Jennifer Lopez dazzles with a scintillating Video Vanguard performance; shares heartfelt moments about her children and hails Alex Rodriguez as her ‘kindred spirit’ at the glamorous 2018 VMA Awards

Jennifer Lopez proved why she is deserving of the prestigious 2018 Michael Jackson Vanguard Award as she delivered an electrifying performance at the annual MTV VMA Award ceremony held at Radio City Music Hall in New York City. The 49-year-old icon effortlessly defied the aging process as she treated the audience to an unforgettable 11-hit medley. Beginning with her iconic track “Waiting For Tonight,” she flawlessly transitioned between her chart-topping hits, culminating in an outstanding rendition of her latest hit single, “Dinero,” which also won the coveted Best Collaboration award. Witness her extraordinary talent in the video below.

What a night! Jennifer Lopez's Video Vanguard performance set pulses racing before she took to the stage to gush over her twins and call her beau Alex Rodriguez her 'twin soul' at the 2018 VMA Awards

What a remarkable evening! The electrifying performance by Jennifer Lopez during the Video Vanguard at the 2018 VMA Awards had everyone buzzing with excitement. Before captivating the audience with her undeniable talent, she took a moment to express her admiration for her twins and referred to her partner Alex Rodriguez as her ‘soulmate’. The crowd erupted in applause, fully embracing the love-filled atmosphere.

Surrounded by a multitude of muscular men, Jennifer commanded the stage with confidence. With their support, she was gracefully lifted into the air while delivering an unforgettable performance. As she shed her kimono, Jennifer revealed her stunning hourglass figure, draped in a dazzling gold leotard that left everyone in awe.

Her luscious blonde tresses effortlessly cascaded around her as she effortlessly navigated the stage. The crowd was treated to mesmerizing renditions of her hits, “Dance Again” and “I Ain’t Your Mama”. Jennifer’s masterful performance showcased her unparalleled talent, leaving the audience in awe of her captivating presence.

Show-stopping performance: The 49-year-old was age-defying when she performed an 11-hit medley starting with Waiting For Tonight and finishing off her performance with her latest track, which won Best Collaboration, Dinero

Impressive on-stage spectacle: The 49-year-old artist undoubtedly defied the limits of her age as she dazzled the audience with a mesmerizing medley of 11 iconic hits. Beginning with the iconic “Waiting For Tonight,” she flawlessly concluded her electric performance with her latest chart-topping track, “Dinero,” which claimed the highly coveted award for Best Collaboration.

Beauty: J-Lo's glam was kept radiant and drew attention to her high cheekbones and was complete with a nude lip

Beauty: J-Lo’s exquisite allure remained luminous, accentuating her prominent cheekbones, complemented by a subtle yet sophisticated nude lip.

Lifted up: As the crowd excitedly cheered for the triple threat, she was surrounded by a sea of shirtless men who lifted her into the air mid-song

Elevated: While the audience rejoiced with enthusiasm for the triple threat performer, a multitude of bare-chested gentlemen enveloped her, gracefully raising her into the sky during her electrifying performance.

Silver siren: The singer flashed her toned legs in an asymmetric glittering silver gown on the pink carpet

Sparkling in silver, the songstress flaunted her perfectly sculpted legs in a stunning asymmetrical gown as she graced the rosy carpet. J-Lo’s impeccable glow accentuated her captivating cheekbones and her makeup was flawlessly finished with a subtle nude lip.

As the heat intensified during her performance of “All I Have,” she effortlessly elevated her style by draping a luxurious fur coat over her ensemble. True to her iconic image, J-Lo embraced the tradition of costume changes, dazzling the audience as she reappeared in a gilded sparkling suit and a bedazzled hat. This jaw-dropping attire perfectly complemented her rendition of the timeless chart-topping hit, “Jenny From The Block,” which earned her a prestigious BMI award back in 2004.

