Her Choice! Pop Star Britney Spears Treats Her Sons to McDonald’s Lunch… All While Sporting Stylish Shorts

Underneath the golden arches: Britney Spears treated her two sons Sean Preston and Jayden to a McDonalds in Calabasas today

Beneath the iconic golden arches, pop sensation Britney Spears decided to indulge her two adorable sons, Sean Preston and Jayden, by taking them to a McDonald’s restaurant located in Calabasas earlier today.

It's the way that she wants to live: Britney could have any chef make her any meal, but she prefers an economical McDonald's with her boys

Britney chooses to live life in her own unique way. Although she has the means to have a personal chef prepare any meal for her, she surprisingly opts for the simplicity and affordability of McDonald’s, enjoying it alongside her beloved boys.

American abroad: Britney wouldn't look amiss asking for directions to the Coliseum in Rome wearing this outfit

American traveler: Britney would fit right in asking how to get to the Colosseum in Rome while rocking this ensemble.

Happy chappies: Britney's sons Sean and Jayden are already very handsome

Cheerful buddies: Britney’s adorable boys, Sean and Jayden, are already displaying their striking looks.

Don't try this at home: Eating McDonald's is not guaranteed to get you a figure like Britney's, or even likely

It’s better to avoid attempting this at your own place: Consuming McDonald’s food doesn’t come with a guarantee of attaining a physique similar to Britney’s, or in fact, it is rather unlikely.

Cooling off: The boys enjoyed their soda on the warm day

Cooling off: The boys enjoyed their soda on the warm day

Chilling Out: The lads savored their fizzy drinks amidst the scorching weather.

Doting mother: Britney was presumably carrying the rucksack for one of her boys, but it could've been hers

Loving mom: It is safe to assume that Britney was likely carrying the backpack for one of her sons, although it is also possible that it belonged to her.

Support: Britney was joined by her bodyguard for the jaunt

Assistance: Britney was accompanied by her personal security guard during her outing.

Little men: Sean and Jayden are growing up fast

Growing Up Rapidly: The Journey of Sean and Jayden

New role: Britney has joined Simon Cowell on the latest panel of the X Factor USA

Fresh addition: Britney is now part of the newest lineup alongside Simon Cowell for the X Factor USA.

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