“When the Music Awards cross the line: Parents outraged over Beyoncé’s provocative Grammy performance”

Taking it too far: Beyoncé was slammed for her risqué performance at the Grammy Awards on Sunday night by concerned parents who deemed it inappropriate for young children to watch

Beyoncé received criticism for her bold performance at the Grammy Awards on Sunday, with some parents expressing concern that it was not suitable for young audiences to see.

Jay Z placed his hand on Beyoncé's bottom as he pulled her in for a kiss mid-song at the Sunday night awards show

During the awards show on Sunday night, Jay Z was seen gently resting his hand on Beyoncé’s backside as he leaned in for a kiss while they were in the middle of a song.

Revealing outfit: Beyoncé opted for a thong bodysuit over fishnet tights for the performance, which aired at 8pm

Revealing outfit: Beyoncé opted for a thong bodysuit over fishnet tights for the performance, which aired at 8pm

Stunning ensemble: Beyoncé chose to wear a thong bodysuit paired with fishnet tights for her performance, which was broadcasted at 8pm.

Voicing their opinions: Countless viewers took to Twitter to comment on Beyoncé and Jay Z's performance of Drunk In Love

Sharing their thoughts: Many Twitter users jumped on the platform to discuss Beyoncé and Jay Z’s rendition of Drunk In Love.

Kicking things off: The 32-year-old singer was bathed in blue light as she started the performance while straddling a chair

Starting things off: The singer, age 32, was enveloped in a soothing blue glow as she kicked off her performance by sitting astride a chair.

Writhing around: Beyoncé ended up flipping upside down on the chair as the routine continued

Twisting and turning: Beyoncé inadvertently turned herself upside down while dancing in the chair during the routine.

Raunchy: Beyoncé and husband Jay Z caused uproar with their performance at the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles

Sensational: Beyoncé and Jay Z stirred controversy with their electrifying performance at the Staples Center in the heart of Los Angeles.

Bump and grind: Beyoncé was joined by husband Jay Z on stage, and performed some seductive dancing up against her spouse

Beyoncé and her husband Jay Z heated up the stage with some steamy dance moves, showing off their chemistry through some seductive bumping and grinding.

Collaboration: Beyoncé and husband Jay Z performed their hit song Drunk In Love live for the first time together at Sunday night's Grammy Awards

Beyoncé and her partner Jay Z shared the stage for the first time at the Grammy Awards on Sunday night, giving a live performance of their popular track “Drunk In Love.”

Saucy: Beyoncé's outfit did very little to contain her bootylicious figure

Spicy: Beyoncé’s outfit seemed to struggle to keep up with her stunning curves.

Controversial: Many viewers tweeted that if Miley Cyrus had done a similar routine, she would have been slammed for it. Here, she is seen twerking with Robin Thicke at the MTV VMA Awards last August

Some social media users remarked that if Miley Cyrus had performed a comparable dance routine, she would have faced criticism. In this instance, she can be observed twerking alongside Robin Thicke during the MTV VMA Awards in August.

Hypocritical: Many viewers commented on what would have happened if Miley had performed the routine

Critics were quick to point out the hypocrisy in the comments made by viewers speculating on what would have occurred if Miley had been the one to perform the routine.

So NOW you're covering up? The singer concealed her outfit underneath a blue blazer after the performance

Are you playing hide and seek now? The vocalist decided to keep her outfit a mystery by wearing a blue blazer after her show.

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