Unleashing Her Wild Side: Miley Cyrus Rocks Denim Hot Pants and Parties after Miami Performance as a Fan Gets Hospitalized

Walk this way: Miley Cyrus looked happy as she arrived at a nightclub after her tour performance in Miami, on Saturday

Sauntering in style: Miley Cyrus appeared joyful while making her way to a club following her tour gig in Miami, over the weekend.

Party hard: The star looked like she was ready to hit the club as she arrived in blacked-out car

Let’s party! The celebrity was all set to hit the club as she pulled up in a car with tinted windows.

Leggy blonde: The 21-year-old was showing off a lot of leg as she was escorted into the venue

Leggy blonde: The 21-year-old was showing off a lot of leg as she was escorted into the venue

The young woman with long blonde hair was flaunting her leggy figure as she was accompanied into the location.

In demand: Miley's fans ran after her car as she left the American Airlines Arena in Miami

There was great demand for Miley Cyrus as her fans chased her car when she departed from the American Airlines Arena in Miami.

Woah there: Miley nearly slipped in her retro stilettos, but had a hold of her bouncer's hand

Whoa! Miley almost took a tumble in her vintage high heels, but luckily she had a firm grip on her security guard’s hand.

Trouble: One fan was helped onto an ambulance stretcher outside the Miley concert

Issue: A concertgoer needed medical assistance and was placed on a stretcher near the venue of Miley’s performance.

Better soon: It's not known what was wrong with the fan but she was getting the care she needed

Improving swiftly: The issue with the fan’s health remains unclear, but rest assured she is receiving the necessary attention to get better soon.

Raunchy: It appeared Miley didn't know what had happened at her concert with the injured fan and she posted this picture onto Instagram

Saucy: It seems that Miley was oblivious to the incident with the fan who got hurt during her concert as she shared a snap on her Instagram.

Celebrations: This cake was put into the back of Miley's friend's car - reportedly it cost $5000

Party Time: As per reports, a cake worth $5000 was placed in the rear of Miley’s pal’s car for the festivities.

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