Shakira dazzles in a striking black ensemble as she steals the spotlight at the star-studded Cannes Film Festival premiere of “Elvis”

Shakira captivated all eyes as she appeared on the red carpet at the prestigious 75th Cannes Film Festival. The 45-year-old singer made a striking impression, donning an exquisite strapless black gown that accentuated her enviable figure. Showcasing her toned legs, the stunning maxi dress featured a daring thigh-high split. Adding to her allure, Shakira elevated the temperature with a touch of glamour, accessorizing her ensemble with sheer black gloves that extended up to her elbows. To top it all off, she flaunted a mesmerizing, eye-catching ring that effortlessly caught the light.

Glam: Shakira commanded attention in a stunning strapless black gown on the red carpet at the 75th Cannes Film Festival on Wednesday

Shakira stole the spotlight at the 75th Cannes Film Festival with her captivating presence on the red carpet. Dressed in a mesmerizing strapless black gown, the Colombian sensation effortlessly commanded attention. Adding a touch of elegance, she elevated her figure with a pair of sky-high strappy heels and adorned her neck with a stunning silver necklace. Shakira’s enthusiasm was infectious as she radiated joy and confidence. Her glamorous makeup palette accentuated her natural beauty, with a rosy pink lipstick and lush fluttering lashes. To complete her enchanting look, she styled her long, lustrous brunette locks in stunning waves that gracefully cascaded down past her shoulders, accentuated by a chic side parting. In her spectacular ensemble, Shakira exuded charm and glamour, leaving a lasting impression on all those who had the privilege of witnessing her red carpet appearance at the Cannes Film Festival.

Looking good: The hitmaker turned up the heat wear a pair of sheer black gloves which she pulled up over her elbows and rocked an eye catching dazzling ring over the top

Stylish appearance: The trendsetter amped up her style by showcasing a pair of transparent black gloves, effortlessly sliding them up her arms, while also flaunting a stunning and attention-grabbing ring on her finger.

Posing up a storm: Shakira seemed in high spirits in a glamorous palette of makeup including a pink lipstick and fluttering lashes

Striking a pose: Shakira appeared to be in great spirits as she rocked a stunning array of makeup, featuring a gorgeous pink lipstick and fluttering eyelashes. In the upcoming film, Austin stars alongside the legendary Tom Hanks, who portrays the infamous manager Colonel Tom Parker. There is a palpable sense of anticipation surrounding the Elvis Presley biopic by Baz Luhrmann, hailing from Australia. Luhrmann, who previously dazzled with his can-can extravaganza in Moulin Rouge! two decades ago, aims to capture that same level of excitement once again. The movie delves into the captivating journey of Elvis, from his humble beginnings as a child in Mississippi to his meteoric rise as a rock and roll icon and Hollywood sensation. It also explores the intricate dynamics of his relationship with his manager.

Fashionista: The Colombian star elevated her figure in a pair of towering strappy heels and wore a stunning silver necklace

Fashion Enthusiast: The Colombian sensation enhanced her physique by donning a striking pair of sky-high sandals and adorning herself with an exquisite necklace made of silver.

High spirits: The beauty blew several kisses to the crowds in Cannes

Cheerful and full of energy: The stunning actress sent numerous kisses to the crowds during the Cannes event. Luhrmann took on the role of the movie’s director and co-writer, collaborating with Sam Bromell, Craig Pearce, and Jeremy Donner, developing the story idea with Donner. Elvis, who achieved record sales of over 1 billion, was honored with the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2018 and has been inducted into multiple music halls of fame. In 1977, Elvis passed away at the age of 42 due to cardiac arrhythmia caused by a toxic reaction to codeine. Austin recently mentioned that he disconnected from his own personality while portraying the lead character.

In an interview with GQ Magazine, he shared that after portraying Elvis, he experienced a disconnection from his true self, admitting, “I lost touch with who I really was once I finished filming for the role.” In addition to the emotional toll, Austin also revealed that he suffered physically after completing the movie in March 2021. He found himself confined to his bed for an entire week due to an unexpected illness that struck him shortly after wrapping up the set. According to Austin, he was diagnosed with a viral infection that mimicked symptoms of appendicitis. He described the experience as if his body had shut down immediately after the final scenes were shot. Recalling the ordeal, he said, “I woke up in agonizing pain at four o’clock in the morning and was rushed to the hospital.”

Incredible: The film stars Austin and Tom Hanks, who plays his infamous manager Colonel Tom Parker

Amazing: The movie features Austin and Tom Hanks in the role of his notorious manager Colonel Tom Parker.

Radiant: Shakira beamed as her tresses blew in the wind on the star studded red carpet

Shakira looked absolutely radiant as she sported a beaming smile, with her beautiful locks gracefully swaying in the gentle breeze, while walking along the glamorous red carpet filled with A-list celebrities.

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