“From Cologne to the Sky: A Fatigued Miley Cyrus Departs After a Spectacular Bangerz Tour Stop”

Christine Rendon reported that Miley Cyrus, who is currently on her Bangerz World Tour, appeared tired and worn out as she rushed through security at Cologne Airport in Germany. Despite her hectic schedule, the 21-year-old singer seems to be pushing herself to keep up with her tour.

Feeling secure: The singer stepped through what appeared to be airport security

Looking a bit exhausted, Miley Cyrus appeared to be fatigued while passing through security at Cologne Airport in Germany on Monday after putting on a show.

Jet set: Miley Cyrus appeared to be yawning while en route to her next stop at an airport in Cologne, Germany on Monday

Adding some playfulness to the mix, Miley donned a vibrant pink Kenzo sweatshirt for her flight.

Next stop, Cologne! The Party In The USA singer strutted alongside a friend to her next destination

Flying high: The pop star known for Party In The USA confidently walked with one of her companions as they headed towards their upcoming stop.

Routine: The blonde singer chatted with security personnel while rummaging through her belongings

Routine: The blonde singer chatted with security personnel while rummaging through her belongings

Everyday Habits: While searching through her personal items, the blond vocalist engaged in friendly conversation with the security staff.

Comfortable: Cyrus wore leggings and a denim jacket while carrying a Chanel Shopping Center tote bag

Cyrus sported a casual look, donning leggings and a denim jacket as she carried a trendy Chanel Shopping Center tote bag.

Supportive sibling: What appeared to be Miley's brother Braison stood beside by in line

Miley’s sibling Braison was seen waiting in line, showing his support.

Fatigued: The daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus looked tired as she followed through the routine security procedures

Fatigued: The daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus looked tired as she followed through the routine security procedures

Exhausted: The offspring of Billy Ray Cyrus appeared worn out as she went through the customary security checks.

So I put my hands up! The 21-year-old singer appeared slightly perplexed as she passed through security

Admitting defeat, the young vocalist raised her hands in surrender while making her way through security. Her expression conveyed a sense of confusion.

Pink lady! The actress accentuated her complexion with pink eyeshadow and a matching coral-coordinated Kenzo sweatshirt

The female performer enhanced her skin tone by applying a lovely pink eyeshadow. Additionally, she paired it with a vibrant coral-coordinated Kenzo sweatshirt for a fashionable look.

In good spirits: The Hannah Montana star appeared to be in a good mood despite her rushed schedule

Looking cheerful: Despite her busy schedule, the former Hannah Montana actress seemed to be in a happy mood. Miley shared a snap on social media with the caption “re show turn up #wukongz”. In the picture, she can be seen sticking out her signature tongue while posing with her friends. Her positive attitude is a good sign, especially since the star has been dealing with some legal issues recently. Just recently, the singer was granted a temporary restraining order against a 24-year-old fan named Devon Meek, who believed that Miley was sending him secret messages through her music.

Getting a leg up: Miley gives it her all at her Cologne concert

Miley Cyrus goes all out at her concert in Cologne, putting in the effort to deliver an outstanding performance.

Wearing her heart on her sleeve: Miley's outlandish concerts thrilled her German fans

Miley Cyrus never holds back when it comes to her live performances, and her fans in Germany were no exception. With her signature bold style, she left the crowd in awe and entertained them like never before. Miley definitely wears her heart on her sleeve, and her energy and passion always shine through in her concerts. The German audience couldn’t get enough of her outlandish show, and it left them wanting more.

Lip smacking good: Miley's lip dress has become her most iconic of this tour

Lip smacking good: Miley's lip dress has become her most iconic of this tour

Miley Cyrus’ lip dress has become the most memorable outfit of her tour and is definitely worth raving about.

Banging on the roof: Miley wore sexy cowboyboots with this provocative outfit

Miley Cyrus sported a risqué look with a pair of attractive cowboy boots that complemented her provocative attire, while the sound of someone’s fist on the roof could be heard.

Gettng a lift: Miley rode astride this car prop during another sensational number

Miley Cyrus thrilled the audience once again as she straddled a car prop while performing. She certainly knows how to make an entrance and leave a lasting impression.

A bit cheeky: Miley gets daring with her stage wardrobe during the German concert

Miley Cyrus made a bold fashion statement during her concert in Germany, showing off daring wardrobe choices. Recently, it was reported that a fan named Devon Meek had been arrested for his delusional beliefs that Cyrus was communicating with him through her music, and that they were meant to be together. He was apprehended outside a property he believed belonged to Cyrus in Arizona and is currently receiving psychiatric treatment. Despite this, Meek has declared that he still plans to try and meet Cyrus once he is released.

Turn up! The blonde beauty stuck her tongue out and held a bottle of Corona with two friends in a photo shared on Monday

“Check this out! The gorgeous blonde playfully stuck her tongue out while enjoying a bottle of Corona with two of her buddies. The photo was posted on social media on Monday.”

Working hard: Miley is currently in the middle of her Bangerz Worl Tour, pictured at London's O2 Arena earlier this month

Miley is putting in a lot of effort these days as she’s currently on her Bangerz World Tour. Recently, she was spotted at London’s O2 Arena giving it her all.

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