Triple threat: With her long blonde locks effortlessly flying as she moved around the stage, she performed Dance Again and I Ain't Your Mama

Threefold danger: As her flowing blonde hair gracefully soared while she gracefully glided across the platform, she captivated the audience with sensational renditions of Dance Again and I Ain’t Your Mama.

Amazing: Jennifer Lopez sure didn't disappoint when she put on a show-stopping performance on Monday night at Radio City Music Hall in New York during the annual MTV VMA Award telecast

Impressive: Jennifer Lopez certainly lived up to expectations as she delivered a dazzling performance on Monday evening at New York’s Radio City Music Hall during the highly anticipated MTV VMA Award ceremony.

Well-deserving: She's the 2018 recipient of the Michael Jackson Vanguard Award

Well-deserving: In 2018, Jennifer was honored with the prestigious Michael Jackson Vanguard Award. To add to the excitement, she teamed up with DJ Khaled during her performance to deliver an electrifying rendition of her latest chart-topping single, Dinero, which had also won the MTV VMA Best Collaboration award. Her grand finale, reminiscent of a Superbowl spectacle, included a heartfelt speech where she expressed her gratitude towards her twins, her boyfriend Alex Rodriguez, and her dedicated fanbase. “I have been on an incredible journey of envisioning my wildest aspirations and witnessing them actually materialize,” she shared with genuine emotion.

Stunner: Jennifer's hour-glass physique was on full display in her gold leotard on Monday night 

Head-turner: Jennifer showcased her perfectly proportioned figure in a dazzling gold leotard during Monday evening.

Feeling chilly? Although things were heating up on stage, the next part of her performance for All I Have saw her add a fur coat to her look

Feeling chilly? Although things were heating up on stage, the next part of her performance for All I Have saw her add a fur coat to her look

Feeling a bit cold, are you? While the atmosphere on stage was sizzling, she decided to spice up her All I Have performance by donning a cozy fur coat.

She's from the Bronx! And it wouldn't be a J-Lo performance without a dress change, adding a gold sparkly suit and bedazzled hat to her look to perform her 2004 BMI winning hit Jenny From The Block

Hailing all the way from the Bronx, it just wouldn’t be a true J-Lo performance without witnessing a signature dress transformation. This time, she flaunted an exquisite gold sequined suit accompanied by a dazzling bedazzled hat, all in homage to her chart-topping hit from 2004 that earned her a prestigious BMI award, “Jenny From The Block.”

Collaboration! Jennifer was then joined by DJ Khaled to complete her set with her current hit and MTV VMA Best Collaboration winning track, Dinero

Collaboration! Jennifer was then joined on stage by the renowned DJ Khaled to add an extra flair to her performance. Together, they flawlessly executed her current chart-topping hit, the celebrated winner of MTV VMA’s Best Collaboration category, Dinero.

This passionate career has always held a special place in Jennifer’s heart. Even when others questioned her ability to do it all, she never shied away from pursuing her dreams. Instead, she embraced a “Why not?” attitude, determined to prove that she could excel in various areas.

However, Jennifer acknowledges that her life took a significant turn when she welcomed her adorable 10-year-old twins, Emme and Maximilian. It was in that transformative moment that everything changed for her. These little angels brought a whole new level of meaning and joy into her world, altering the course of her life in the most beautiful way.

Leaving it all on the dance floor: A performance that was up to the standards of a Superbowl spectacular, saw her end with a moving speech which she dedicated to her twins, boyfriend Alex Rodriguez and her fans

Going all out on the dance floor: Delivering a show that lived up to the grandeur of a Superbowl extravaganza, she concluded her performance with a heartfelt speech where she expressed her gratitude towards her twins, her boyfriend Alex Rodriguez, and her loyal fan base.

