Jennifer Lopez and Bestie Leah Remini rock coordinated hairstyles and sunglasses while shopping…following an evening out with Drake

Jennifer Lopez was recently seen having a cozy dinner date with rumored boyfriend Drake. However, just a day later, she was spotted with another close friend. The 47-year-old singer spent some quality time with her best friend Leah Remini, as they indulged in a shopping spree in Beverly Hills on Friday. With matching top knots and sunglasses, the two girlfriends seemed to be perfectly in tune with each other during their visit to Barneys New York.

Retail therapy: On Thursday, Jennifer Lopez, 47, enjoyed a Beverly Hills shopping trip

Retail therapy: Jennifer Lopez, aged 47, indulged in a relaxing shopping spree in Beverly Hills on Thursday. The renowned singer opted for maximum comfort, donning a sleek, all-black athletic outfit. To complete her chic look, Jennifer adorned herself with diamond studs and aviator sunglasses. Adding a touch of synchrony, she tied her brunette locks in a top knot, just like her best friend. Leah, who accompanied Jennifer, also sported the same hairstyle and accessorized with trendy shades. To enhance her style quotient, Leah wore oversized hoop earrings and layered necklaces. Matching her fashion-forward aura, the talented actress combined a white top with a long, tan sweater over jeans.

Girls' day! The songstress was joined by pal Leah Remini, 46

Ladies’ outing! The lovely songstress was accompanied by her friend Leah Remini, aged 46. On a pleasant Thursday, Jennifer was seen in the company of Drake, aged 30. The alleged couple indulged in a delightful meal at the prestigious Nobu Malibu and strolled together, affectionately linked arm-in-arm, as reported by TMZ. Speculations of their romantic involvement have been circulating for the past three weeks.

Workout wonder: Jennifer kept comfortable in an all-black, athletic ensemble

Jennifer opted for a sleek and advanced athletic outfit, completely decked out in a stylish all-black ensemble, as she powered through her workout session.

Twinning! The brunette beauty's hair was tied in a top knot, the same as her best friend

Twinning! The brunette beauty's hair was tied in a top knot, the same as her best friend

Matching hairstyles! The gorgeous brunette had her hair styled in a trendy top knot, just like her closest companion.

Putting in work: Earlier in the day she shared a selfie from the gym with Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson

Engaged in Effort: In the earlier part of the day, she delighted her followers by posting a selfie at the gym, featuring none other than the iconic Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.
The past Thursday witnessed a surprising occurrence as Drake and Jennifer mutually shared a brief moment of romance during a winter-themed event held in Las Vegas.
The supposed romantic involvement between the two has left fans pondering over its authenticity, given that they are currently collaborating on their music projects which may serve as a promotional strategy.
A trustworthy insider shared with E! the tantalizing news that there is indeed a budding romance blossoming, with Jennifer evidently enjoying herself. However, the same insider mentioned that her previous flame, Casper Smart, could still have a chance of winning her back.
“I firmly believe she and Casper will reconcile. He’s an exceptional individual and she is well aware of that. At this moment, they just need some time apart,” stated the insider confidently.
Nevertheless, there exists another source who firmly disagrees with this perspective.

New love? Since Christmas, Jennifer has been rumoured to be dating Drake, 30

Could it be a new romance? Speculations about Jennifer’s love life have been circulating since the holiday season, linking her to none other than the 30-year-old musician, Drake.

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