Has She Noted Down That Checklist? Britney Spears Reveals Toned Abs and Navel Jewelry While Enjoying a Shopping Spree with a Refreshing Iced Coffee

Recently, some seemingly outdated grocery lists belonging to a woman, possibly Britney Spears, were listed for sale on eBay. These shopping lists were notable for containing a significant number of sugary and calorie-packed items. However, in contrast to the contents of those lists, Britney Spears appeared to be the epitome of good health during her most recent public appearance. The 33-year-old singer was seen flaunting her well-defined abs while sporting a trendy crop top during a shopping excursion at Sogno in Westlake Village, California on Friday morning. Take a look at the video below for more details.

Showing off: Britney Spears proudly displayed her figure in a crop top while on a shopping trip at Sogno in Westlake Village, California on Friday morning

Exhibiting her confidence, Britney Spears proudly showcased her physique during a leisurely shopping spree at Sogno in Westlake Village, California. While she appeared to be both physically fit and cheerful, it seems that the pop singer has not been able to resist indulging in sweet treats, as she was seen clutching a sugary iced coffee during the outing. Britney’s outfit of choice consisted of a delicate white crop top that revealed her matching bra, accentuating her belly button ring. Completing her ensemble, the “Womanizer” star sported a pair of adorable striped shorts and stylish strappy blue leather wedges.

Racy and lacy: The 33-year-old singer was not afraid to show off her toned midriff in the see through crop top over a white bra

Daring and delicate: The 33-year-old vocalist fearlessly flaunted her well-defined abdomen by donning a transparent crop top paired with a white bra.

Relaxed: She appeared to be sipping on a sugary iced coffee as she finished off the look with tiny striped shorts and blue leather wedges

In a casual and carefree manner, she seemed to be leisurely savoring a sweet iced coffee, perfectly complementing her ensemble consisting of cute striped shorts and stylish blue leather wedges.

As always, she wore her iconic blonde hair cascading down her shoulders, accompanied by subtle, naturally enhancing makeup that accentuated her features flawlessly.

To shield her eyes from the sun’s rays, the pop star opted for a pair of trendy blue aviator sunglasses with mirrored lenses, adding an extra touch of coolness to her overall appearance. This moment of relaxation came as a well-deserved break from her Las Vegas residency shows.

It’s possible that the mother of two decided to showcase some skin playfully, in response to the recent incident of her shopping lists being leaked and put up for sale on the internet.

Shady lady: She wore her signature blonde locks down flowing over her shoulder as she sported aviator sunglasses over her face which had natural, complimentary make-up on it

Mysterious lady: With her trademark golden hair cascading down, she confidently flaunted a pair of aviator sunglasses that added an air of intrigue to her face, adorned with just the right amount of natural makeup.

Within the sheets of paper, you can spot various items that fall into the category of not-so-healthy foods, like delectable cinnamon rolls, tasty pizzas, energizing Red Bull, comforting SpaghettiOs, and indulgent double icing Oreos. Another intriguing shopping list includes cryptic mentions like ‘boobs’ and ‘nose,’ peculiarly written within a square and accompanied by a note that says, ‘3 weeks (talk to nose guy) 1 – Tuesday Doctor.’ Interestingly, a seller on Ebay, by the name of Rockshopgavel, asserts to possess ten of these handwritten lists, having already sold five of them.

Sweet tooth: What appeared to be several of the singer's grocery list hit eBay for sale as they featured several unhealthy items on it including Red Bull, cinnamon rolls and Oreos

Sugar cravings: A bunch of goodies resembling the singer’s shopping list have popped up on eBay, up for grabs. These tempting delights include Red Bull, cinnamon rolls, and Oreos—a deliciously unhealthy combo!

Reminder: The most expensive listing on eBay features the words 'boobs' and 'nose' written in a square next to the note: '3 weeks (talk to nose guy) 1 - Tuesday Doctor'

Just a friendly reminder: The priciest item currently listed on eBay comes with a peculiar description. It showcases a square containing the words ‘boobs’ and ‘nose’ alongside a note that reads, ‘3 weeks (have a chat with the nose expert) 1 – Tuesday Doctor.’

Important information: The second most expensive note is written on the back of a motion picture summary

Important information: The second most expensive note is written on the back of a motion picture summary

Vital information: The runner-up in the list of priciest banknotes ever printed features an intriguing twist—an enthralling cinematic synopsis gracing its reverse side.

Multitasking: One of the lists even seems to have an order written down for Jerry's Famous Deli for chicken salad with honey mustard, though the seller claims that this note was written by someone other than Britney

Multitasking: Interestingly, one of the lists available even includes a specific order for chicken salad with honey mustard from Jerry’s Famous Deli. However, the seller claims that this note was not written by Britney but by someone else.

On the e-commerce site, the seller asserts that these checklists are authentic and originates from a renowned music memorabilia company.

Currently, there are five lists available for purchase. The prices for these lists range from $45.00 to $249.99, or buyers can make their best offer for the list that mentions ‘boobs’ and ‘nose’.

The listing emphasizes that the paper used for these lists comes from a former associate of the pop singer and was sourced from her personal residence.

A healthy breakfast: One of Britney's supposed lists contains three different kinds of sugary cereals including: Coco Puffs, Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Fruity Pebbles

Start your morning right with a nourishing breakfast! According to a rumored list belonging to Britney, she loves indulging in a variety of sweet cereals to kickstart her day. Her favorites include the delicious Coco Puffs, the irresistible Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and the delightful Fruity Pebbles.

Collector's items: According to the listing, the pieces of paper comes from 'a former associate' of the pop singer and came from her home

Collector's items: According to the listing, the pieces of paper comes from 'a former associate' of the pop singer and came from her home

Collection of Memorabilia: As stated in the description, these exclusive paper mementos have been sourced from someone who was once closely associated with the renowned pop singer. Having originated from her personal abode, these items are truly unique.

For sale: The pop singer appears to be a big fan of sweets

Item for sale: It seems like the famous singer has a strong fondness for sweet treats!

Among the least healthy options available, we have Double Stuf Oreos, also known as double icing Oreos. These delicious cookies pack a total of 140 calories, along with seven grams of fat, in just two servings.

Moving on to breakfast cereals, we have Fruity Pebbles, Captain Crunch, and Coco Puffs. Out of these, Cinnamon Toast Crunch takes the crown for having the highest calorie count, with each serving containing 130 calories and nine grams of sugar.

However, the most concerning item on this list is undoubtedly Red Bull. Each 8.4 fluid ounce can of this energy drink contains a whopping 110 calories, accompanied by 27 grams of sugar and 28 grams of carbohydrates.

Dance it out: Britney has been trying to keep her trim figure due to her incessant performance schedule in Las Vegas, Nevada as she is currently on a break from it to return next month (pictured February)

Move your body: Britney Spears has been working hard to maintain her svelte physique amidst her rigorous show lineup in the vibrant city of Las Vegas, Nevada. However, she is currently taking a well-deserved break from her performances and is set to return next month, as captured in a snapshot from February.

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