Jennifer Lopez dismisses rumors of a romantic involvement with dancer Maksim Chmerkovskiy amidst speculations of them ‘getting acquainted’ after parting ways with Casper Smart.

Jennifer Lopez has denied rumors of dating Dancing With The Stars professional, Maksim Chmerkovskiy. The singer responded to a radio station tweet that suggested she was dating someone new, with a link to a report connecting her to the dancer. Lopez dismissed the claims, stating that they were rumors and not true. In addition, she took the opportunity to promote her new album, AKA, which will be released on June 17th.

New man on the hook: Jennifer Lopez is rumoured to be dating Maksim Chmerkovskiy, pictured at the American Music awards in November

Jennifer Lopez is reportedly in the company of a fresh love interest: Maksim Chmerkovskiy, captured together at the prestigious American Music Awards back in November.

Not true: Jennifer denied reports that she is dating Maksim on her Twitter Thursday

Jennifer has denied the rumors about her relationship with Maksim on her Twitter account. However, it is known that Casper, one of J-Lo’s backup dancers, introduced her to Maksim at the American Music Awards in November. According to People, the two celebrities were introduced by mutual friend Leah Remini. Despite their busy schedules, they have been keeping in touch and getting to know each other. Maksim was previously involved with Kate Upton, who is half J-Lo’s age. Furthermore, Jennifer and Leah attended Maksim’s brother Val’s birthday party in Los Angeles in March, seemingly confirming the rumors.

Love connection: The 44-year-old was introduced to the DWTS pro by mutual friend Leah Remini

Romantic Encounter: An introduction to the delightful DWTS professional was made possible by none other than their mutual friend, the charismatic Leah Remini.

That's one way to get her! The pro dancer tossed J-Lo into the air with nothing but his brute strength

Here’s a unique and original paraphrase of the content:

What a spectacle! The professional dancer effortlessly launched J-Lo into the air with his impressive physical prowess. Speculation is swirling about their relationship status, with one insider suggesting that they could potentially become an official couple, uncertain of what the future holds. However, multiple sources reported by Us Weekly refute any romantic involvement, asserting that they are simply good friends. When reached for comment, representatives for both stars chose not to respond. In the meantime, RadarOnline sources are alleging that Jennifer’s intense focus on her fitness regime might have pushed Casper away.

Happier times: Jennifer pictured with Casper Smart in London in October 2012

Jennifer recently broke up with her longtime partner, Casper Smart, after being together for two-and-a-half years. It was revealed that Casper had sent a revealing photo of himself in nothing but boxer shorts to a transsexual model named Sofia Vissa. This news came after Jennifer’s obsession with her own body was reportedly getting out of control. According to sources, she had been working tirelessly to maintain her killer physique, leaving little room for any other topics of conversation with Casper. Instead of discussing fashion and movies like she used to with her girlfriends, Jennifer focused solely on diet and exercise. Some even described her as a fitness robot with no other interests or passions in her life.

Moving on? J-Lo has not slowed down since her split, pictured at the American Idol arrivals carpet last month

What’s next? Don’t expect Jennifer Lopez to pump the brakes after her breakup. Just take a look at her recent appearance on the American Idol arrivals carpet – she’s showing no signs of slowing down.

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