“Shakira’s Fun Day Out with Friends in Miami: Spotted Boating after Tom Cruise Flirting Controversy”

On Wednesday, Shakira was spotted for the first time since rumors circulated that Tom Cruise has taken an interest in her. The singer looked youthful and lively as she took a sunset boat ride with friends in Miami, Florida. Before setting sail, the boat picked her up from her $20 million waterfront home. Shakira’s outfit consisted of a small lavender linen skirt and a crop top that revealed her toned abs, both of which were decorated with trendy beaded fringe. She completed the look with a matching ruffled shirt that remained unbuttoned for a breezy feel. Notably, the Colombian hitmaker is a mother of two.

Single and ready to mingle? Shakira was seen for the first time on Wednesday after it was reported that Hollywood A-lister Tom Cruise has set his sights on the Colombian hitmaker

She looked fresh-faced and radiant

Are you a single and ready to mingle? Shakira made her first appearance on Wednesday since reports surfaced that Tom Cruise is interested in the talented Colombian singer.

Idyllic: She enjoyed a sunset boat ride with several pals in Miami, Florida

Shakira had a wonderful time with her friends on a boat ride during sunset in Miami, Florida. Her beautiful long hair was left loose as she wore black shades to enjoy the outdoors. She was seen sporting beige sandals and holding her iPhone while smiling at her buddies. Once they all got aboard the MasterCraft X24 boat, which costs over $233,100 brand new, they set sail to soak up the sun. It’s been reported that Tom Cruise is interested in Shakira romantically, and they were seen together at the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Miami last weekend. Despite her recent split from Gerard Piqué due to allegations of cheating, Shakira seems to be enjoying her time with friends and taking in the beautiful scenery.

An item? Shakira and Tom seen on May 7 at the 2023 Miami Formula One Grand Prix in Miami, Florida

Did you catch a glimpse of Shakira and Tom at the 2023 Miami Formula One Grand Prix in Florida? It seems like they were spotted together at the event.

Rolling up: The boat picked up the multi-Grammy Award-winner at the back of her lavish $20million mansion before heading out on the water

Rolling up: The boat picked up the multi-Grammy Award-winner at the back of her lavish $20million mansion before heading out on the water

The multi-Grammy Award-winning artist was picked up by a boat at the back of her luxurious $20 million mansion and took off on the water.

Stylish: She was dressed in tiny lavender linen skirt and an ab-baring crop top, both of which had funky beaded fringe on the front

Fashionable: Her outfit consisted of a chic lavender mini skirt made of linen and a crop top that exposed her toned abs. The unique feature of her attire was the funky fringe adorned with beads on the front.

Stunning: Shakira's flowing, golden mane was worn down

She kept large, black shades over her eyes for most of her time outdoors

Impressive: Shakira sported a luscious, flowing mane of golden locks while keeping her eyes shaded with big, black sunglasses during her outdoor activities.

Airy: The mother-of-two layered up her look with a matching ruffled shirt that she left unbuttoned for an airy feel

Airy: To create a relaxed and comfortable vibe, the mother of two paired a ruffled shirt with her outfit. She opted to leave it unbuttoned for added breathability and an effortless look.

Smiley: She was caught smiling at her pals as they chatted en route to the loading dock

With a grin on her face, she was spotted exchanging laughter with her friends while on their way to the loading dock.

The singer looked incredible as she ran her fingers through her hair

The vocalist appeared absolutely stunning as she tousled her locks with her fingertips.

Shakira's crew looked ready to have a relaxing end of the day with her

Shakira’s entourage appeared prepared to unwind and enjoy the remainder of the day in her company.

Pricey: Shakira carefully stepped down into a MasterCraft X24 boat, which costs upwards of $233,100 brand new

Expensive: With utmost care, Shakira descended into a MasterCraft X24 boat, which comes with a hefty price tag of over $233,100 when purchased brand new.

Once everyone was aboard, the boat drifted out onto the water where Shakira and her crew soaked up the sun

As soon as all passengers were on board, the vessel floated away onto the tranquil waters, where Shakira and her team basked in the warm sunlight.

Accessories: The boat was loaded up with water floaties and a boogie board

The vessel was equipped with an array of fun water accessories, including inflatable floaties and a boogie board.

The outing comes just one day after romance rumors between herself and Cruise surfaced

The day after rumors of a romantic relationship between Shakira and Tom Cruise circulated, the two were spotted together at an auto racing event in South Florida. According to a source, Shakira may have an interest in Cruise because she needs someone reliable to lean on and he fits the bill as an attractive and talented man. Additionally, the source noted that Shakira is not taller than Cruise, as he stands at 5-foot-7 while she is 5-foot-2. At the event, Cruise sent Shakira flowers and they were seen chatting on the starting grid and in a private hospitality suite. Shakira has two children with her partner Gerard Pique, while Cruise has three children from his previous marriages to Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes. The actor recently won Best Performance in a Movie for Top Gun: Maverick at the MTV Movie Awards and gave his acceptance speech from a jet, showcasing his signature showmanship.

An insider told Page Six Tuesday that the A-list actor 'is extremely interested in pursuing' the Colombian singer, as 'there is chemistry' between the pair.

According to an anonymous source, Page Six reported that a famous actor is showing keen interest in pursuing a romantic relationship with a popular Colombian singer. The insider disclosed that the actor feels a strong connection with the singer and believes there is chemistry between them.

The Hollywood veteran sent flowers to the Whenever, Wherever artist after they crossed paths at the auto racing event in South Florida Sunday

The seasoned Hollywood actor surprised the famous Colombian singer with a bouquet of flowers as a gesture of goodwill when they bumped into each other at a car racing event in Southern Florida on Sunday.

The South American songstress, whose full name is Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll, parted ways with longtime love Gerard Piqué, 36, last summer

Last summer, Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll, the popular South American singer, ended her long-term relationship with Gerard Piqué, who is 36 years old.

The Hips Don't Lie singer 'needs a soft pillow to fall on and that could be Tom,' the source said

According to a source, the famous singer, Hips Don’t Lie, needs a soft pillow to fall on and that could be Tom. Tom Cruise expressed his gratitude for the award he received and mentioned that he makes films for his audience as he loves entertaining them. He also spoke about his upcoming movie Dead Reckoning, which will be released in July and promised that it would be a wild ride. He is preparing for the promotional tour for the first installment of Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One, scheduled to hit theaters in July. Tom Cruise’s love for flying started during the production of his 1986 blockbuster Top Gun, and he obtained his pilot’s license in 1994. The sequel of Top Gun, Top Gun: Maverick, was released in May last year and earned $1.49 billion, including $718 million in domestic revenues.

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