Miley Cyrus shows off her toned physique in a swimsuit and denim shorts during romantic Australian vacation with Liam Hemsworth – with Chris Hemsworth finally speaking out about their rumored marriage.

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have been having a great time on their long vacation in Australia, soaking up the sun in Byron Bay over the Christmas holidays. Recently, the couple was spotted showing off their beach-ready bodies during a fun outing in the coastal town of New South Wales. This sighting comes amidst swirling rumors about their marriage, with a magazine suggesting that they may have secretly gotten married in a ceremony in the trendy hippie community.

Byron babes! Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth looked loved-up while out for lunch in Byron Bay, Australia, earlier this month

They showcased their stunning beach bodies in the carpark

Miley Cyrus shows off her slim physique in a bikini and short denim cutoffs during her trip to Byron Bay with her partner Liam Hemsworth. Meanwhile, Liam’s brother Chris has finally spoken out about their rumored wedding, clarifying that they have not tied the knot officially.

Looking fabulous, Miley, aged 25, rocked a white bikini top on their latest outing in Byron Bay. Her belly-button piercing was visible above her small denim shorts as she exited the car upon their arrival.

Hot, hot, hot: Cutting a stunning figure, Miley, 25, wore a skimpy white bikini top during the couple's recent Byron Bay outing 

Sizzling: Miley, 25, looked absolutely radiant in a gorgeous white bikini top while enjoying a day out in Byron Bay with her partner.

Daisy Dukes: The songstress teamed her swimwear with tiny denim shorts as she stepped out of the car the pair arrived in

Daisy Dukes: The singer paired her swimsuit with small denim shorts as she got out of the car they arrived in.

Looking good! Passers-by were treated to a leggy display as the beauty waited for Liam to unpack their blue SUV

Looking fabulous! Onlookers had a chance to admire her long legs as she elegantly stood by while Liam unloaded their blue SUV.

Need any help? Passers-by were treated to a leggy display

The beauty patiently waited for Liam to unpack the car

Dressed to impress in a stunning pink kimono adorned with floral patterns, the main attraction effortlessly stood out in her outfit. Onlookers couldn’t help but admire her stylish ensemble as she patiently waited for Liam to unload their blue SUV. Completing her look with a cap and slides, she exuded confidence and charm. Meanwhile, Liam, 28, kept it casual in board shorts and a T-shirt, blending in seamlessly with the laid-back locals.

Flowing florals: The star player in her effortless outfit was a bright pink kimono with floral prints, and she finished off the ensemble with a cap and slides

The standout piece in her laid-back look was a vibrant pink kimono adorned with beautiful flowers, paired with a hat and slide sandals to complete the outfit.

Blending in: In board shorts and a T-shirt, Liam, 28, could have easily blended-in with the locals 

Fitting in: With his board shorts and casual T-shirt, Liam, who is 28 years old, could easily pass as a local resident.

Just a sec darl! He was seen grabbing some belongings from the boot of his car

Hold on a moment, honey! He was spotted taking some items from the trunk of his vehicle, where it seemed there was still a bag of their luggage inside. Liam’s brother Chris recently commented on the rumors about his brother and Miley supposedly getting married in a secret ceremony in a coastal town in New South Wales earlier this year.

Luggage lover: The car appeared to still contain one of the Hollywood-based couple's luggage bags

A fan of suitcases: A luggage belonging to the celebrity couple from Hollywood could still be seen in their car. When questioned about the rumors during a chat with Sirius XM radio in New York, he denied it with a nervous laugh. He emphasized that they were not formally married, sparking curiosity with his choice of words. Nonetheless, Chris didn’t dismiss the possibility of a wedding celebration happening between Miley and Liam in Byron Bay earlier this year.

Lock it or lose it! It was just a few short seconds before he joined Miley

Secure your belongings or risk losing them! Just moments before he met up with Miley, there were rumors circulating about Miley and Liam tying the knot in a secret ceremony in Australia, as they were seen wearing matching rings. Sources claimed that Byron Bay held a special significance for the couple and that it was the perfect location for their alleged wedding. Despite calling off their engagement in 2013, Miley and Liam reunited in January 2016 during a New Year’s celebration in the coastal town.

Still hope: On Wednesday, Liam's brother Chris spoke out after reports his brother and Miley 'secretly tied the knot' in the New South Wales coastal town, earlier this year

There is still optimism: On Wednesday, Liam’s sibling Chris shared his thoughts following rumors that Liam and Miley got married in secret in a small coastal town in New South Wales earlier this year.

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