included in the latest album of the talented artist hailing from the Bronx. This album, titled “This Is Me… Now,” shares the same name as her incredible ‘Musical Experience’ that will be launching on February 16, exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.

Jennifer reportedly dedicated nine of the 13 songs to her fourth husband - two-time Oscar winner Ben Affleck (L, pictured January 7) - on This Is Me... Now, which marks her first record since A.K.A. a decade ago

According to reports, Jennifer apparently allocated nine out of the 13 songs on her latest album, This Is Me… Now, to her fourth spouse, Ben Affleck, who happens to be a two-time Oscar winner. This record holds significant importance for Jennifer as it is her first music release in ten years, following her previous album A.K.A.
Jennifer has gained notoriety in the music industry due to her alleged practice of using the vocal talents of African-American singers such as Ashanti, Christina Milian, and Brandy, and presenting them as her own.

For instance in 2002, The Mother producer-star not only kept the entire Jenny from the Block chorus and bridge performed by her back-up vocalist Natasha Ramos on the finished record, she even kept her giggles from the original demo

In the year 2002, the producer and star of the movie “The Mother” made a unique decision. Instead of re-recording the chorus and bridge performed by her back-up vocalist Natasha Ramos, she decided to keep them as they were in the finished record. What’s even more interesting is that she also decided to keep her own giggles from the original demo.

Jennifer will perform Can't Get Enough for the first time publicly this Saturday when she serves musical guest duties (for the second time since 2000) on NBC's Saturday Night Live hosted by The Bear actress Ayo Edebiri

This coming Saturday, Jennifer has an exciting debut in store for all her fans. She will be gracing the stage as a musical guest on NBC’s Saturday Night Live, a show she last appeared on over two decades ago in 2000. Jennifer’s performance will be particularly special as she will be showcasing her hit single “Can’t Get Enough” for the very first time in a live setting. Adding to the anticipation, the show will be hosted by the talented Ayo Edebiri, known for her role in the popular film The Bear. We can’t wait to see Jennifer shine and rock the stage!

In terms of her acting career, Jennifer Lopez has some exciting projects in the pipeline. She is set to star in two upcoming films – “Unstoppable,” a biopic about Anthony Robles directed by William Goldenberg, and “Atlas,” an AI thriller helmed by Brad Peyton which will be released on Netflix.

In addition to her acting endeavors, Lopez is also involved in producing. She is currently overseeing the fifth and final season of “Good Trouble,” a spin-off of “The Fosters” created by Joanna Johnson, Bradley Bredeweg, and Peter Paige. The show, consisting of 19 episodes, airs on Freeform every Tuesday.

On a personal note, February 22 holds a special significance for Jennifer as she will be celebrating the sweet 16 birthdays of her fraternal twins, Emme Muñiz and Max Muñiz. These twins are from her previous marriage to Marc Anthony, which came to an end in 2014.

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