“Embracing Motherhood: Jennifer Lopez defends Kelly Clarkson’s emotional performance while pregnant on American Idol”

During Friday night’s episode of American Idol, Kelly Clarkson delivered a touching performance that brought everyone, including herself, to tears. Jennifer Lopez, who was also a judge on the show, supported Clarkson’s emotional outburst, explaining that it was completely appropriate. As a guest judge the previous day, the pregnant singer returned and was overcome with emotion. Stay updated on this story with more American Idol news.

Been there: Jennifer Lopez has defended pregnant Kelly Clarkson's tear-filled performance on American Idol

Jennifer Lopez has come to the defense of Kelly Clarkson after her emotional performance on American Idol. Clarkson struggled through her song, “Piece By Piece,” which is about her experience with abandonment from her father. J-Lo, a mother of two herself, spoke with E! after the performance and praised Clarkson, stating that pregnant women should get a free pass. She explained that the attitude towards pregnant women can often be dismissive, but growing a human being is no small feat. Clarkson also used her platform on the show to give advice to the Top Ten contestants before performing her own song.

First champion: Kelly made an emotional return on Thursday to American Idol as the final 10 singers were revealed

Kelly, the first champion of American Idol, made a heartfelt comeback on Thursday to announce the final 10 contestants. The audience cheered her name, leaving both Kelly and Keith Urban in tears. Ryan Seacrest had revealed that Kelly struggled during rehearsals, and she admitted that her emotions got the best of her due to nostalgia, pregnancy, and the realization that it was the show’s final season. Despite her tears, Kelly successfully performed a touching song that she wrote while pregnant with her daughter and is now pregnant with her son. She hopes that her son will arrive soon. Kelly expressed her pride in making it this far despite her emotions.

Getting emotional: Keith Urban cried during Kelly's touching performance of Piece By Piece

Keith Urban was moved to tears by Kelly’s emotional rendition of Piece By Piece.

Feeling it: Jennifer Lopez also was moved by the song about the unconditional love of Kelly's husband for their daughter on Thursday

Experiencing the emotions: The tune that celebrates Kelly’s spouse’s unwavering love for their child touched Jennifer Lopez deeply.

Touching song: Kelly fought back tears and stopped to maintain her composure while singing

As Kelly belted out the heartfelt tune, her emotions brimmed over, causing her to pause and collect herself to deliver the rest of the song with composure.

Standing ovations: Keith, Jennifer Lopez, Ryan Seacrest and Harry Connick Jr gave Kelly a standing ovation

Kelly received a round of applause from Keith, Jennifer Lopez, Ryan Seacrest, and Harry Connick Jr., who all stood up in appreciation.

Clarkson expressed her admiration for La’Porsha Renae, the leading contestant of Idol, by dancing in approval. She even predicted her to win the entire competition. La’Porsha’s rendition of Rihanna’s Diamonds left Kelly astonished, and she couldn’t contain her excitement despite not having a chance to speak.

Really emotional: Kelly fought back her own tears while performing and told host Ryan Seacrest that she was 'pregnant' and 'nostalgic'

Kelly struggled to hold back her emotions during her performance and confided in Ryan Seacrest that she was feeling both “pregnant” and “nostalgic”.

Killed it: La'Porsha Renae impressed Kelly with her rendition of Diamonds by Rihanna

Nailed it: La’Porsha Renae wowed Kelly with her amazing performance of Rihanna’s hit song, Diamonds.

Out of turn: Kelly jumped in out of turn to praise La'Porsha and predicted she would win the competition

Kelly interrupted the conversation by showering La’Porsha with praises and even predicted that she would win the competition. Kelly was in awe of La’Porsha’s talent and commented that if she had her singing skills, she would constantly praise herself. She further expressed her admiration for La’Porsha and how blessed she was. Kelly couldn’t contain her excitement and even got up for a dance before adding that she loved La’Porsha and wished to be like her.

Dance moves: The season one champion danced during and after La'Porsha's performance

The winner of season one showcased their dance moves during and after La’Porsha’s performance.

Emotional night: Kelly took to Twitter after the show to give thanks

After the show, Kelly expressed her gratitude on Twitter in an emotional post.

Commercial break: The singer also posted a snap of herself and the judges during a commercial break

During a break from the show, the songstress shared a photo on social media featuring herself and the judges.

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