Taking It Easy: Shakira’s Relaxed Dinner Outfit After Welcoming Motherhood

Late night meal: Shakira went to dinner at Yojisan sushi restaurant in Beverly Hills, California with her family and friends

Late night feast: Shakira visited Yojisan sushi eatery situated in the upscale area of Beverly Hills, California accompanied by her beloved family and close companions.

Casual clothing: The star wore dark jeans and a black shirt for the outing

Casual clothing: The star wore dark jeans and a black shirt for the outing

Informal attire: The celebrity opted for a pair of black denim pants and a sleek, ebony top during the casual excursion.

Loose tresses: The blonde wore her hair in waves as she was joined by a group to eat

Casual locks: With tousled waves cascading down, the blondie sported her effortlessly chic hairstyle, accompanied by a bunch of friends for a delightful dining experience.

Full bellies: The Voice mentor was joined by her mother and a little girl

Satisfied tummies: The talented coach from The Voice had the pleasure of having her mom and an adorable young girl join her.

Busy star: The new mother is due to start work on new music soon

Hectic celebrity: The recently became mom is getting ready to dive back into creating fresh tunes in the near future.

Special occasion? The blonde was in a full car at the end of the night

Celebrating something extraordinary? The lady with the golden hair found herself sitting in a packed vehicle as the evening drew to a close.

All smiles: Shakira greeted fans as she departed her guest appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live show at El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood

With a beaming expression, Shakira pleased her fans by warmly acknowledging them as she left her special appearance on the popular Jimmy Kimmel Live show. The animated singer spread joy outside the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood.

Screen beauty: The Voice mentor tweeted a message to her fans to check out her appearance on that night's episode

Gorgeous on the screen: The lovely mentor of The Voice sent out a tweet inviting her fans to catch a glimpse of her enchanting presence on the upcoming episode later that night.

Belly dancing: Shakira regulalrly gets her taut tummy out on stage

Shakira often flaunts her toned abdomen during her performances, showcasing her skills in belly dancing.

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