Jennifer Lopez, 54, stuns in a vibrant printed ensemble and lavender fur coat at an extravagant drag brunch in West Hollywood

Jennifer Lopez made a stunning appearance at The Abbey’s Sunday Service drag brunch in West Hollywood, flaunting her perfectly toned physique and impeccable style. The multi-talented actress, singer, and dancer, who is 54 years old, exuded a high-end and sophisticated vibe as she arrived wearing a luxurious full-length fur coat matched with elegant white stiletto boots. As the event unfolded, Lopez gracefully removed her coat, revealing a chic printed color-block dress that she paired with the same white stiletto boots. Her soft waves of hair complemented her overall look, and she sported a radiant and flawless makeup palette. While attending the renowned club, Jennifer presented a well-deserved plaque to David Cooley, the founder and former owner, honoring his 33 years of exceptional service. Additionally, she took advantage of the festive atmosphere to promote her ready-made spirits company, Delola, which she launched in 2023. Not only that, but she also seized the opportunity to introduce her latest single, titled “Can’t Get Enough.” Jennifer Lopez’s presence at The Abbey’s Sunday Service drag brunch was truly a sight to behold, showcasing her remarkable fashion sense and seizing the moment to celebrate achievements and share her musical endeavors.

Jennifer Lopez showed off her toned frame and incredible style as she attended The Abbey's Sunday Service drag brunch in West Hollywood

Jennifer Lopez flaunted her well-toned physique and exceptional sense of fashion while making an appearance at The Abbey’s drag brunch on a sunny Sunday in West Hollywood.

In a surprising turn of events, she even took on the role of bartender, serving up her famous Delola cocktails. Eventually, Lopez joined her agent Kevin Huvane on stage to pay tribute to Cooley and his contributions to The Abbey and the LGBTQ+ community. “I simply wanted to be here today to honor someone very special,” she expressed during her introduction of Cooley. “Someone who has shown tremendous support to me and countless other artists, and who has dedicated 33 years of providing a safe haven and support to the LGBTQ community,” she continued, not forgetting to acknowledge the importance of the “+” symbol. As Cooley approached the stage, Lopez added, “It is truly an honor for me to be here.” While standing on stage, holding a plaque, JLo and her agent took a moment to express their appreciation for Cooley. “Kevin and I are privileged to present this to you… Congratulations,” she said, her emotions visible. “You have truly united this community for many years. It’s a beautiful thing, and I am truly grateful. Kevin shares my sentiment as well. Thank you.” Cooley recently revealed that he has sold The Abbey and The Chapel, both located in the heart of West Hollywood. Last November, he and entrepreneur Tristan Schukraft announced their agreement for the sale, as reported by WeHo Times.

The Hustlers star arrived at the venue all decked out in her fab ensemble

Decked out in her fabulous outfit, the star of Hustlers made a grand entrance at the venue.

Cooley, who was honored for his 33 years of service in West Hollywood, appeared ovefrjoyed by Lopez's appearance

Cooley, who received recognition for his remarkable 33-year commitment in West Hollywood, seemed absolutely delighted by Lopez’s unexpected presence.

The singer, who was also on hand to promote her new single Can't Get Enought, was led through the crowd of customers, many of which were stunned to see the superstar

Accompanied by her latest single “Can’t Get Enough,” the renowned vocalist strolled amidst the customers, leaving many in awe of the superstar’s unexpected presence.

The superstar made her way to the bar where she would help serve drinks, as part of the promotion for her Delola brand of spirits

The celebrity gracefully walked towards the bar, ready to lend her helping hand in serving a variety of delicious beverages. This generous act was part of her remarkable efforts to promote her very own line of spirits, known as the Delola brand.

JLo was all smiles while working the bar in her stylish multi-brown tone ensemble

JLo’s radiant smile shone brightly as she effortlessly manned the bar, exuding style with her chic outfit in varying shades of brown.

