Miley Cyrus Shows Off Legs in Stylish Red Shorts Ensemble, Ditches Bora Bora Honeymoon

According to reports, Miley Cyrus has decided to cancel her luxurious Bora Bora honeymoon with her fiancé Liam Hemsworth. However, despite the possible stress of reorganizing her honeymoon plans, Miley appeared content and at ease as she went out for lunch in LA with her mother Trish. She was seen wearing a red Vans ‘Schools Raglan’ sweatshirt and shorts, showcasing her slender legs and natural beauty with no makeup.

Carefree: Despite the potential stress of planning a whole new honeymoon, Miley Cyrus looked happy and relaxed as she stepped out for lunch in LA

Easygoing: In the midst of organizing an entirely new honeymoon adventure, Miley Cyrus appeared completely at ease and content as she ventured out for a leisurely lunch in Los Angeles. Her choice of attire, consisting of casual shorts paired with a long-sleeved sweater, accentuated her beautifully toned midsection. Miley effortlessly pulled back her ombre blonde locks into a chic high bun, allowing her natural beauty to shine through without the need for makeup. Carrying her phone, water, and juice, she strolled towards the lunch destination accompanied by her mother Trish, who could easily be mistaken for her sibling due to their youthful appearances.

Natural: Sporting red Vans 'Schools Raglan' sweatshirt and shorts, the 23-year-old Wrecking Ball star showed off her long lean legs and bare-faced beauty

Casual: Flaunting her slim physique and youthful charm, the 23-year-old pop sensation Miley Cyrus effortlessly rocked a vibrant red Vans ‘Schools Raglan’ sweatshirt paired with matching shorts. With a natural and makeup-free look, she confidently showcased her long, slender legs.

Coordinating: The casual shorts and long sleeved sweater get-up flaunted her toned tum

Casual: She matched her outfit with trainers

Coordinating: She confidently showed off her toned stomach in a relaxed outfit consisting of shorts and a long-sleeved sweater. As reported by Us Weekly on Thursday, she has unexpectedly canceled her honeymoon in Bora Bora, a stunning island in French Polynesia that she had meticulously planned. The famous actress, known for her role in Hannah Montana, had initially intended to celebrate her marriage to her 26-year-old fiancé Liam on this picturesque island, boasting its own lagoon and barrier reef. However, Miley has had a change of heart and now desires to create beautiful memories of their love in a different destination. Supposedly, Liam is completely supportive of her decision, as his main priority is her happiness.

I got it from my mama! Carrying her phone, water and juice, she made her way to lunch with mum Trish- who looked more like her sister

It was all thanks to my lovely mom! She effortlessly juggled her phone, water, and juice as she headed out for a lunch date with her mother, Trish. Surprisingly, Trish looked so young that they could easily be mistaken for sisters.

Radiant: Tying her blonde ombre hair into a high bun, Miley went make-up free, showing off her natural good looks

Flawless: Her complexion looked glowing as she stepped out

Glowing with radiance, Miley effortlessly gathered her blonde ombre locks into a chic high bun, embracing her natural beauty with a makeup-free look. Gossips have shared with the latest edition of the magazine that the couple had meticulously planned their entire trip, only for Miley to have a change of heart. As of now, they haven’t chosen a new destination for their upcoming nuptials. While autumn remains their chosen season to exchange vows, the exact location is still up in the air. Initially, Miley and Liam had entertained the idea of a picturesque beach ceremony in Liam’s homeland of Australia for a cozy summer celebration, but now that idea has been dismissed.

Yummy mummy: Mum Trish sported stylish rippe jeans and her hair in braids

Stylish mom Trish rocked a trendy look with ripped jeans and her hair styled in braids.

Moving on: Miley reportedly cancelled her planned honeymoon to Bora Bora with Liam Hemsworth according to a Thursday report from Us Weekly. They are seen here in May

Miley is said to have cancelled her scheduled honeymoon to Bora Bora with Liam Hemsworth, according to a report from Us Weekly. The couple, who began dating in 2010 after starring in The Last Song together, announced their engagement in May 2012. Sources suggest that Miley prefers a small, private wedding, while Liam has his heart set on a grand celebration. However, it is believed that they will ultimately find a middle ground and reach a compromise. Despite the cancelled honeymoon news, Liam was seen grabbing coffee with a friend in Beverly Hills on Thursday.

Casual coffee run: Liam was spotted heading to meet a friend in Beverly Hills on Thursday after the news broke

Going out: He headed out on Thursday after the news broke

Informal coffee outing: On Thursday, Liam was seen making his way to catch up with a pal in the Beverly Hills area, shortly following the news update.

Reconciliation: The 23-year-old singer and 26-year-old actor pictured together in Byron Bay, Australia back in April

Reconciliation: The 23-year-old pop star and 26-year-old actor were photographed together in Byron Bay, Australia back in April. However, the couple had broken up in 2013, only to revive their relationship once again earlier this year in March. Miley’s father, Billy Ray Cyrus, has expressed his desire to officiate his daughter’s wedding, as he had a taste of it while playing the role of a washed-up country music singer, who pretends to be a minister in the show Still the King. In the past, he mentioned, “They are currently very happy together. If they ever need a preacher, they won’t have to look any further.”

Daddy dear: Miley's dad Billy Ray Cyrus has publicly stated he would love to officiate his own daughter's nuptials, as they are pictured together in New York in June 2015

Dear Dad: Miley’s father, Billy Ray Cyrus, has openly expressed his desire to officiate her forthcoming wedding ceremony. This heartwarming statement comes as the duo is captured in a delightful moment during their time together in New York City back in June 2015.

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