Miley Cyrus Cherishes Quality Time with Sister Noah and Adorable New Pet Emu during a Shopping Spree in the City of Angels

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Published: 15:14 EST, 30 June 2014 | Updated: 03:26 EST, 1 July 2014

When Miley Cyrus isn’t busy with her wild on-stage performances, she loves spending time with her family. The 21-year-old singer and her 14-year-old sister, Noah, recently went shopping at a Bed, Bath and Beyond store in Los Angeles. During their shopping spree, they purchased various household items such as a pizza maker, cutting board, and juice dispenser. The sisters were spotted holding hands and enjoying the company of Miley’s new dog, a Rough Collie named Emu. Miley got Emu to help her cope with the loss of her Alaskan Klee Kai, Floyd, who passed away three months ago. Watch the video below for more details.

Family fun: Miley Cyrus and her 14-year-old sister Noah enjoyed a shopping trip together on Saturday in LA

A delightful outing took place when Miley Cyrus and her younger sister Noah, 14, embarked on a shopping spree in Los Angeles. The two siblings were seen leaving the store, loaded with a tremendous amount of merchandise that required two shopping carts to accommodate. Miley opted for a trendy and chic look, donning a stylish jumpsuit adorned with a captivating pattern. On the other hand, Noah went for a more relaxed and effortlessly cool appearance, sporting an oversized jumpsuit.

Homemaker: Miley shopped for googs including a pizza maker, cutting board and juice dispenser

Stay-at-home mom Miley ventured out on a delightful shopping spree, filling her cart with a variety of household goods. Among her purchases were a state-of-the-art pizza maker, a stylish cutting board, and a convenient juice dispenser.

Moving on: Miley was accompanied by her new Rough Collie pup Emu, who she got to help her get over the death of her Alaskan Klee Kai, Floyd, three months ago

Moving on: Miley was accompanied by her new Rough Collie pup Emu, who she got to help her get over the death of her Alaskan Klee Kai, Floyd, three months ago

Moving forward: Miley was joined by her adorable new Rough Collie puppy named Emu, who became a source of comfort for her after the loss of her beloved Alaskan Klee Kai, Floyd, just a few months ago.

Bonding: Noah, who has been on tour with Miley recently, enjoyed some time off with her sister as they hit the shops

Quality Time: Noah, who has been accompanying Miley on her recent tour, took a break from their busy schedule to go shopping with her sister.
Having been a child star herself, Miley is well aware of the challenges faced by young individuals in the entertainment industry. In a recent interview with Sophie Monk on 2Day FM, Miley confessed that she feels a sense of protectiveness towards her younger sister, who is following in her famous footsteps. Miley praised Noah’s natural talent for entertaining and humorously admitted that sometimes she feels overshadowed when Noah is around, as all the attention gravitates towards her.

Moving on: Miley's newest dog has put a smile on her face again following Floyd's tragic death

Moving on: Miley's newest dog has put a smile on her face again following Floyd's tragic death

Moving Forward: Miley Cyrus once again finds comfort in the company of her latest furry companion, bringing joy to her life after the heartbreaking loss of her beloved dog, Floyd.

Future star? Miley has been praising Noah's star potential recently but doesn't want her to follow in her footsteps

Could Noah Cyrus be the next big star? Older sister Miley Cyrus has been praising Noah’s natural talent and potential, although she wants her to have a different path. Miley recognizes Noah’s skill and admits that if she wants to become a star, she wouldn’t stand in her way. However, Miley also wants to protect Noah’s innocence and keep her focused on her love for sports and horses for as long as possible. Miley explains that the entertainment industry requires strength and the ability to ignore what people think. Despite her young age of 14, Noah has already started accompanying Miley on her Bangerz Tour, where she wears a cat costume and helps her sister with wardrobe mishaps.

Just an ordinary girl: Miley enjoyed a distinctly unstarry day off as she ran errands

Just your average gal: Miley had a completely unglamorous day off while completing errands.

Doting: Miley can't bear to be separated from her new dog and brought him along to the store with her

Doting: Miley can't bear to be separated from her new dog and brought him along to the store with her

Fond of: Miley simply can’t stand being apart from her newly adopted dog, so she decided to bring him along with her to the store.

Stylish: Miley looked chic in a red jumpsuit and white trainers as she stocked up at Bed, Bath and Beyond

Miley looked effortlessly stylish in a vibrant red jumpsuit paired with crisp white trainers as she made a shopping trip to Bed, Bath, and Beyond. In a recent interview, Cyrus revealed that her beloved dog companion keeps her grounded in life. “Wherever I go, she’s by my side,” she shared. Not only does her furry friend offer companionship, but she also adds some entertainment to Cyrus’ dance routines. “She joins me in all the dances,” Cyrus explained with a smile. “Sometimes she gets the moves wrong and I find myself mimicking her instead. It’s quite amusing.” The pop star further emphasized the joy of having her family around during performances, highlighting how her mother, Tish, actively participates in the choreography. “We have so much fun on stage together,” Cyrus expressed. “My mom takes a lead role too and dances alongside me at the front.” Clearly, family involvement plays a significant part in making the shows more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Undisturbed: Miley was able to enjoy a relaxed day of shopping undisturbed by fans

Unbothered: Miley had the pleasure of peacefully indulging in a day of shopping without being interrupted by any of her fans.

Helping out: Noah helped Miley out by pushing her own trolley laden with goods

Assisting One Another: Miley received a hand from Noah as she pushed her own shopping cart filled with various items. It is evident that the exceptional teenager highly admires her sister, as displayed by their close bond captured in her Twitter profile picture.
Noah has made appearances in multiple television series, gaining recognition for lending her voice to the main character in the renowned animated film Ponyo by Hayao Miyazaki in 2008.
Acknowledging Noah’s support, Miley openly confessed that her sister plays a vital role in preventing any embarrassing wardrobe mishaps during her performances.

Moonie's back: Moonie, the dog Miley's mother bought her to replace Floyd, made an appearance in a new photo shoot by Terry Richardson

Moonie returns: Miley’s furry companion, Moonie, sprang back into the limelight as the charming pooch starred in an exclusive photo session captured by the renowned Terry Richardson.

Moving on: While Miley was too upset to keep Moonie after Floyd's death, she was thrilled to spend some time with the cute pooch recently

Moving forward: Despite feeling too distraught to keep Moonie after Floyd’s passing, Miley recently found joy in spending time with the adorable pooch.
During her Bangerz tour, Cyrus flaunts a variety of revealing attire, which includes a collection of high-cut leotards.
However, the former child star revealed in an interview with 2Day FM that she relies on her sister, Noah, to prevent any unfortunate wardrobe malfunctions. Cyrus playfully referred to her sister as the “p***y police,” explaining that Noah stands by her side to ensure everything stays in place.
While Miley may appear confident and comfortable on stage in her skimpy outfits, she confesses to feeling nervous about any mishaps on stage. She relies on the hope that her unitard will cover everything and keep her confident.

Controversial: Despite the controversy surrounding him, Miley is still close pals with photographer Terry Richardson

Controversial as it may be, Miley remains good friends with renowned photographer Terry Richardson, despite the ongoing debates surrounding him.

Joking around: Miley appeared to be having fun as she joked around at Terry's studio

Playfully bantering: Miley seemed to be thoroughly enjoying herself as she engaged in friendly jokes and jests at Terry’s creative space.

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