“Unbuttoned and Unstoppable: Beyoncé Dazzles in Bra-less Style at Lunch”

Recently, they have been on the hunt for a new home, checking out numerous million-dollar properties in Los Angeles. It seems like Beyoncé may need to add a bra to her shopping list after she was spotted out without one on Tuesday. The singer sported a daring unbuttoned blue shirt, tied up to flaunt her cleavage while skillfully avoiding any wardrobe malfunctions. Watch the video below for more.

No bra, no problem! Beyoncé carefully avoids a wardrobe malfunction wearing a sexy unbuttoned shirt while out for lunch with husband Jay Z on Tuesday in LA 

No bra? No worries! Beyoncé rocked a daring look by sporting a sexy unbuttoned shirt during a lunch date with Jay Z in LA. The power couple hit up Gracias Madre for a meal, with Bey completing her outfit with a ripped denim skirt for a casual yet chic vibe.
Unfortunately, Queen Bey didn’t have the best luck over the weekend. Reports say that she experienced a wardrobe malfunction at a Tom Ford fashion show in LA, with her dress ripping all the way up the back. A source revealed to UsWeekly that Bey had to hastily find a replacement outfit backstage to continue rocking the show.

Revealing: The Single Ladies singer certainly turned heads with her outfit choice on Tuesday 

“Making a bold fashion statement, the singer behind Single Ladies caught everyone’s attention with her outfit selection this Tuesday.”

Has she been drinking? Has she been drinking? It was unclear if the Drunk In Love singer was aware that her top was revealing so much 

Is she under the influence? Is she under the influence? It was unclear if the singer of Drunk In Love was aware that her outfit was revealing so much.

In other news, it was recently disclosed that Beyoncé and Jay-Z are currently renting a home in Los Angeles for a steal at $150,000 a month. The couple, who share a three-year-old daughter named Blue Ivy, have been unable to find a suitable property to purchase, so they have decided to lease the Holmby Hills mansion they stayed in last summer for a 12-month period.

Reportedly, the famous duo negotiated directly with the owners of the 16,000 sq ft property, which features seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms, managing to secure a discount from the original price of $200,000 per month to $150,000 by signing a longer lease agreement.

Let's hope she invested in some tape! The singer looked carefree as she left the restaurant in her revealing shirt 

Let’s hope she remembered to bring some tape! The singer appeared relaxed as she exited the restaurant wearing a revealing shirt.

Reports suggest that Gwyneth Paltrow played a significant role in Beyoncé and Jay Z’s decision to move from New York City to California. The ‘Iron Man 3’ actress advised them that California would be a better place to raise their family.

According to a source, Beyoncé and Jay Z have decided to make LA their permanent home largely due to the advice of their friends, with Gwyneth Paltrow being the biggest influence on their decision.

Gwyneth Paltrow, who returned to LA from London with her two children and estranged husband Chris Martin in 2013, believes that California offers a higher quality of life.

Button up? Nope! Bey even playfully tugged her shirt as she walked confidently to her vehicle 

Not buttoned up today! Beyoncé even casually adjusted her shirt as she confidently strolled to her car. According to a source, Gwyneth talked to Jay-Z and Beyoncé about the great quality of life for kids in LA, which influenced the couple to consider making the move for the sake of their daughter, Blue Ivy. It seems like Blue Ivy might even attend the same school as Gwyneth’s kids. It was also recently revealed that the power couple, who will still keep their apartment in New York, have already enrolled Blue Ivy in a private school that comes with a hefty price tag of $15,080 per year.

Not so lucky: Beyonce DID suffer a wardrobe malfunction wearing this dress on Friday, when this dress split backstage according to UsWeekly 

It seems luck wasn’t on her side this time around. Beyonce faced a wardrobe mishap with her dress splitting backstage on Friday, as reported by UsWeekly.

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