“J.Lo Sends a Powerful Message: Flaunts Her Assets in Black Bra While Filming an Orlando Tribute Song with Lin-Manuel Miranda”

On Friday, Jennifer Lopez dropped a new song on iTunes called Love Makes The World Go Round, which features Lin-Manuel Miranda from Hamilton. The lyrics focus on the idea that hate and fear won’t hold them back and they won’t be silenced. Later that day, the 46-year-old singer was spotted filming a music video for the track with Miranda on a stairwell outside of a high rise in NYC. Lopez showed off her curves in a low-cut top for the shoot. Check out the video below.

Revealing look: Jennifer Lopez was seen filming a music video for her Orlando Tribute song wearing a plunging black bra and standing on a balcony of an office building in New York City on Friday

Jennifer Lopez was spotted filming a music video for her Orlando Tribute song in New York City recently. The entertainer looked stunning in a black bra top that showed off her toned midriff and ample cleavage. In the video, she was captured leaning over a balcony in an emotional scene, seemingly pleading with someone below. Her hair was styled in a partial ponytail, with the back falling in loose curls around her bare shoulders. Overall, J.Lo’s look exuded confidence and sex appeal, as she continued to prove why she’s one of the biggest stars in the music industry.

Heartfelt: The 46-year-old appeared emotional as she mimed the lyrics and looked to be pleading with someone in the street below. The song Love Makes The World Go Round dropped on iTunes Friday morning

The 46-year-old singer was visibly moved as she lip-synced the words to her latest song, “Love Makes The World Go Round.” It was released on iTunes early Friday morning. She seemed to be directing her emotions towards someone on the street below, as if pleading with them through her performance.

Had a message: The pop star and actress collaborated with Hamilton star Lin-Manuel Miranda on the tribute song

Received a communication: The famous singer and actress teamed up with Lin-Manuel Miranda, star of the popular musical “Hamilton,” to create a tribute song. She donned a bustier with a heart-shaped neckline adorned with vibrant graphics and matched it with slim, light blue jeans that accentuated her well-known rear end. To add some height and color to her outfit, she wore bright orange stiletto heels. Her co-star in the music video, Miranda, opted for a more relaxed look, wearing dark jeans and an untucked turquoise cotton shirt with the collar left undone.

Haning on a stairwell: The Broadway performer was also seen filming the video with JLo who poured her famous derriere into skinny acid-wash jeans paired with bright orange stiletto heels

While hanging out on a stairwell, the performer from Broadway was spotted shooting a video with JLo. The famous pop star flaunted her curves in skinny acid-wash jeans paired with bright orange stiletto heels while filming. Currently, JLo is in Manhattan for the production of her TV cop drama, Shades Of Blue. She arrived at the office building wearing the same acid-washed jeans and pointed-toe heels. As a busy mother-of-two, she donned a black jacket with an embellished hem that featured wild horses, butterflies, owls, and lizards sewn onto it, over a white tank top. Her accessories included large hoop earrings and cat-eyed sunglasses with jagged sides. She waved to fans while holding her white-cased cell phone in her other hand.

Hello from J-Lo: Jennifer  waved to onlookers in New York City on Friday as she arrived at an office building to film the music video

Greetings from J-Lo! Jennifer greeted fans in New York City on Friday as she headed towards an office building to shoot her latest music video.

She's still got it: The 46-year-old siren wore tight jeans that made the most of her famous backside

She's still got it: The 46-year-old siren wore tight jeans that made the most of her famous backside

The 46-year-old beauty still exudes sexiness in her tight jeans that accentuate her famous backside. Recently, the Selena actress shared three Instagram posts promoting her latest single that aims to raise awareness about the tragic Orlando shootings and will benefit the Somos Orlando charity. The posts included artistic visuals of the song along with some of its lyrics that speak of love overcoming hate. Lopez also included hashtags for people to pray for other places affected by violence such as Dallas, Turkey, Brussels, Alton, and Philando.

Her passion project: Jennifer posted three Instagram notes on Friday for her new single, all showing art work for the song that raises awareness for the Orlando shootings and to benefit Somos Orlando

Jennifer’s latest endeavor is her passion project. On Friday, she took to Instagram to share three posts promoting her new single. Each post featured artwork related to the song, which aims to raise awareness for the tragic Orlando shootings and support the charity Somos Orlando.

Her side: The song was released exclusively on iTunes Friday. One post had some of the lyrics: 'Those who hate us and fear us cannot keep us down. Cause we hear in our heartbeat a beautiful sound'

From her perspective, the song was made available for purchase only on iTunes last Friday. She shared a post that contained a fragment of the lyrics which conveyed a message of resilience: despite the hatred and fear directed towards them, they refuse to be defeated because they hear a beautiful sound in their hearts.

More to come: The singers will perform their duet live on NBC's Today plaza on Monday, July 11

Exciting news! Fans can look forward to a live duet performance by singers Jennifer Lopez and Lin-Manuel Miranda on NBC’s Today plaza on July 11th. The song, written by Miranda and recorded at Avatar Studios in New York City on June 27th, was inspired by their shared belief in the power of love to overcome hate and fear. The two artists have pledged to donate all proceeds from US download sales between July 8th and October 5th to charity, in partnership with Epic Records. Lopez approached Miranda after hearing his work on a similar track, and the collaboration promises to be a powerful testament to the transformative power of art.

His words: Miranda wrote the song, which was recorded June 27 at Avatar Studios in New York City

Miranda penned the tune, which was laid down on June 27th at Avatar Studios located in the Big Apple.

Money talk: A hundred percent of the proceeds from each US download sale from July 8 to October 5 will be donated by Lopez, Miranda and Epic Records

Let’s talk about money: Jennifer Lopez, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and Epic Records are donating all the profits from every download sale made in the US from July 8th to October 5th.

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