“Shakira’s Unwavering Positivity Shines Through Amid Wild Boar Attack: Spotted Out for the First Time in Barcelona Park”

Shakira had a frightful experience dealing with wild animals not long ago. However, she appeared to be in good spirits as she was seen for the first time since the incident occurred. The famous pop star looked cheerful as she strolled down the street in comfortable attire, wearing a Grateful Dead t-shirt. Only a few days ago, Shakira shared on her Instagram stories that she was attacked by two wild boars while in a park in Barcelona.

Moving forward: Shakira was seen keeping her spirits up as she was spotted Saturday for the first time since being set upon by wild boar

Shakira was recently spotted for the first time since her encounter with wild boars, and it seems like she’s doing well. Despite her unfortunate run-in with the animals while out with her son Milan, both of them appear to have come out unharmed. Unfortunately, Shakira’s bag wasn’t as lucky – it was snatched by the animals and suffered some damage before she was able to retrieve it. Shakira shared a glimpse of the battered bag on her Insta Stories and let her fans know about the incident.

Legging it: The 44-year-old pop sensation had a smile on her face as she sauntered up the street in a casual ensemble that included a Grateful Dead t-shirt

Troubled time: Her outing comes just a couple of days after she revealed on her Insta Stories that two wild boar attacked her in a Barcelona park

Strolling down the street with a grin on her face, the 44-year-old pop icon was rocking a relaxed look, complete with a Grateful Dead tee.

Incidentally: At the moment Shakira, who keeps a residence in Barcelona, is in a spot of legal trouble in Spain as she is facing a potential trial there for tax fraud

By the way, Shakira, who has a residence in Barcelona, is currently facing legal issues in Spain for alleged tax fraud. Recently, she revealed that someone attempted to steal her bag which had her mobile phone in it while she was out in the woods. The popular singer also shared a video of her son Milan playing in the background and asked him to testify how she bravely stood up against a wild boar. Shakira shares two sons with her partner Gerard Pique, who is a footballer for Barcelona, and they have been together since 2011.

Baby mine: She was with her eight-year-old son Milan when they ran afoul of the animals but luckily both Shakira and her child appear to have escaped unscathed

My precious little one: Shakira had her son Milan, who is only eight years old, by her side when they encountered some dangerous animals. Thankfully, both Shakira and her child seem to have emerged from the encounter unharmed.

Oh dear: Her bag however was less lucky - it was 'snatched' by the animals and rather the worse for wear by the time Shakira managed to retrieve it

Unfortunately, Shakira’s bag wasn’t so lucky during her recent encounter with animals. It was snatched and ended up quite damaged before she managed to retrieve it. Currently, the singer is facing some legal trouble in Spain where she keeps a residence. She may potentially be put on trial for tax fraud, as she stands accused of evading 14.5 million euro in Spanish taxes for the years 2012, 2013, and 2014. During that time, her declared residence was in Panama. A judge in Spain recently ruled that there is enough evidence to warrant a trial, according to the Associated Press.

'They've destroyed everything': 'They were taking my bag to the woods with my mobile phone in it,' the Hips Don't Lie singer revealed

“They’ve ruined everything”: Shakira shared that someone was attempting to take her bag, which had her mobile phone in it, and take it to the woods.

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