“Radiant Beyonce: Brightening up NYC streets in bold pink shorts and vibrant orange top”

Just the name Beyoncé Knowles is enough to capture the attention of any crowd. The 33-year-old singer made a bold fashion statement as she strutted through New York City on Thursday. She rocked a pair of vibrant hot pink leather shorts, showing off her toned legs, paired with a form-fitting orange crop top featuring trendy cut outs along the sleeves. Watch the video below for more!

Let there be sparks: Beyoncé Knowles sparked attention in an electric pink and orange ensemble while stepping out in NYC on Thursday

Beyoncé Knowles turned heads in a vibrant pink and orange outfit as she was seen out and about in New York City on Thursday, creating quite the buzz.

Nice combo: The 33-year-old singer turned heads by pairing hot pink shorts with an orange crop top 

Stunning ensemble: Beyoncé, who is 33, caught everyone’s attention with her choice of outfit – hot pink shorts with an orange crop top. The bold color pairing alone could have shone bright in the night sky, but she took it up a notch by adding fuchsia high heels to the mix. Completing her eye-catching look was an apple-green leather handbag and some dangling earrings, possibly adorned with emeralds. To top it off, she wore her waist-length golden hair loose and parted down the middle.

Attracting a crowd: The leggy entertainer wasn't shy about showing off her shapely legs as she crossed a traffic-filled street

Attracting a crowd: The leggy entertainer wasn't shy about showing off her shapely legs as she crossed a traffic-filled street

Drawing a crowd: The striking performer confidently flaunted her long legs while navigating through a busy street filled with traffic.

She's got company: Beyoncé's husband Jay Z was spotted alongside his beautiful wife

Beyoncé was accompanied by her husband Jay Z, who was seen by her side looking handsome as ever.

Was that planned? Jay Z sported a stylish orange cap that blended well with Beyoncé's orange top

Did you notice that? Jay Z rocked a trendy orange baseball cap that perfectly matched Beyoncé’s stylish orange top.

Irreplaceable: Beyoncé pulled her tresses, which were styled in a centre parting, to one side  

Unmatchable: Beyoncé brushed her hair, with a sleek centre part, to one side.

Feeling green: Beyoncé threw in a green leather handbag and jeweled earrings that could have been emeralds

Going for a green look: Beyoncé completed her outfit with a stylish green leather handbag and dazzling earrings that looked like they could be made of emeralds.

Mr & Mrs Carter: The power couple were escorted to their waiting car by members of their security detail

Mr & Mrs Carter: The power couple were escorted to their waiting car by members of their security detail

Mr. and Mrs. Carter, the dynamic duo, were escorted by their security team to their waiting car as they carried on with their jam-packed day. Beyoncé had a full schedule ahead, with stops at a music recording studio and her office in Midtown Manhattan. Her husband, Jay Z, was right by her side, rocking an orange cap to match his wife’s stylish orange top as they left a building together.

Fresh off her successful Mrs. Carter Show World Tour, Beyoncé is now busy working on a collaborative album with Jay Z, set to be released later this year. Their producer, Detail, confirmed the exciting news at The Grammys, saying that when you think of Jay and Bey together, an album is a given. Beyoncé was certainly on the move that day, juggling work at her office and a recording session in Manhattan.

Mind your step: The Sweet Dreams beauty carefully navigated her steps as she hopped off the pavement

Watch your step: The Sweet Dreams beauty paid close attention as she carefully made her way off the curb.

Centre of attention: Fans lined the streets with their smartphones to capture a shot of the singing sensation

All eyes were on the singing sensation as fans lined the streets, ready to snap a picture with their smartphones.

Preened to perfection: Beyoncé lived up to the title of her hit single Flawless as she strutted along

Beyoncé looked absolutely flawless as she confidently walked, truly embodying the message of her popular song of the same name.

Smiling power: The Drunk In Love singer flashed her pearly whites as she acknowledged the crowd

Radiating happiness: The singer of Drunk In Love showed off her beautiful smile while greeting the audience.

And they're off! The 45-year-old rapper walked around to the other side of the 4x4 as they called it a night

And they’re on their way! The 45-year-old musician strolled over to the opposite side of the SUV as they finished their evening.

Last Wednesday, Beyoncé took a break from her hectic schedule to make an appearance at a Hillary Clinton fundraiser organized by Epic Records Chairman LA Reid.

Beyoncé opted for a chic yet understated look in support of the Democratic presidential candidate, donning a beige knitted dress embellished with shimmery golden sparkles and paired with white strappy heels.

According to People, one attendee described Beyoncé as “lovely” at the event, while another mentioned that the atmosphere was “cool and intimate.” They also mentioned that Hillary was not only humorous and at ease in her speech, but also took the time to snap a photo with each person present.

Looking forward: Beyoncé and Jay Z's musical collaboration is said to be slated for release later this year

Excited anticipation is building for the much-anticipated musical duo of Beyoncé and Jay Z, with their collaboration expected to drop sometime later in the year.

Star walk: The former Destiny's Child star was clearly enjoying the solo spotlight

Star striding: The ex-Destiny’s Child member appeared to be relishing the chance to shine on her own.

Supportive Beyoncé dressed in moderation while attending a fundraiser for Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton on Wednesday in NYC as seen in this Instagram posted by a fan site

Beyoncé showed her support for Hillary Clinton by attending a NYC fundraiser in a stylish yet understated outfit, as captured by a fan site’s Instagram post.

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