Groovin’ to the 90s: Miley Cyrus hilariously makes her way home in a sassy bra and shorts after an epic night of partying at a Soho cabaret club

Written by Claudette Davies and Jason Chester, the article highlights the fact that Miley Cyrus is known for her daring fashion choices and revealing outfits. Despite the colder temperatures in London, Miley appeared unfazed as she left a club in the city. Looking a bit disoriented, she seemed to have had a wild night at Madame Jojo’s in Soho. Miley was spotted wearing a black and gold bra with provocative black shorts, clearly enjoying herself after her recent performance at the O2 arena as part of her Bangerz Tour.

Oh dear: Miley Cyrus is worse for wear as she leaves London club Madame Jojo's on Thursday evening

Oh my goodness: Miley Cyrus appeared to be in a less-than-ideal state as she exited the London nightclub, Madame Jojo’s, on Thursday night. The 21-year-old singer emerged in the early hours of the morning after a night of partying with Kate Moss and Pixie Lott. She was seen wearing an interesting ensemble consisting of a checked shirt casually tied around her waist, black tights decorated with gold chainmail, layered necklaces, and strappy heels. However, it was evident that Miley was feeling a bit exhausted after her nighttime escapades as she clung onto a bodyguard for support while being helped into her waiting car. Meanwhile, Pixie gave Miley a run for her money in terms of catching attention, as she donned a sheer crop top and skinny jeans that showcased her daring sense of style.

Steady on: The singer is clearly out of sorts as she makes her way onto the street

Keep calm: It is quite evident that the vocalist is feeling unsettled as she walks out onto the road.

Steady on: The controversial young songstress gets a helping hand as she makes her way towards a waiting car

Here she comes: Miley hangs on to her bodyguard following a late night out in the capital

Keep calm: The contentious emerging vocalist gets assistance as she heads towards a parked vehicle

Parting the crowd: Miley has a hard time fighting through the thong on Thursday evening

Breaking through the crowd: Miley encountered difficulty navigating the bustling streets on Thursday evening. With her hair tied up in a throwback scrunchie and her eyes accentuated with bold makeup, she effortlessly captured everyone’s gaze as she strolled through the vibrant neighborhood of Soho alongside her handsome beau, Oliver Cheshire.

As the camera flashes bombarded her, Pixie’s choice of attire inadvertently turned transparent, surely leaving her devoted fans and admirers intrigued. This unexpected revelation added an element of excitement to the atmosphere.

Despite her recent claim of abstaining from smoking or drinking before performances to maintain her optimal health during her tour, Miley couldn’t resist playfully reminding everyone about her affinity for marijuana.

Easy does it: The singer is bundles into her ride

Take it easy: The vocalist is being ushered into her vehicle.

Time to go home: Miley looks a little worse for wear after her concert and afterparty

Homeward Bound: Miley’s Fatigued Appearance Post-Concert and Afterparty

Light headed: It's all too much for the young singer, who looks out of sorts following her night out in London

Feeling woozy: The overwhelming experience seems to have taken a toll on the youthful vocalist, as she appears disoriented after her evening in the heart of London.

Step on it: Miley appears to get a second wind as her car pulls away

In a hurry: Miley seems to regain her energy as her car speeds away.

Back seat driver: The singer has plenty to say to her driver after a late night out in London

Backseat Commentary: The vocalist has loads of opinions to share with her chauffeur following a late evening adventure in the heart of London.

Stepping out: Supermodel Kate Moss was amongst the guests at Madame Jojo's on Thursday evening

Stepping out: Supermodel Kate Moss was amongst the guests at Madame Jojo's on Thursday evening

Going out and about: Iconic model Kate Moss made an appearance at the popular venue Madame Jojo’s on Thursday night.

Party time: The 40-year-old model was amongst those in attendance at the popular Soho club

Time to celebrate: At the trendy Soho club, the 40-year-old model joined the lively gathering.
With elegance, the singer entered Claridge’s hotel, proudly showcasing a black bag adorned with a golden leaf design on its side.

Looking good: Kate looked fresh and vibrant during her late night out

Stunning Appearance: Kate exuded a radiant energy, appearing vibrant and revitalized during her nocturnal escapade.

That's your Lott: Pixie makes an appearance at the burlesque themed club

Here she comes: Kate Moss leaves the club following her night out with Miley

Get ready, because Pixie Lott and supermodel Kate Moss were spotted at the burlesque club last Thursday night, causing quite a stir.

Top girl: Chloe Green sported a black ensemble for her night out in Soho

Chloe Green rocked a chic all-black outfit while enjoying her evening in Soho.

She's a babe: Mutya Buena was also on hand to party with Miley on Thursday evening

She's a babe: Band-mate Keisha Buchanan was spotted leaving the London club

Ladies: Mutya Buena and her band-mate Keisha Buchanan enjoyed a lively evening together on Thursday.