Always wanted to reach the top: 'This career has always been kind of an obsession for me. When people said,

I have always harbored a deep desire to achieve greatness in my chosen career. Despite receiving criticism from those who believed I was trying to do too much, I never let their opinions deter me from pursuing my ambitions. I have always possessed the mindset of questioning the status quo and asking myself, “Why not?”

Mom-of-two: Jennifer continued to explain how her life changed when she welcomed 10-year-old twins Emme and Maximilian

Jennifer, a mother to two children, recounted how her life transformed after she joyfully embraced her 10-year-old twins, Emme and Maximilian.

Toned: The entertainer flaunted her toned body during the choreography

Relaxing: The performer proudly displayed her well-toned physique while showcasing her dance moves.

Sizzle: Jennifer turned up the heat during a set with one of the background dancers

Buzz: Jennifer cranked up the temperature while performing with a background dancer.

Flawless: At 49-years-old, Jennifer was showing the audience that age is merely a number

Perfection: Demonstrating to the crowd that age is just a number, Jennifer, at the youthful age of 49, effortlessly captivated the audience.
Aware of the need to surpass her previous self, she recognized the necessity of being superior and more powerful. Today, she proudly stands here as a stronger and enhanced version of herself.
Emme found comfort in sitting on the lap of Jennifer’s mother, Guadalupe Rodríguez, while Max chose to rest on the lap of her mother’s boyfriend, Alex Rodriguez. Jennifer affectionately referred to him as her “kindred spirit.”
Expressing her heartfelt admiration, she exclaimed, “And Alex, you are like my kindred spirit.”

Getting closer: She showcased her pert derriere during the scintillating number

Moving in closer: She flaunted her well-defined bottom during the mesmerizing performance.

Cheeky: The star flaunted her famously peachy posterior during the electrifying performance

Playful: The celebrity proudly showcased her well-known curvaceous backside throughout the captivating show.

Doing it for her kids': I knew I had to be better. I knew I had to be stronger than I had before. I stand here stronger and better than ever' 

Motivated by her children, I recognized the need to improve myself. I understood the importance of becoming stronger than I was in the past. Presently, I confidently stand here as a more resilient and enhanced version of myself.

Her 'twin soul': 'We're like mirror images of each other. My life is sweeter and better with you in it because you make me realize that every day the sky is not the limit - the universe is infinite, and so is what we can accomplish together with love and trust and understanding' 

My ‘kindred spirit’: ‘We’re akin to mirrored reflections of one another. Having you in my life amplifies its sweetness and greatness, for you make me acknowledge that each day goes beyond mere limits of the sky – the universe knows no bounds. Together, with love, trust, and understanding, we can achieve infinite possibilities.’

Emotion: The star couldn't contain her emotion as she accepted the award

Feeling overwhelmed, the celebrity was unable to contain her emotions upon receiving the prestigious award.

Proud:The former baseball player, who put on a dapper display in a fitted white shirt and maroon suit couldn't contain his joy after the On The Floor hitmaker completed an 11-hit medley

Beaming with pride, the significant other of the celebrity couldn’t contain their joy witnessing their partner gracefully receiving the prestigious award.

Close bond:The 43-year was seen applauding and cheering his singer love, 49, on from the crowd, where he put on an adorable display with her son Max, ten

Intimate connection: A-Rod was spotted embracing Jennifer’s son Max while she delivered her heartfelt address.

Glittering: The star put on a flawless display as she accepted the award before labelling beau Alex her 'twin soul'

Sparkling: The celebrity wowed the audience with a seamless performance while graciously accepting the prestigious accolade.

Kissing Gesture: While on stage, Jennifer affectionately sent a heartfelt kiss to her loved ones and significant other.

Adorable: A-Rod was seen celebrating with J-Lo's son onstage

Cuteness Overload: A-Rod Spotted Joining J-Lo’s Son for an Onstage Celebration

Congratulations: Jennifer struggled to contain her tears as she accepted the prestigious award

Jennifer’s eyes welled up with tears as she graciously accepted the highly revered accolade, her emotions too overwhelming to keep at bay.

