Exclusive Photos: Shakira Finds Solace in Surfing with a Charming Friend in Spain, Basking in Her Single Life After an Unexpected Breakup with Gerard Pique

Shakira exuded pure joy on Tuesday as she enjoyed a day of surfing in Spain alongside a charming companion and her adorable son, Milan. Just weeks after her unexpected separation from football superstar Gerard Pique, whom she shared a remarkable 11-year journey with, the 45-year-old Colombian singer seemed completely at ease. Clad in a sleek black and red wetsuit that perfectly accentuated her enviable figure, Shakira radiated confidence as she showcased her impressive surfing skills. With her damp hair cascading in beautiful waves, the star embraced her natural beauty, opting for a makeup-free look that highlighted her radiant complexion.

Got her smile back: Shakira was all smiles on Tuesday as she went surfing in Spain with a handsome pal and her son Milan, following her shock split from footballer Gerard Pique after 11 years

With a radiant smile on her face, Shakira enjoyed a day of surfing in Spain accompanied by a charming companion and her son, Milan. Following her unexpected breakup with footballer Gerard Pique after a long-lasting 11-year relationship, the singer seemed to be in good spirits. Sitting on her surfboard, Shakira engaged in friendly conversations, both with her friends and an attractive mystery man, in between riding the crashing waves. This outing comes in the wake of the recent announcement from the “Whenever, Wherever” artist and Gerard Pique, confirming their separation last week. The couple, who share two sons, Milan and Sasha, issued a joint statement expressing their regret and requesting privacy for the sake of their children. In anticipation of understanding and respect from the public, the couple emphasized that the well-being of their children remains their utmost priority.

Happy: The star flaunted her natural beauty as she went make-up free for the water activity and was spotted showing off her surfing talents

Ecstatic: With absolute delight, the celebrity confidently embraced her inherent charm by embracing a makeup-free look during her thrilling aquatic escapade. Spectators were awe-struck as they joyfully witnessed her exceptional skills in riding the waves.

Who's that: The star was seen enjoying the sun and sea as she relaxed on a day off

Identity of the person: The celebrity was spotted basking under the sun and delighting in the calming waves while unwinding on her well-deserved break.

It's over! Shakira and her partner Gerard  announced their separation earlier this month (pictured with their children Milan, nine, and Sasha, seven)

It’s a wrap! Shakira and Gerard, her significant other, made public their decision to part ways a few weeks ago (shown in a photo with their adorable children Milan, aged nine, and Sasha, aged seven).

Looking good: The Colombian singer, 45, showed off her incredible figure in a black and red wetsuit while her lengthy locks were styled in wet waves

Looking fabulous: Shakira, a talented singer from Colombia, was seen flaunting her enviable physique in a striking black and red wetsuit. Her beautiful long hair cascaded in damp waves, adding to her captivating appearance. With a cheerful smile adorning her face, Shakira confidently lounged on her surfboard, engaging in cheerful conversations with her friends and an attractive unidentified gentleman. In addition to her socializing, she fearlessly surfed the waves, thoroughly enjoying her time in the water.

Good spirits: The star looked sensational as she soaked up the surf in Spain

Delightful vibes: The celebrity appeared absolutely stunning while enjoying the waves in Spain. It was back in 2011 when the Grammy winner and the athlete came out as a couple in front of the public eye. However, recently there have been rumors circulating in the Spanish tabloids about their separation, with sources claiming that the star’s partner had been unfaithful. According to a report from El Periodico, the couple have been living separately for a few weeks now, as the pop star decided to kick Piqué out of their family home. Sources suggest that ever since, Piqué has been relishing in a carefree lifestyle, residing in a bachelor pad and indulging in nights out with his teammates.

Making a splash: Shakira looked every inch the surfing pro as she hit the waves

Shakira effortlessly embodied the essence of a skilled surfer as she gracefully rode the waves.

Whenever, Wherever! The star was making the most of her time off from her busy career

Whenever, Wherever! The star was making the most of her time off from her busy career

No matter the time or place, the celebrity was fully enjoying her well-deserved break from her hectic profession.

Wow: The star showed off her surfing prowess as she hit the waves

Impressive: The celebrity flaunted her remarkable surfing skills while riding the waves.

Scenic: Shakira took in the sights as she relaxed at sea with pals

Taking a moment to unwind, Shakira enjoyed the picturesque view while sailing on the open sea in the company of her friends.

Fun: The star was joined by son Milan and pals as she soaked up the sun

The celebrity was accompanied by her son Milan and friends as she enjoyed the sunny weather.

Wow: The songstress showed off her athletic frame as she zipped through the waves

Impressive: The vocalist flaunted her fit physique as she effortlessly rode the waves. As of now, neither party has addressed the allegations of cheating. However, journalist Emilio Pérez recently reported, “(Shakira) has made the decision to separate. That’s the truth. It has happened. That’s why there is distance between them. Perhaps nothing remains between them, but infidelity has occurred.” Despite reaching out to representatives for comment, no response was received by MailOnline. Rumors of a split between the former power couple first emerged in 2017, with reports suggesting that they were no longer living together and Shakira had initiated the separation. The Colombian press had been speculating about the couple’s relationship status for weeks, and a source claimed that she could no longer handle the situation.

