Jennifer Lopez rocks double midriff-baring ensembles during fun-filled Miami shopping spree with her adorable twins Max and Emme

Jennifer Lopez decided to spend Valentine’s Day in Miami with her partner, Alex Rodriguez. However, their trip is far from over. Recently, the 49-year-old actress and singer was spotted in Miami, strolling around with her adorable ten-year-old twins, Max and Emme. Jennifer flaunted her taut stomach with not just one, but two trendy outfits as they indulged in a day of retail therapy.

On Saturday, Jennifer Lopez, 49, was seen walking around in Miami with her daughter Emme, 10

Over the weekend, the talented Jennifer Lopez, age 49, took a leisurely stroll in Miami accompanied by her daughter Emme, who is 10 years old. It’s no surprise that all eyes were on Jennifer as she flaunted her incredible physique in a pair of eye-catching leggings. These leggings not only accentuated her age-defying figure but also sported captivating watercolor-style designs depicting tropical flowers and stunning beach scenes. To complete her stylish ensemble, Jennifer accessorized with a chic yellow leather handbag that perfectly matched the vibrant hue of her top. Tying the whole look together, she opted for a pair of simple white athletic shoes. Shielding her eyes from the Florida sun, Jennifer donned a pair of oversized reflective sunglasses. Additionally, she kept her luscious brunette locks neatly tied up in a fashionable high bun. Jennifer’s choice of a yellow Naked Wardrobe crop top brought back memories of a previous outfit she wore during a Valentine’s Day appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. This time, however, she decided to rock a more covered up and sheer look with the yellow top. It’s evident that Jennifer Lopez knows how to effortlessly turn heads wherever she goes with her impeccable fashion sense and ageless beauty.

Like a highlighter: The If You Had My Love singer was dressed in an eye-catching neon yellow top that showed off her toned tummy

Resembling a fluorescent highlighter, Jennifer Lopez, known for her hit song “If You Had My Love,” sported a stunning neon yellow top that effortlessly flaunted her well-defined abs.

How does she do it? The 5ft5in singer had on a pair of leggings that highlighted her age-defying figure and featured watercolor-style illustrations of tropical flowers and beach scenes

What’s her secret? This petite 5ft5in vocalist effortlessly rocks a stunning pair of leggings, showcasing her timeless physique. The leggings boast vibrant designs resembling picturesque watercolor artwork, capturing the essence of tropical flowers and serene beach landscapes.

Emme, Jennifer’s daughter, decided to sport a more daring attire on the scorching day. She stepped out in a breezy black and white T-shirt paired with a stylish skirt made of black overalls. Unafraid of pushing boundaries, the young writer confidently flaunted a sturdy pair of black leather boots. In the summer of 2018, Jennifer accompanied Emme to numerous meetings with publishers, striving to land a book deal for her 10-year-old’s beautifully illustrated children’s book.

Matching accessories: She toted around a yellow leather handbag that perfectly matched the vibrant shade of her top and had a set of plain white athletic shoes 

Complementing her vibrant top, she effortlessly carried a sunny yellow leather handbag while sporting a pair of classic white athletic shoes.

Staying shady: Jennifer wore a large pair of reflective sunglasses and kept her brunette hair tied up in a high bun

Jennifer chose to maintain an air of mystery by donning a stylish pair of oversized sunglasses that reflected her surroundings. Her luscious brunette locks were elegantly pulled back into a chic high bun, adding an extra touch of sophistication to her ensemble.

Favorite color: Jennifer's yellow crop top was reminiscent of a similarly-covered sheer dress that she wore for a Valentine's Day broadcast of Jimmy Kimmel Live

Color of choice: Jennifer’s crop top in a vibrant shade of yellow brought back memories of a sheer dress she donned during a special Valentine’s Day appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

In the afternoon, the popular actress from “Out Of Sight” was seen in another part of Miami, accompanied by her sister and her twins. Jennifer once again proudly showed off her incredibly fit abdomen, this time sporting a gray workout outfit from Naked Wardrobe. The snug crop top beautifully highlighted her remarkable figure, while the gray leggings flawlessly accentuated her famous rear end.

Costume change: Later in the day, the Out Of Sight star was spotted elsewhere in Miami, this time with her sister and both her twins [pictured here with Jen]

Outfit alteration: During the course of the day, the Out Of Sight actress was seen at a different location in Miami accompanied by her sister and both of her twins [depicted in this image with Jennifer].

Working it: Jen again flaunted her supremely toned tum, this time in gray workout wear by Naked Wardrobe

Getting in shape: Once again, Jen confidently showed off her incredibly fit abdomen, choosing to don stylish gray workout attire from the brand Naked Wardrobe.

Doting mom: Jen pulls ten-year-old max in close

Loving mother: Jen hugs her ten-year-old son, Max, tightly.

Found it! The star engaged in a little retail therapy with her family

Eureka! The celebrity indulged in some retail indulgence alongside her loved ones.

Both sides now: A tight crop top made the most of her impressive assets

Gray leggings perfectly accentuated the multi-hyphenate's famous booty

From all angles: A well-fitted crop top showcased her enviable features, while stylish gray leggings gracefully highlighted the notable curves of the multi-talented individual. During the preceding day, her ex-baseball player boyfriend shared an image of the expensive $24,000 Audemars Piguet Royal Oak timepiece she bestowed upon him for the romantic occasion. Although the couple enjoyed a cozy Valentine’s Day in bed, Jennifer Lopez hasn’t disclosed the gift Alex Rodriguez presented to her. The affectionate pair commemorated their second year together on February 3rd.

On Friday, Alex Rodriguez, 43, posted a photo of the $24,000 Audemars Piguet Royal Oak watch she gave him for the love-themed holiday

Alex Rodriguez, a 43-year old individual, shared a picture on Friday showcasing the lavish $24,000 Audemars Piguet Royal Oak timepiece that was gifted to him on the romantic occasion.

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