Miley Cyrus Pushes Boundaries Again: Her Provocative Stint alongside a Bill Clinton Lookalike in Vancouver

Risque: Miley Cyrus performed a racy dance number with a Bill Clinton impersonator during her Bangerz opening show in Vancouver on Friday

Miley Cyrus added a touch of risqué to her Bangerz opening show in Vancouver last Friday by performing a daring dance routine alongside a Bill Clinton impersonator.

Shock tactics: The 21-year-old shredded what was left of her Hannah Montana image with this X-rated performance

Surprising Techniques: In a bold move, the 21-year-old completely shattered her innocent Hannah Montana persona with a racy and explicit performance.

That looks uncomfortable: Miley's back-up dancer wore a Bill Clinton mask, dark suit, shirt and sloppy tie

Miley’s dance crew member opted for a rather uncomfortable attire: donning a Bill Clinton mask, along with a dark suit, shirt, and a deliberately disheveled tie.

Junk food: The entertainer did just that while singing a song astride a gigantic hot dog

Fast food: The performer successfully captured everyone’s attention by belting out a tune on top of a massive hot dog.

Loony Tunes: Miley wore a furry yellow jacket that may have been inspired by Tweety bird

Crazy Cartoons: Miley sported a fluffy, canary-colored coat that could have been influenced by the iconic Tweety bird.

Defying gravity: The platinum-haired wonder displayed no dizzying fear of heights either

Challenging the forces of nature: The mesmerizing individual with platinum locks showed an astounding absence of vertigo as well.

Liberty for all: The Stetson-wearing singer twerked with a drawf dressed up as the American Liberty Bell

Freedom for everyone: The country music artist wearing a Stetson hat showed off their twerking skills alongside a dwarf artist dressed as the iconic American symbol, the Liberty Bell.

Elaborate sets: A back-up dancer dressed up as the Statue Of Liberty also made an appearance

Elaborate stage designs: Adding to the spectacle, a backup dancer donned an ensemble resembling the iconic Statue of Liberty.

Walk this way: Miley was shadowed by a tall blue furry creature

Beneath the glowing moonlight, Miley’s every step was traced by an imposing azure creature, its flowing fur standing tall.

For me? Miley accepted a single red rose from a drawf during one of the more tame moments

“Do you really think this is for me?” Miley exclaimed, her eyes widening in surprise as a mischievous dwarf handed her a solitary red rose. This unexpected gesture came during a surprisingly calm moment, adding a touch of whimsy to the atmosphere.

Toothy: Miley pulled out a pair of crooked false teeth during her splashy finale number

Toothy: In a dazzling grand finale, Miley surprised the audience by revealing a set of quirky misaligned dentures.

How's that: Miley gave it her all and her very best while clad in a high-cut and sparkly red, white and blue leotard and star-spangled cowboy boots

What do you think about this: Miley put forth her maximum effort and showcased her best as she performed in a glittering, red, white, and blue leotard featuring a high-cut design. Completing her patriotic ensemble, she wore cowboy boots adorned with stars and stripes.

Usual mix: Miley's numbers featured twerking, grinding, bending over and crotch-grabbing

Typical combination: Miley’s performances included aspects like twerking, grinding, bending down, and grabbing at her crotch.

Say 'ah': Miley let her tongue hang out as she held onto a blue glove

Say ‘ah’: Miley playfully stuck her tongue out while gripping a vibrant blue glove.

Up close and personal: Miley performed a racy routine with a female back-up dancer

Getting up close and personal: Miley delivered a provocative performance alongside a female dancer.

Hearts afire: The pixie-haired songstress slipped into about a dozen different costumes including a red sequin dress with high slit

Hearts afire: The pixie-haired songstress slipped into about a dozen different costumes including a red sequin dress with high slit and red bodysuit with furry wrap

Sparks of love: The singer with a pixie haircut effortlessly transitioned between numerous outfits, showcasing her versatility. One of her standout ensembles was a dazzling red sequin dress, complete with a daring high slit. Additionally, she sported a striking red bodysuit, elegantly paired with a fluffy wrap.

She's got chaps: The versatile performer switched into a rhinestone-studded black bra and zebra-stripped chaps

She’s wearing chaps: The multi-talented artist effortlessly changed into a shiny black bra adorned with sparkling rhinestones, paired with chaps featuring a bold zebra pattern.

Thumbs up: Miley performed to a sold-out crowd at Vancouver's Rogers Arena so no wonder was smiling

Thumbs up: With a sold-out venue at Vancouver’s Rogers Arena, it’s no surprise that Miley was beaming as she performed for the excited crowd.

Six-pack abs: Miley flaunted her washboard tummy and much more

Miley proudly showcased her chiseled six-pack abs and a whole lot more.

Riding in style: The songstress tuned into the show while riding on the hood of a sporty prop car

Cruising with flair: The talented singer enjoyed the show from the top of a sleek prop car

So excited: Miley's eye-catching costum featured a colourful array of marijuana leaves

Absolutely thrilled: Miley’s captivating outfit showcased a vibrant assortment of cannabis foliage

That's a mouthful: The 21-year-old rode a tongue slide to open her show

Now that’s quite something: The young lady, who is only 21 years old, kicked off her performance by sliding down a tongue-shaped slide.

Advertising: Miley's cannibis-inspired bodysuit was perhaps the most eye-catching of all her 12 costumes on Friday night

Promotion: Miley’s captivating bodysuit, infused with the essence of cannabis, undoubtedly stole the spotlight among her impressive collection of 12 outfits during the eventful Friday night.

Wild night: The Bangerz backup dancers got quite hands on with Miley

Crazy Party: The Bangerz backup dancers had a wild time getting up close and personal with Miley.

Twerking on tour: The Wrecking Ball hitmaker will next take her Bangerz Tour to Anaheim's Honda Center on Thursday with opening act Icona Pop

Getting down on tour: The singer behind the smash hit “Wrecking Ball” is set to bring her electrifying Bangerz Tour to Anaheim’s Honda Center this Thursday, accompanied by the energetic opening act, Icona Pop.

Belting it out: Miley crooned as she backup performers swayed behind her

Singing her heart out: Miley serenaded the audience while her supporting performers gracefully danced in the background.

Riding the hood: The Wrecking Ball singer performed some raunchy moves

Getting down on the hood: Miley Cyrus, the renowned Wrecking Ball artist, showcased a sassy array of dance moves.

Costume change: The star slipped into racy red number for a raunchy dance number

Wardrobe transformation: The celebrity gracefully adorned a daring crimson outfit for a provocative dance performance.

Taking a knee: The blonde bobbed singer played to the packed crowd

In an act of kneeling: The singer with her blonde bob entertained the enthusiastic audience.

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