“Embracing Freedom: Miley Cyrus Ditches Top for Bikini and Shorts on a Hiking Adventure”

Seems like Miley Cyrus is shedding more than just her ex-boyfriend. The singer confidently showed off her toned abs by going shirtless while hiking in Los Angeles, California. Although rumors suggested that she might have rekindled her relationship with former fiancé Liam Hemsworth, the 22-year-old star was spotted hiking alone and running some errands after her split with beau Patrick Schwarzenegger. Check out the video below for more details.

Hard to miss: Miley Cyrus was ready to rock out with her abs out as she ditched her top for a hike in Los Angeles, California, on Thursday

Miley Cyrus was spotted hiking in Los Angeles, California, on Thursday, flaunting her toned abs by ditching her top. In the scorching heat of Hollywood, the singer opted for minimal clothing to avoid tan lines while displaying her slender figure. Rather than wearing form-fitting yoga leggings like other celebrities, Miley sported baggy Brian Lichtenberg graffiti sweat shorts with a string bikini top featuring yin yang symbols, giving off a beachy or music festival vibe.

Writing is on the wall: Miley donned a pair of baggy Brian Lichtenberg cut off graffiti sweat shorts with a string bikini top with yin yang symbols on it

Writing is on the wall: Miley donned a pair of baggy Brian Lichtenberg cut off graffiti sweat shorts with a string bikini top with yin yang symbols on it

It’s obvious to see: Miley Cyrus wore some loose-fitting Brian Lichtenberg shorts that were decorated with graffiti art, and paired it with a string bikini top featuring yin yang symbols.

Just add water: Ingeniously avoiding tan lines while showing off her slender physique, the Last Song star looked more like she was heading to the beach

With a clever fashion choice, the Last Song actress managed to flaunt her slender figure while avoiding tan lines. Her outfit was consistent with her laid-back fashion sense, as she sported shorts with visible underwear above the waistband and completed the look with heart-shaped sunglasses. Despite her recent split with Patrick, Miley appeared to be in high spirits, even flashing a shaka sign to photographers. The singer, adorned with new tattoos on her arm, has allegedly been seen hanging out with her ex-fiance Liam, whom she ended things with in 2013.

Hang loose: Miley is clearly not letting the split with Patrick get to her too much as she seemed in a great mood, flashing photographers the shaka sign with her hands

“Miley Cyrus seems to be taking her breakup with Patrick Schwarzenegger quite well. She appeared to be in good spirits, even flashing the shaka sign to photographers.”

Seeing love: Keeping with her signature stoner style, the pop star wore her shorts with her underwear pulled up and visible above the waist band and added a pair of heart shape sunglasses

Observing affection: In line with her typical laid-back vibe, the popular artist rocked a pair of shorts that exposed her underwear above the waistband and topped off the look with heart-shaped shades.

According to an insider who spoke with Us Weekly, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have been spending time together in Los Angeles. Although their relationship status is unclear, sources indicate that dating could be a possibility. Despite being in a serious relationship with Patrick Schwarzenegger after her split with Liam in 2013, Miley reportedly continued to reach out to her former flame. Liam initially cut off communication but eventually started responding. Miley recently took a break from her relationship with Patrick, which has fueled speculation about a possible reunion with Liam.

Back together: Back together? The singer and ex-fiance Liam Hemsworth are reportedly rekindling their romance after separating in September 2013 - pictured here just a month before their split 

Reunited: It seems that the singer and former fiancé Liam Hemsworth are giving their relationship another chance, following their separation in September 2013. The pair were spotted together just a month before their split.

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