On several occasions, Lopez busted out a few dance moves as the music played

Lopez had a few instances where she showcased her dance moves while the music played. A standout moment from the event was when Jo Lopez, a JLo impersonator, was entertaining the crowd on stage. To everyone’s surprise, the real Jennifer Lopez appeared from behind and embraced Jo Lopez, who couldn’t contain their joy. Coincidentally, Jo Lopez had donned a replica of the iconic white dress worn by Jennifer in the official music video for her latest song, “Can’t Get Enough.” The bar was commemorating the release of the new track, and Jennifer took the opportunity to surprise her dedicated fan and drag queen impersonator, Jo Lopez. In an Instagram Story, Jo candidly admitted to feeling insecure about their appearance, but meeting Jlo surpassed everything else and made all the difference. The encounter meant the world to them, despitetheir self-perceived flaws and insecurities.

Lopez served plenty of Delola during her time behind the bar at the famed West Hollywood establishment

Lopez spent a significant amount of time behind the counter at the renowned establishment in West Hollywood, serving numerous glasses of Delola to the customers.

Fans not only lined up for drinks they also were there to shoot photos and videos

In addition to eagerly queuing up for refreshments, fans eagerly snapped pictures and recorded videos at the venue.

The Bronz, New York native got playful for the camera in video shared on her Instagram page

In a delightful video shared on her Instagram page, The Bronz, a New York native, exhibited a playful side while posing for the camera.

Lopez herself took to her Instagram page to share some amazing photos and videos of her enjoying a great time behind the bar, serving drinks to astonished customers. She expressed her love for the experience in the caption, using the hashtag #CantGetEnough. The Abbey WeHo, the establishment she visited, also posted a video on their page featuring the real Jennifer Lopez surprising everyone with her bartending skills. They captioned it with the words “SURPRISE Can’t Get Enough.” The Instagram page of The Abbey WeHo also had a collection of priceless images, which included Lopez presenting a plaque to Cooley.

Arguable Lopez's biggest fan, JLo drag impersonator Jo Lopez, was on stage when the real Jlo made her surprise appearance

Jo Lopez, a popular JLo drag impersonator, happened to be on stage when the real Jennifer Lopez made an unexpected and exciting entrance. Jo Lopez, widely known as one of Lopez’s most enthusiastic supporters, found themselves sharing the spotlight with their idol during this unforgettable moment.

Jo Lopez went into a frenzy when she turned to see the superstar performer

Jo Lopez was ecstatic when she caught a glimpse of the renowned entertainer.

Jo shared how she was 'crying' when she got to hug the singer, dancer and actress

Jo excitedly recounted her tearful experience of embracing the multifaceted artist, who is renowned for their singing, dancing, and acting abilities.

The crowd went wild while Jo was in her frenzy hugging JLo

The spectators exploded with excitement as Jo enthusiastically embraced JLo.

The Jenny From The Block star and her agent both introduced David Cooley during the tribute to him for his service to the area through The Abbey, which was sold recently

Jennifer Lopez, widely known as “Jenny From The Block,” and her agent joined forces to pay homage to David Cooley’s exceptional contribution to the community via his establishment, The Abbey, which was recently acquired by new owners.

The Jenny From The Block star honored David Cooley, who founded The Abbey, a West Hollywood sanctuary for the LGBTQ+ community, for his 33 years of service

Jennifer Lopez, the acclaimed artist known affectionately as “Jenny From The Block,” paid tribute to David Cooley, the visionary behind The Abbey, a haven in West Hollywood that warmly embraces and supports the LGBTQ+ community. This heartfelt gesture was a recognition of Cooley’s remarkable dedication spanning over three decades, which has significantly impacted and uplifted countless lives.

Before heading out to the envent, Lopez struck a poses seemingly at her home for Instagram

In anticipation of the event, Lopez struck a few poses at her home and shared them on Instagram. David Cooley, who has seen it all in his 33 years, was in for a surprise with the fabulous Jennifer Lopez. She made The Abbey even more legendary, celebrating the 33 years with a Delola extravaganza. The hashtag #MeetMeAtTheAbbey and #Delola accompanied the post. Another video showed Lopez walking through the crowd, with the caption stating that legends never brunch alone, exemplified by JLo turning The Abbey into a brunch haven fit for royalty. The caption also expressed gratitude for the memorable afternoon and mentioned the hashtags #JLoAtTheAbbey, #JenniferLopez, and #MeetMeAtTheAbbey. The Abbey WeHo Instagram page captured priceless moments, including Lopez presenting a plaque to Cooley, making it a truly unforgettable day as she added her star power to his remarkable 33-year legacy.

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