Miley Cyrus Embraces Natural Beauty: Enjoying a Dog-Walking Stroll in Comfy Shorts with a Close Companion

Frequently, she is seen wearing eccentric outfits, but Miley Cyrus decided to surprise her Instagram followers by showcasing a more laid-back look on Monday. The 22-year-old singer opted for a casual appearance as she spent the day walking her dog with a female friend in Calabasas, California. Miley chose a modest wardrobe, consisting of black gym shorts that were unusually short, but she wore Lycra underwear for extra modesty. She paired this with a grey vest top that displayed an American flag design on the back. Feel free to keep scrolling for the video.

Not a nipple petal in sight: Miley Cyrus cut an uncharacteristically low-key figure as she enjoyed a dog walk with a female friend in Calabasas, California, on Monday

Miley Cyrus sported a remarkably casual look as she took a leisurely stroll with a female companion in Calabasas, California. Not one to shy away from attention, Miley chose to keep things low-key this time around. She showcased her toned legs in comfortable shorts that revealed a hint of her derriere. In the name of fashion, she decided to rock a pair of sleek black Nike running shoes, prioritizing style over convenience. Embracing a more natural look, Miley courageously went makeup-free, revealing a flawless complexion that seemed to be free from any blemishes.

Comfort over style: Miley, 22, slipped into a comfy outfit with comprised a grey vest top and a pair of bottom-skimming shorts with Lycra knickers worn underneath to protect her modesty

Prioritizing comfort over fashion, Miley, a 22-year-old, casually donned a relaxed ensemble. She opted for a cozy grey tank top paired with shorts that were long enough to reach her knees. To ensure her privacy, she wore Lycra undergarments beneath her shorts.

God Bless America: Miley showed her patriotism as her top featured a print of the American flag

God Bless America: Miley showed her patriotism as her top featured a print of the American flag

Miley expressed her love for her country in a stunning way by donning a top that proudly showcased a vibrant print of the American flag.

Girls' day out: The singer and her friend - Jesse Light - were pictured unloading the boot of a car

A day of fun for the ladies: The vocalist and her buddy, Jesse Light, were captured capturing a moment while taking things out of the back of their car.

Natural beauty: The Wrecking Ball hit-maker gave her skin a welcome break from make-up and bared her untouched face which appeared to be in good condition

Embracing her natural beauty, the singer behind “Wrecking Ball” showcased her flawless complexion by going makeup-free. Miley playfully styled her short pixie haircut into a small top knot, securing it with a vibrant orange clip. Accompanied by her casually dressed friend Jesse Light, who wore black workout leggings and a loose white top, Miley assisted in unloading items from the car while attentively watching over their furry companions. Together, they walked their dogs to a friend’s house, where they indulged in a fun-filled girls’ night.

Girl's best friend: Following the tragic death of her beloved pet dog Floyd last year, Miley has found solace in a new furry friend

Girl's best friend: Following the tragic death of her beloved pet dog Floyd last year, Miley has found solace in a new furry friend

The tragic loss of Miley’s beloved pet dog Floyd last year left her feeling heartbroken, but she has recently found comfort in the companionship of a new furry friend. To keep her millions of Instagram followers in the loop, the social-media sensation recently shared snippets of her leisure activities. Miley, along with her pals Sarah Barthel and Lisa Marie, decided to have a cozy slumber party, and they invited Jesse to join in the fun. The group decided to indulge in some pampering, which included trying out various face masks. They even took their beauty routine to the next level by smearing their faces with raw avocado. Miley couldn’t resist capturing the green-faced group in photos, and she hilariously captioned one of the snapshots, expressing her avocado obsession.

Slumber party: The MTV Vide Music Awards host headed to a mate's house where she enjoyed a pamper session

Sleepover: The host of the MTV Video Music Awards decided to visit a friend’s place for a fun evening, indulging in a pampering session.

Avocado obsession: Miley smothered her face with the raw vegetable as she experimented with new facial techniques

Miley’s love for avocados: She playfully indulged in the raw fruit, using it to explore innovative facial methods.

As bizarre as ever: The 22-year-old was pictured appearing to bit on a a fake skull in one Instagram picture

As peculiar as ever: In a recent Instagram photo, the 22-year-old was captured seemingly nibbling on a counterfeit skull.

'Girls' night lol': The skull was decorated with cake sprinkles and had a suspicious cigarette placed in its mouth

‘Girls’ Night Fun Haha’: The skull was adorned with sugary sprinkles, accompanied by a mysterious cigarette placed delicately in its mouth.

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