Jennifer Lopez flaunts effortless chic in a sleek black romper, joined by her fiance Alex Rodriguez and their beautiful daughters Emme and Natasha, as they enjoy a delightful lunch outing in Miami

Jennifer Lopez is enjoying a relaxing weekend in Miami alongside her fiancé, Alex Rodriguez, and a couple of their children. The 51-year-old superstar exuded effortless style in a stunning black strapless romper as they headed out for a delightful lunch at Greenstreet on Saturday. Showing her loving and nurturing side, she held hands with Natasha, 16, Alex’s daughter, and Emme, 12, her own daughter, while Alex trailed behind.

Family outing: Jennifer Lopez, 51, looks chic in a black strapless romper as she heads to lunch in Miami with fiance Alex Rodriguez and two of their kids

A Leisurely Family Outing: Jennifer Lopez, aged 51, exudes elegance in a classy black strapless romper while strolling towards a lunch spot in Miami. Accompanying her are her fiancé, Alex Rodriguez, and their two children. To complete her chic ensemble, Lopez pairs the black jumper with stylish black Chanel loafers and carries a crocodile Birkin bag, adorned with gold hardware. Sporting a relaxed hairstyle, Lopez pulls back her caramel locks into a loose bun, creating a trendy look. Furthermore, she adds an extra touch of glamor by wearing oversized sunglasses that frame her face. During the outing, Lopez is seen affectionately embracing her daughter, Natasha, who appears impeccably dressed in white jeans and a frilly polka dot crop top. Carrying a stylish Louis Vuitton bag, Natasha exudes confidence and style. Lopez proudly displays her stunning diamond ring as she interlocks arms with her daughter, Emme. Emme, with her preppy style, is wearing a pink and white plaid skirt, complemented by a white blouse and a charming pink sweater vest. The family outing is filled with warmth and fashion-forward choices.

Matriarch: Lopez clasped hands with Rodriguez's 16-year-old daughter while linking arms with her daughter Emme

Matriarch: Lopez joined hands with Rodriguez’s teenage daughter, intertwining their arms alongside her own daughter Emme.

Ladies who lunch: The megastar held both ladies close as they enjoyed a weekend with the family

Women who enjoy an indulgent midday meal: The superstar affectionately embraced both female companions as they relished a weekend retreat alongside their loved ones.

Unwinding: Lopez has had a busy few weeks as she spent time in DC after performing a the inauguration of President Joe Biden and had a photoshoot in Los Angeles earlier this week

Paraphrased: Taking some time off from her recent activities, Lopez has had a hectic few weeks. After her performance at President Joe Biden’s inauguration, she found herself in Washington DC. And just earlier this week, she had a photoshoot in Los Angeles. With the warmer weather setting in, the family, adorned with face masks, enjoyed a day together in the Coconut Grove area. As they strolled, Rodriguez seemed preoccupied with some business matters, keeping a distance from the ladies while dressed in an all-white attire. At the moment, he is entangled in a lawsuit filed by Cynthia Curtis’ brother, Constantine Scurtis, demanding $50 million. Scurtis claims that he is owed money in backpay from a real estate partnership that Rodriguez and he had formed in 2003. Together, the pair built a massive real estate empire worth $1 billion by acquiring several apartment buildings. This led them to establish 46 limited liability companies (LLCs). Allegedly, Rodriguez removed Scurtis’ name from some of these companies and denied him any profits following their divorce in 2008. Rodriguez responded with a counter lawsuit, accusing Scurtis of making unauthorized withdrawals of over a million dollars from their partnership. However, a recent ruling by a Miami judge has allowed for the inclusion of punitive damages in the complaint. This could mean that A-Rod might have to provide financial compensation as a result.

Winter whites: ARod seemed keen to let his ladies have some girl talk as he tended to some business on his phone in an all white ensemble

Winter whites: ARod looked enthusiastic about giving his female companions a chance to catch up while he focused on his phone, dressed in a stylish all-white outfit.

Blended brood: JLo and ARod brought one daughter each out for lunch, as her son Max, 12, and his daughter Ella, 12, were not present for  the outing

JLo and ARod had a blended family lunch outing with their children. However, their son Max, 12, and his daughter Ella, 12, were not present on this occasion. Ella is the child that ARod shares with his ex-wife Scurtis, while Max is JLo’s son with her ex-husband Marc Anthony. After returning from a work trip, JLo seemed relaxed and happy to spend time with her family. It has been a busy month for JLo, as she and Rodriguez traveled to Washington DC for her performance at the inauguration of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. Rodriguez expressed his pride in JLo’s performance and shared a photo of them on their private jet.

Wedding bells?: The power couple of three years had to postpone their wedding twice with Lopez telling Cohen in an radio interview 'At our age, we've both been married before, it's like, do we get married? Do we not?'

Questioning wedding plans: The high-profile couple, who have been together for three years, had to delay their wedding not once, but twice. In an interview with radio host Andy Cohen, Jennifer Lopez expressed uncertainty about tying the knot, saying, “At our age, we’ve both been married before, it’s like, do we get married? Do we not?” The first delay was due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, causing them to reconsider their future together. Lopez reiterated this sentiment in an interview with Elle, expressing disappointment over having to cancel their plans twice. However, despite the setbacks, their commitment to one another remains evident, as shown in a recent family photo shared by Alex Rodriguez, in which he and his daughters are seen happily jumping on a trampoline.

Family first: Despite two postponed weddings and statements in December where Lopez told Cohen they were re-considering marriage, she told Elle in mid-January 'We want to do it right when we can do it'

Putting Family as a Priority: Despite having to delay their wedding twice and discussing the possibility of not getting married in December, Lopez revealed to Elle magazine in mid-January that they are determined to make their union a special one, waiting for the perfect time to tie the knot.

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