Let's party: Keisha, Mutya and Siobhan Donaghy fully embraced the nineties theme

Time to celebrate: Keisha, Mutya, and Siobhan Donaghy wholeheartedly embraced the nostalgic vibes of the nineties theme at the party. Defying the chilly weather in the English capital, Miley opted for a relaxed look, sporting skinny black trousers, a fiery red top, and a sleek black jacket. To add a touch of glam, she donned stylish gold sandals. Meanwhile, the singer had recently found herself addressing rumors surrounding her recent illness, refuting claims that it was due to a drug overdose.

Good times; Pixie was joined by boyfriend Oliver Cheshire

Fun times! Pixie had the pleasure of being accompanied by her boyfriend, Oliver Cheshire.

Hitting the heights: Dancer Amazon Ashley, hired to work with Miley on her Bangerz Tour, towers over an onlooker

Hitting the heights: Dancer Amazon Ashley, hired to work with Miley on her Bangerz Tour, towers over an onlooker

Reaching new levels: Ashley, the accomplished dancer brought onboard for Miley’s Bangerz Tour, stands tall, undoubtedly catching the attention of passersby.

Let's go: Mary Charteris and Bip Ling leave the club late on Thursday evening

Joining forces for a night of revelry, Mary Charteris and Bip Ling bid farewell to the club as their late-night escapade on Thursday came to an end.

Retro: Pixie Lott caught the eye in a pair of on-trend boyfriend jeans and a tight fitting crop top

Flame red: Actress Jaime Winstone sported a garish weave

Throwback: Pixie Lott stole the spotlight with her fashionable boyfriend jeans and a snug crop top, while Jaime Winstone made a bold entrance sporting a vibrant red weave.

She's off: Kate is assisted by a pal as she leaves the nineties themed bash

Kate is seen leaving the 90s themed party, with her friend helping her along the way.

Eye-catching: Pixie's retro ensemble accentuated her toned frame

Eye-catching: The singer completed her look with a pair of sunflower themed sunglasses

Attention-grabbing: Pixie looked stunning in her vintage outfit, which showcased her fit physique, and she completed the look with a stylish pair of sunglasses adorned with sunflower designs.
During a press conference held in London on Tuesday, Miley confidently clarified, “Contrary to rumors, I did not experience a drug overdose. Instead, I had an unfortunate reaction to some ineffective antibiotics that were prescribed to me for a sinus infection.”
Miley had to abruptly end her US tour last month as she faced a severe allergic reaction caused by the aforementioned antibiotics.
Nevertheless, the talented artist emphasized that she currently feels healthier and happier than ever before.

She's pleased: Fashion designer Pam Hogg was also in attendance

She’s thrilled: Renowned fashion icon Pam Hogg also graced the event with her presence.

Woman in black: Topshop heiress Chloe Green sported a smart black mini-dress and matching ankle boots

Let's go: Jaime Winstone is quite a sight as she makes her way home

What a view! Chloe Green and Jaime Winstone made heads turn as they enjoyed a night out at Madame Jojo’s in Soho.

A good looking pair: Oliver Cheshire and Pixie Lott are arm in arm as they head home at 3am on Friday morning

A stunning couple: Oliver Cheshire and Pixie Lott are embracing each other as they make their way home in the early hours of Friday morning.
“I am unbelievably eager for what’s ahead. There is nothing I despise more than being confined to a bed for two weeks. Those were the most wretched two weeks of my life,” she expressed.
In addition, she disclosed that she abstains from consuming alcoholic beverages while on tour.
“Out of everyone on this tour, I am likely the sole individual who refrains from drinking or smoking before a performance. I take this endeavor incredibly seriously,” she stated.
“It’s almost like being an athlete up here, because if someone was incapacitated, they would definitely struggle to deliver the caliber of performance I do.”

Until next time; Keisha and Mutya get a cab home

See you later! Keisha and Mutya hail a cab to go home.

Fancy seeing you here: Actor Stephen Dorff made an appearance at the bash on Thursday evening

Garish: Guests fully embraced the fun theme

What a pleasant surprise to see you here! Stephen Dorff also decided to join in the festivities, although he didn’t fully embrace the theme like some of the other guests.

Check me out: Miley made sure her clutch bag was prominent as she carried three bags in to her hotel on Thursday

Take a look at me: Miley ensured her clutch bag stood out as she brought three bags into her hotel on Thursday.

She's a badass! Miley has been doing everything she can to put her Hannah Montana days behind her, including opening up about her drug use

She's a badass! Miley has been doing everything she can to put her Hannah Montana days behind her, including opening up about her drug use

She’s absolutely amazing! Miley has been going above and beyond to leave her Hannah Montana era in the past, which includes openly discussing her experience with drug consumption.

Full recovery: Miley has made a full recovery following her recent severe allergic reaction to antibiotics

Miley is now completely back to normal after fully recuperating from the intense allergic reaction she experienced due to her previous use of antibiotics.

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