Quality time: The mother and son looked in great spirits as they relaxed

and enjoyed some quality bonding time together. Both of them appeared to be in high spirits, radiating a sense of relaxation and contentment.

Swim: Shakira was seen paddling out as she went to catch another wave

Swimming: Shakira was recently spotted heading out to capture another wave, showing her dedication to the sport. According to Spanish website Cotilleo, it appears that Shakira has made the decision to end her relationship, as insiders revealed, “It’s something serious and she has been the one who has finally made the decision.”

The talented She Wolf singer subtly hinted at troubles in her latest hit Te Felicito, where she sings about feeling incomplete and realizing the falseness in her partner’s actions. The song includes lyrics such as, “To complete you I broke into pieces; I was warned, but I didn’t listen; I realized that yours is false… It was the drop that overflowed the glass; Don’t tell me you’re sorry, that sounds sincere, but I know you well and I know you’re lying.”

Shakira and her now-ex-partner had been in a relationship since 2011, after meeting during the filming of the music video for her World Cup song Waka Waka the previous year.

Chat: Shakira was seen chatting to pals as she prepared to hit the waves

Conversation: Shakira was spotted engaging in lively conversation with her friends as she geared up to ride the waves.

Smile: Shakira showed off her toned frame as she relaxed at sea

Grinning from ear to ear, Shakira proudly showcased her well-defined physique while enjoying a leisurely time out on the open waters.

Relaxed: She held onto her surfboard as the waves crashed around her

In a serene state, she maintained her grip on the surfboard while being engulfed by the crashing waves.

Fun times: Shakira looked relaxed as she chatted to her son at sea

Having a good time: Shakira appeared at ease while conversing with her son on the open water.

Sights: The star took in the stunning surroundings as she prepared to surf

Observations: The celebrity admired the beautiful surroundings before going surfing.
Piqué’s team happened to emerge victorious in the World Cup that year, during which his future girlfriend performed at the final game.
Although the two exchanged messages in 2010, their romantic relationship didn’t officially begin until the beginning of 2011.
In the autumn of 2012, Shakira used her Instagram account to inform her fans that she was pregnant with the soccer star’s child.
Only two years after their first child Milan was born, the couple announced that they were expecting their second child, Sasha, who arrived in 2015.
Although the couple openly admits that they have no intentions of getting married, it hasn’t stopped them from creating a family together.

Splash: Shakira looked in good spirits in the wake of her split

Headline: Radiant Shakira appears joyful following her recent separation

In the aftermath of her separation, Shakira exudes a jubilant and positive energy

Yay: Shakira smiled as she negotiated the waves during her day out

Hooray: Shakira’s face lit up with joy as she skillfully navigated through the rolling waves during her fun-filled outing.

Prowess: The star looked incredible as she took to her surfboard

Skill: The celebrity appeared absolutely stunning as she gracefully hopped onto her surfboard.

Radiant: The star looked beautiful as she took in the sights of Spain

Glowing: The celestial beauty shimmered with grace while absorbing the scenic views of Spain.

Chat: Shakira looked happy as she chatted with her son

Conversation: Shakira appeared joyful as she engaged in a conversation with her child.

Paddle: Shakira made it safely back to shore after a fun day

Paddling: Shakira safely returned to the shore after enjoying a delightful day.
In a recent episode of The Overlap, Shakira spoke with Gary Neville about her relationship with Gerard Piqué, revealing that they haven’t considered getting married because they are content with the way things are.
“I like our current situation. We have two children, aged nine and seven, and we function well as a couple. Marriage is not a necessity for us, and we are perfectly fine without it,” explained Piqué.
When Gerard reached his 600th appearance for Barcelona in March, Shakira celebrated the milestone by sharing a heartfelt message on social media.
However, in March, Piqué sparked controversy with his partner by claiming that playing against Espanyol was more satisfying than sex.
During an interview on The Wild Project with YouTuber Jordi Wild, he said, “I’m thrilled that Espanyol has been promoted to the top division because that’s where we compete, in their stadium.”

Waves: The star looked on a large wave approached her

Waves: The star observed as a massive wave made its way towards her.

‘I love going there because I always receive attention and whistles from the crowd. It’s quite entertaining to see the fans get even more annoyed when you laugh.
‘There is truly nothing else like it in the world. I would go as far as to say it is even better than sex. I find more enjoyment in it than playing against Real Madrid.’
The popular singer, known for her hit song “Hips Don’t Lie,” previously expressed admiration for her boyfriend’s parenting style, emphasizing that he is her greatest support when it comes to raising their children.
She explained, ‘He is down-to-earth and practical when it comes to solving problems. When I become stressed about organizing things or managing everything, he helps me gain perspective.
‘Furthermore, he provides me with tremendous support. We are both highly involved in parenting, so it never feels like one person is carrying the entire weight alone. Although he does spoil them with more chocolate than I would like.’

Shock: Back in March, the Barcelona FC defender risked the wrath of Shakira by claiming that playing against Espanyol was better than sex (pictured in 2019)

Surprise: In a surprising turn of events, the Barcelona FC defender stirred controversy in March when he boldly stated that competing against Espanyol was a more exhilarating experience than intimate relations. This revelation potentially ignited the disapproval of his partner, the renowned singer Shakira. (Shown in the photograph from 2019)

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