Sparkle: The celebrity flaunted her stunning physique in a shimmering golden dress.

Love is in the air: 'There's so much more to do, to experience, and there is no one I'd rather do it with. You're my macho baby I love you' 

Romance is in the atmosphere: ‘There are boundless adventures awaiting us, countless moments to cherish together, and nobody else I’d choose as my partner-in-crime. You’re my fearless love, and my heart is all yours.’

Cute: A-Rod smiled as he celebrated with little Max

Adorable: A-Rod’s face lit up with a wide grin as he joyfully reveled in the company of the charming little Max.

With an exuberant smile, the celebrity joyfully sent a kiss to the cheering crowd. In a heartfelt declaration, she expressed, “We are like reflections of one another, and my life becomes sweeter and more fulfilling with you. You remind me that there are no limits in this vast universe, and together, with love, trust, and understanding, we can achieve anything.” She added, “There is so much more to explore and embrace, and I cannot imagine embarking on these adventures with anyone else. You are my strong and loving partner, my rock.” Jennifer and her former professional baseball player beau initially began their romance in the early months of 2017, and their relationship was made public at the prestigious Met Gala in May of the same year. Since then, the couple has consistently shared glimpses of their strong bond on various social media platforms, allowing their fans to witness their love.

Earlier in the night: Jennifer and the former pro baseball player first started dating in early 2017 and confirmed their relationship at the Met Gala in May the same year

In the earlier hours of the evening: Jennifer and the ex-professional baseball player embarked on their romantic journey back in the beginning of 2017. Their love story became official when they proudly announced their relationship at the spectacular Met Gala event in May of that very year.

Six time's a charm! Jennifer's night of nights saw her change her outfit one more time

Jennifer’s incredible night was marked by her sixth outfit change, truly making it a night to remember.

Gorgeous: Accepting the award for Best Collaboration for her track Dinero, she stunned in a strapless feather dress

Dazzling and radiant, Jennifer Lopez graced the stage to accept the prestigious Best Collaboration award for her hit song Dinero. She effortlessly stole the spotlight in a mesmerizing strapless dress adorned with delicate feathers.

As many fans know, Jennifer is the proud mother of 10-year-old twins Emme and Max, whom she shares with her ex-husband Marc Anthony. Adding to their blended family, her partner Alex is also a doting father to his children Natasha, 13, and Ella, 10, from his previous marriage to Cynthia Scurtis.

Jennifer’s incredible night didn’t stop there. True to her style, she decided to change her outfit once again, showcasing her fashion versatility and making heads turn wherever she went.

In addition to her well-deserved award, Jennifer had more surprises up her sleeve. She brought Cardi B and DJ Khaled, both collaborators on the award-winning MTV VMA track, to share the stage with her. The energy and talent displayed during their performance was nothing short of extraordinary.

Winners! Sharing the stage, she also brought on stage Cardi B and DJ Khaled who featured in the MTV VMA winning track

Congratulations to the victors! In a truly exciting moment, she took the opportunity to invite Cardi B and DJ Khaled, who were both part of the award-winning song at the MTV VMA’s, to join her on stage.

Getting down to business: The glamorous celebrity confidently flaunted her slender physique in a striking printed jumpsuit during the lively post-event gathering.

Smitten: J-Lo and A-Rod were all smiles as they held hands after she received her award 

Infatuated: Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez were beaming with joy as they intertwined their hands following her well-deserved recognition.

Cute couple: The superstar couple were the picture of true love as they walked into Jen's star-studded afterparty

adorable pair: The famous duo exuded pure affection as they strolled hand in hand.

Leggy: The vocalist confidently displayed her glamorous physique in the provocative ensemble.

Glamour: The actress flashed her braless assets in the plunging jumpsuit 

Glamorous: The female star confidently showcased her figure in a daring jumpsuit without wearing a bra.

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