Friendly Exes! Casper Smart, Jennifer Lopez’s former flame, gives her son Max a lift after the Home premiere… but hilariously leaves with his own mom instead

Following the debut of Home in Los Angeles over the weekend, Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart were spotted together, indicating that their bond remains strong despite their break-up. As they departed from the event, the 27-year-old Dance Again star was seen holding her seven-year-old son, Max, whom she shares with her former spouse, Marc Anthony. However, it is worth noting that Casper did not depart with the stunning 47-year-old singer. Instead, he left the busy gathering accompanied by his mother.

She still trusts him: Jennifer Lopez let her ex Casper Smart (left with sunglasses on) carry her son Max as they left the premiere of Home on Sunday; also with her was pal Leah Remini (right)

Despite their romantic history, Jennifer Lopez continues to have trust in her ex-boyfriend Casper Smart. This was evident when she allowed him to carry her son Max as they departed from the premiere of the movie Home on Sunday. Accompanying them was Jennifer’s friend, Leah Remini. Jennifer walked in front of Casper, holding her daughter Emme’s hand. The reason for their presence at the Home premiere was Jennifer’s involvement in the film as she provided the voice for the character Lucy and sang one of the movie’s songs, Feel The Light. Additionally, Casper had played a role in the movie by supervising the dance sequences for this Dreamworks animated film.

Taking the lead: Jennifer walked ahead of Casper as she held her daughter Emme's hand

Leading the way: Jennifer strolled in front of Casper, guiding their little daughter Emme along by holding her hand.

Working together again: Smart and Lopez were at the Home premiere because she voices the character of Lucy and sings one of the movie's songs, Feel The Light

Reunited once more: Smart and Lopez made an appearance at the premiere of the film “Home.” Their collaboration extended beyond acting, as Lopez lent her voice to the character Lucy and performed one of the movie’s soulful tunes, titled “Feel The Light.”

He makes his own money: The 27-year-old also worked on the movie, overseeing the dance sequences for the Dreamworks animated film

He earns his own income: The 27-year-old individual also contributed to the film’s production by supervising the dance scenes in the Dreamworks animated movie.

Leaving with his mother: Smart departed with his mama behind him in a white dress

Walking away with his mother: Smart left, his mama in tow, wearing a beautiful white gown.

He still has the white pickup truck that Jennifer gave him: Casper stepped into his 4x4 as he was trailed by reporters

Casper, accompanied by a swarm of journalists, hopped into his trusty 4×4 pickup truck – a sentimental gift from Jennifer that he still cherishes to this day.

A beautiful family: Jennifer looked like a proud mother as she posed on the purple carpet on Sunday with her twins Max (left) and Emme (right)

Lopez beamed with pride as she stood on the vibrant purple carpet of the Home premiere in LA alongside her delightful twins, Max and Emme. Looking effortlessly youthful, the AKA singer dazzled in a charming light blue lace Zuhair mini dress, reminiscent of a contemporary Cinderella attire. Her shapely and sun-kissed legs were further accentuated by the glimmering Louboutin heels she donned. Adding a touch of personal flair, she adorned her ankle with a captivating anklet, perfectly complementing her polished ensemble. To complete her stunning appearance, the Boy Next Door star gracefully styled her hair with a side part and adorned it with elegant barrel curls.

(pictured Sunday) 

Mom on duty: The woman, originally from the Bronx, tightly grasped her daughter’s hand as they strolled together. Though residing in the Hidden Hills community of Los Angeles, the family is soon to make a switch and relocate to New York City. The reason behind this anticipated move is none other than the mother’s upcoming television series, Shades of Blue.

The princess of Hollywood: The American Idol host looked half her age in a darling Zuhair mini dress that looked like something a modern-day Cinderella would wear

The princess of Hollywood: The American Idol host looked half her age in a darling Zuhair mini dress that looked like something a modern-day Cinderella would wear

The Hollywood royalty: The beloved presenter of American Idol appeared youthful and radiant in an adorable Zuhair mini dress, evoking the image of a contemporary Cinderella.

Sweet hug: Her toned and tanned legs were made even more alluring with a pair of sparkly Louboutins. An anklet added a little personal style to the polished look

Warm embrace: The sight of her perfectly sculpted and sun-kissed legs was even more captivating when paired with a dazzling set of Louboutin heels. To add a touch of personal flair to her elegant ensemble, she adorned an anklet, enhancing her polished appearance.

Not to be outdone, her children were also impeccably dressed. Max sported a powder blue double-breasted suit and a stylish straw hat, completing his dashing look with a pair of sleek black shoes. Sister Emme, on the other hand, resembled a real-life Disney princess in her delicate pale pink dress, complemented by white tights and bronze flats.

Stepping out in style: The caln, joined by Remini and Sofia Bella, looked ready for a Sunday brunch

Making a fashionable entrance: The group, accompanied by Remini and Sofia Bella, seemed perfectly dressed for a delightful Sunday brunch.

Is she pointing to Rihanna?: The Jenny From The Block star showed her kids where to look

Is Rihanna the one she’s pointing at? Jennifer Lopez, known for her hit song “Jenny From The Block,” playfully directed her children’s attention towards something.

Old flame: Smart - Jennifer's ex boyfriend, who choreographed the dance sequences and also did the motion capture dance sequences for the Dreamworks movie - looked stylish in a black coat over a striped shirt and black jeans

Smart, who was responsible for choreographing the dance sequences and performing the motion capture dance sequences in the Dreamworks film, was also heading home. He exuded style with his choice of attire, donning a sleek black coat over a striped shirt and black jeans. What caught one’s attention the most were his eye-catching shoes. The high tops boasted gold zippers and a unique design incorporating black, beige, and yellow tones. In addition to his involvement in the film, Smart also served as the choreographer for the hit song “Dance Again.” Notably, Home also features renowned artists such as Rihanna, Steve Martin, and Jim Parsons in its cast.

Close as can be: The Dance Again star brought his mother to the afternoon event

As close as they come: The Dance Again celebrity accompanied his mother to the delightful afternoon gathering.

J-Lo's BFFs: Remini with her daughter Sofia Bella in their Sunday best

J-Lo’s Best Friends Forever: Remini and her daughter Sofia Bella looking their absolute Sunday finest.

Not the RiRi we are used to: The Stay singer looked angelic in a tame-looking pink satin to-the-ankles dress. The gown, which had an Audrey Hepburn feel to it, had black designs down the sides

A Different Side of RiRi: With a more serene aura, Rihanna, known for her hit song “Stay,” appeared ethereal in a demure pink satin gown that gracefully reached her ankles. This dress, evoking the timeless elegance of Audrey Hepburn, featured elegant black motifs adorning its sides.

Dressed to brighten our day: Octavia Spencer (left) looked summery in yellow while Garcelle Beauvais (right) had on a black and white dress with green print

Dressed to brighten our day: Octavia Spencer (left) looked summery in yellow while Garcelle Beauvais (right) had on a black and white dress with green print

Sporting a joyful ensemble, Octavia Spencer (on the left) exuded the essence of summer in a radiant shade of yellow. On the other hand, Garcelle Beauvais (on the right) showcased her impeccable style in a striking black and white dress adorned with a charming green print.

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